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If youre considering buying this theme just be warned.

I found the dummy content doesnt install properly, there are conflicts with the theme/plug ins, lots of errors when trying to do simple things such as change header sizes, font colours etc.

Support is really slow as well so im left trying to fix all the problems by myself. It says it’s well documented as well but it doesnt explain all the settings you will encounter.

If I had the option for my money back i’d take it.

Hi My rating is mainly from frustration as it hasnt been working properly since I bought it and all I want to do is get my work done. If it worked smoothly I would have no problem giving it 5 stars as it does look amazing and your demo works brilliantly.

What im finding now is that the theme is very slow to update colour changes & the border sizes. Ive looked at the server php which is 5.5 & everything else is up to date so I dont have a clue what the problem is!! I’ve tried editing in different browsers & viewing it on ipad and smart phone but to no avail.

Any luck finding the problem yet?

Our support guy already answered on Ticksy, sorry you’re having troubles with it. Giving us feedback about what you’re struggling with will help us improve the system. We’ll be fulltime here on envato in around 2 months so we’ll start to make some changes by then :)



I’ve been using for your theme quite some time, and I think it’s great/beautiful. But I still get regularly told that the site is not visible in a IE browser. When loading the intro picture, the website freezes. Any idea why this happens and when this will be resolved.

With respect to the portfolios I want to made a few suggestions: - It would be interesting that you first will see the text and if you go over this the image is visible. So the opposite of today. - It would be interesting if it be possible to set a gap between the images in the portfolio overview.

Regards, Alain

Hi Alain,

Sorry for the delay, been out for a few days.

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve add those suggestions to our wishlist. As to the IE issue, we support IE9 or higher, does the issues occur in any of these?



I really love your theme. But, need to know my page layout options for blogs and individual posts, and how compatible the theme is with other plugins.

Can you please answer my questions on the previous page? I have been waiting a few days.

Thanks :)


Replied above :) Sorry for the delay


Hey, Loving your theme!

Quick Question. I want to add a dark background to my site and I need to make the Header and Footer Background color transparent so it could blend well. Without this Transparency the image cuts out on the header and footer and it doesn’t look too good!

What custom CSS should I add to make this happen. Maybe you could add this option to your next release.



Thanks so much :)

As to your problem, try something like:

#header #footer{
    background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5) !important;


Hey Plusquare,

I’ve updated the essenza according to your update link. Now the theme doesn’t load. How can we fix it?



Try disabling all the active plugins you might have and see if the error persists.



thanks. That worked out.


No problem :)



I’ve been waiting to hear back about adding Ads in the sidebar. If I can’t change the size of the sidebar, how can I fit the standard Ad 300×250?

What about your slide in sidebar you have on your website as mentioned above? Is there a way to add it to fit the Ads?

What about related posts? Do you have any widgets for related posts after the post?

Thanks :)


You have the option to create a sidebar in the page builder that is nothing more than a column, although you wouldn’t have the fixed size of 300, since it is a responsive layout you should think in a responsive solution as well.

Cheers and sorry for the delay

Hi all!

We’ll be unavailable till 13th of August, we’ll try to reply to everyone by then.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


We are waiting for you back here.
1) Buttons are not showing in Demo and not adding to new pages –
2) There are no navigation arrows in portfolio items footer –
3) Some icons are not showing –
4) Contact form in footer is not showing –

Hello again! Ticket #258844. Waiting for your help. Thank you.

So when there will be an answer?

There is a new interface in support system, online notifications were turned off. I received reply thanks.

Hi, I posted this multiple times in the support page and haven’t heard back.

I’ve tried multiple contact forms (including contact form 7 with the datepicker fix) and every single time it causes the navigation menu on mobile/responsive to not work.

This issue has been brought up and unaddressed besides a standard “I’ll forward to developers” response for 3 months, which is inexcusable.

Please help.


This is getting ridiculous.


Hi timinyli. As you can read, Bruno the developer is on holiday until the 13th. After coming back, he will work fulltime on TF. Issues will e looked into directly. Until that time, please can you send me your ticksy ticket ID? I’ll ask our support help to respond to you asap. Thank you for your patience.

Sorry, I wasn’t notified they were on holidays. The ticksy ID is #210573.


I have a question on sliders:

Is possible to make such an parallax effect when the background is moving slower (faster) then foregroud?



Hi Tomas, TF support is out until the 13th. We will get back to you afterwards asap. Thank you for your patience :-).

