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Continue to be stopped at the screen. (Screenshot 1) Continue to refresh it, the file will not upload properly to the media library. (Screenshot 2)

– 1. Click Screenshot 1

– 2. Click Screenshot 2

Latest version of WordPress 3.9 update before I went up the demo files.

No, I’ve changed the file permissions of the demo files on my server that are downloaded when importing the demos. Have you tried importing the corporate demo now for example?


‘Creative Demo – Import Button’ problem is very painful to me. Certainly worked well until one month. But now is not. (Probably since WordPress 3.9)

Do not download the demo file. How should I solve this problem? If you give me a ‘Dummy File’ to send me? Can you solve this problem or?

Being troubled days that have this problem. As always feel gratitude for your kindness. Thank you.

Can you create a ticket on our support system? Provide us some wp credentials. Let me know the ticket id or link here so I can assign it to me :)


Hi, Just a note in case anyone needs a fix / feedback for the next round of fixes: When trying to child theme essenza, you are using:


within plusquare_admin > config-frontend > php > enqueues.php when you should be using:


lines 48,49 – enqueues.php

As it stands essenza in child theme is trying to load require-js and essenza.js from the child theme as opposed to the parent.

Hope that helps some people out

Hi, thanks for sharing! Will add that to the list to review :)


“This is a modern site which require a more recent browser to work properly” ERROR on all platforms & browsers!

Plusquare – I reported this at ticksy on April 22nd. And I’ll confirm what ThemeForest member “INVISIBLE-DESIGN” already posted yesterday (and you all but called a liar) – the site didn’t work EVERYwhere. Not just my computer, not just my browser. My client’s customers were sending him messages from all over the country, which is why he called me. It ‘resolved’ on it’s own, so I closed the ticket thinking, since I had just brought the site live that previous day, perhaps there were some router/cache anomalies.

Until it happened AGAIN today. It’s clearly from Essenza’s header.php, since it contains the grammatically-incorrect “require” rather than “requires.”

I called HostGator, who said it’s likely a scripting problem, related to your header.php. Who knows which scripts are conflicting to cause the problem… but it REALLY is a problem.

I went to again & the error page came up for EVERY platform & browser—no joke. I wouldn’t joke about that.

So… I cleared WP Supercache, turned off all plugins, turned it all back on, spun around on one foot, poked myself in the eye & threw salt over my left shoulder. Miraculously, the site came back. I have no idea if what I did in the admin affected that, or if it’s just coincidence.

This is a MAJOR issue with your template that needs to be solved. If it’s as simple as never running WP SuperCache, fine, but let us know, or fix the script pronto please. It’s a deal-killer.

I spoke too soon. Just 5 minutes ago, AFTER I changed $essenza_is_old_ie to “false” AND cleared the cache, the problem happened AGAIN. All browsers/versions locked up, but instead of showing your “upgrade browser” info – the site was just plain BROKEN. The only thing that solves it is turning off WP SuperCache – meaning the site has to run painfully slow. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong – probably with header.php. And I’ve just bought a different template…(spent $55 to kick this horrible experience to the curb, not to mention the COUNTLESS hours troubleshooting, typing here & at ticksy & wasting my time building the f**ing thing) Now I’ll have to re-build my clients site, and lose all that revenue.

We’ve all cut you guys a lot of slack in this whole process, but this takes the cake. And who’s to say things won’t just break again (totally) next version? Certainly not me. Don’t come back with a smart reply or asking me to understand your position. Just leave me alone.

As you please. We can’t be responsible for awful server configurations and the use of cache plugins like that but ok. Best of lucks to your project.



We’ve sorted the loading problem on essenza:

Take a look, you can now disable the cache plugin and your site should load with no problem, if you want to give it another go of course.

Sorry for the trouble, regards :)

Please Bruno, it would be kind… [PRIVATE] Ticket #202951


Will go through the tickets in a minute :)


chillicarney, thank you. Now I don’t look crazy at least :)

Bruno, please take care about us (your customers) and your product. Essenza is really beautiful and we all who purchased it would like to see it alive and in good health :)

Hallelujah!!! Everything works!!! :) I think there are some “tails” from previous versions of the theme that make regular blog fail. Now I know what to do :) Thank you again )

No problem, thanks for sticking with us and for the patience :)

Cheers have a great day!

Well, patience is not my second name ;) but I am glad I could stay in touch )) Have a great day too :)

Two things:

1) My mobile menu (iOS, not sure about android) seems to have stopped working—just closes the menu overlay, leaving the home page. Any thoughts? I’ve turned off plugins, but problem remains. I believe this has only occurred since 2.3.2 update.

2) Any news when the not-so-rich “Rich Editor” will include a “Save Changes” or “Cancel” button? Without it, the editor is TOTALLY worthless.



1) Will check it, which browser where you using?

2) Don’t get it, isn’t the rich text editor working properly?


1) Which browser? The default iPhone browser. Safari. Go to, Open a new interactive session & run an iOS/iPhone 7 (all very recent stuff) test on Then click the mobile menu & try to navigate. This simulates EXACTLY how it works on my iPhone and iPad.