I like the theme and want to buy it, but i’m not sure about the support and flexibility of the theme, after reading all 830 comments.

Thanks! :) Let me know if you struggle with anything.


Ok, I’m using the tabs shortcode and trying to add the heading tags to the tab’s tittle, whenever i do that, the contents inside the tab disappear. If i remove the heading tag, the tabs act normal again. I really don’t want to create custom css for this. Is it a bug and how to fix it?


Strange, can you provide me a link to it? Or create a ticket at so we can help you better, provide us some wp credentials if you do.


This theme looks promising and full of options. But … I have noticed a very annoying bug/possible huge problem, while navigating the demo with my mobile phone (Android, using the default browser app). The header is not fixed, it moves up and down every time I make a scroll. The issue doesn’t happen using Chrome.

Take a look:

screen 1 >

screen 2 >

screen 3 >

screen 4 >

Could this issue be fixed managing some of the template dedicated settings? Anyway, while inspecting the page code with Chrome desktop, I noticed that the #header already has the position: fixed option.

I really would like to buy this theme and run it for a client project but I have to be sure the header behavior is not a major issue … can you give a reply about this? Thanks.

Bruno will be back on the 13th and reply to your question. Thank you for your patience :-).

Suddenly I can’s view my website –

Getting this error – This is a modern site which require a more recent browser to work properly. Please upgrade now!

Just tested on 3 new browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Safari – Same error -

What’s going on here?

Can you please create a ticket for your issue on our ticksy? Thanks.

hi.. i’ve been working with your template for a while and i was wondering…. is there a way to reduce the horizontal and vertical space between the columns in the masonry display? i don’t want to modify the number of columns i just want them to be closer to each other. i’d like to do it… no matter if I have to manipulate the php or the js… with a little guidance i know i’ll be able to…

i want it to be like this… or maybe look closer, but i want to work with the same 4 columns

thanks in advance


I believe you can change that spacing by only changing css. There is a margin value you can change to increase or decrease those spacings. By the way can’t see your purchased tag :S


Hi! The menu (left menu with General settings, Font settings and so on) in theme settings is no longer working? Is this an issue with 3.9.2? Do you have a solution?

Its actually more things that doesn’t work. Nothing happens when i click on the “choose image” when adding a single image to a post.


That means there’s a javascript error. Try disabling all your plugins and see if the error persists.


Hello, how do I put images of the Page Builder – Gallery Images Descending order “DESC” automatically?


You can order manually the images you choose for the gallery images module only, if I understood your question well. By descending you mean by date?


Hello, Yes I need to order the images displayed in the gallery pages, where the most recent date. When it comes to a large number of images, it is unfeasible to use the drag feature to the page builder to sort the images.

Thank you


That’s a very good suggestion indeed, as it currently isn’t possible. We’ll add it to the wishlist.



I really like the look of this theme. I have a few questions though:

1). Is there an easy way to customize the overall colour scheme to be a bit lighter? When I mouseover an item on the grid, the whole grid darkens with a dark overlay except for the image I’m hovered over. In addition to that, the info box with the text that shows up next to the active image on the grid has a black background. Is it possible to make it a white overlay overtop of the grid and info box with a white background without too much coding?

2). Is there an option to have the list of projects in the grid broken into several pages rather than lazy loading the items when scrolled to the bottom? I find this really annoying when there are a lot of projects and I scroll to a project farther down, only to be brought back up to the very top when I am done looking at the project and press back.

Thanks in advance


Well answering to your questions: yes and no.

Pretty most all colors in the template are customizable so 1) is doable by only changing an option in the admin area.

As to the 2) unfortunately there isn’t such option, it is an interesting feature though, will add it to the wishlist.

Cheers and sorry for the delay!

Hi. Need to add polish letters in Open sans. How can I do that.

You need to check if Open Sans supports polish letters on google fonts site. If it does, you can select it on the template customizer under font options.

let me know what you got


Ticket #265445
I have created a list of problems I have with Essenza. When we were talking about my previous ticket I had a lot of questions from you about things are already described in ticket txt. So this time it is 8 pages with screenshots and descriptions. And I will be very appreciated guys if when we will discuss it you will not ask me where I see problems and how I was testing Essenza.
Thank you.

Great, thanks for reseting it for us. We won’t disappoint you ;)

I hope so ;)
Ticket #277729
Thank you. Hoping for productive work with you.

Answered :)

is it po0ssible to have padding around portfolio items in the creative essenza?


Unfortunately it isn’t possible, we do have that on the wishlist ;)