2) Okay—I’ve asked you & Lawrence about this several times now. NO it isn’t working. Does it work for you? There are NO save or cancel buttons once you’re in the editor, meaning, IT’S WORTHLESS. I’m tired of running in circles on this. I keep asking, you guys keep saying “Huh, what?” This happens in all browsers I’ve tried, and I’ve seen others on this board complain about it. So that you don’t come back with a question to delay the issue again, here’s a screen capture of what I see when I try to use the “rich editor.”

2) Click on close fullscreen button and it’s that simple :)

Hi, I installed the creative demo and Iam trying to change the color of the menu on the top to black instead of white but I don´t find the option to do it in the menu customizer.

Also, when you aligned the menu header orientation to right instead of left, the menu loses the style he has when he is orientated to left and there is no way to change its attributes…

I send you a pic…

Can you drop me the link to it so I can see if the css is correct?


Hey, I have resolved the problem! Thanks a lot for the time!

No problem, let me know if you’re struggling with anything else.


Hey!, I would like to create a child theme of Essenza. A lot of people have told me that I should do it if I don´t want to loose all my changes in the case there are a lot of theme updates… My question is: how I do it? Should I do it? Thanks…

Hi. Depends, if you want to make changes to the theme’s files you should try the child theme if not don’t see why you should as you can update the theme without loosing your data.


Hi Plus Square, is there a HTML version coming soon?


ok thanks

where can i find the css for loader? and which file is the js code for loader?



css/main.less the class is big-loading (when you make changes here go to the template customizre and press save to build the css) and the javascript is compressed so if you want to make a change there drop me an email and I’ll send you the unminified one.


Hi everyone!

We’ve spotted the slow loading problem for some users, it’s due to the twitter php library, we’re making it to load asynchronously so that it doesn’t delay the site loading. Will keep you posted. Thanks for sticking with us, essenza will be lightning fast for everyone ;D


After wordpress 3.9 upgrade, I am not able to edit/add slider, image button is not working. Its been few days after wordpress upgraded. but I dont see this theme not updating to fix many issues.

My site is down now. thinking of purchasing any other theme as this theme is not working for me.


Which essenza version do you have?



Iam trying to have a homepage with only an image (no text, etc). I have tried to create it using the page template, but I can´t make disappear the black rectangle. How can I do it? Maybe there is another way to do it better…

Also, the image Iam using is blurred. I have uploaded it with a high resolution, but it seems that doesn´t work. Size: 1920×1280 at 72ppp… I have tried to upload twice this size and the problem continues…

Can you help me?


ok, I made it putting page transparency to 0… but the image still blurred…

ah ok! I will try it with a slider then! Thanks! What about the blurred image?

Hi, Try with the slider and let me know if the image still shows up blurred. Regards

Hello everyone!

We’ve been investigating the issues that occur in some servers performance wise, and we’ve got to the bottom of it, and are now uploading the fix for it. Hope you all like the good news :)


I was just re-install the file download it. But still did not solve the problem. Why one month before the ‘Creative Demo – Import’ is possible, but now impossible to go? What is going to change? If you give me a ‘Dummy File’ Please send me? ‘Creative Demo – Import’ button does not work so I can not create a website. How do I solve this problem? Please help me.

Hi, do you have any plugin activated? If not can you create a ticket at our support system and provide us some credentials so we can see what’s happening?


Answered :)

Dear Plusquare, is there any way to have a captcha or anything else to protect the contactform from spam? best regards, domi


Contact form 7 seems to support captcha:

You can see here: how to use cf7 with essenza

Hope this helps :)


Hello, I’m using Personal Demo model and would like to add the sidebar on the post page. could help me?


To add a sidebar to a post you just need to go to the post admin page and select the sidebar you want to be shown in that post :)


Ok, do not think you understand my question. I’m trying to add the sidebar on my pages, I noticed that there is the option to add widgets

Hi Ricardo,

Still not sure what you mean. Essenza doesn’t support widgets, you need to create sliders posts then select a slider for each page you want a slider in.


Hi Bruno! Iam having problems with images in fullscreen mode… The are blurred… Can you take a look to this ticket? Ticket: #208983



Will get to the tickets in a few minutes.


Hello, I’m here again asking for your help!

I need to use the default settings of wordpress when I’ll create a new post (editing settings, upload, etc.), by default your theme adds the page builder.

awaiting return


Yes, but if you want to add your own content you can add a raw module. Essenza needs to use that to generate the content in an appropriate way.



I would like to cap the columns of the grid to maximum of 4, regardless of screen size. So smaller resolutions will still be responsive, but huge ones will never go above 4 items per row.

Is there currently an option for this in the theme? And if not, can you give me some pointers as to where I should try to look into editing the code to address this?

Thank you in advance.


You’d need to change some javascript for that. More specifically the js/Masonry.js getNumberColumns function. Drop me an email if you want me to send you the unminified file.


Is it possible to have a fade effect in the slider and the slider of the portfolio single page? I did not find a fade one in the options. That would be important – thanks for helping me!

Hi, unfortunately no, the slider only has the option of swipe to change between slides.