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Please I’m even trying to make the COUNTRY and LOCATION of the select boxes interact with each other but all effort it to vain (only the country will work but the location won’t work), did You resist such function to be done by individual since it doesn’t come with the Theme? The developer of this Theme needs to do something fast on this issue.

i would like to be required users to login in order list a property, is this possible?


I try to access property status (for sale or for rent page). But I can’t found? what is the link to access those listing; eg: for-sale or for-rent. where is the list of property Status? For Sale & for Rent.


Is this template have front end login and register interface?


I am work in real state field and I interest in your theme my question is your theme allow agent to feed properties owner about there properties ( sale or rent ) situation in different issues like:

1- Financial Achievement. 2- Check in / out customers with rental properties. 3- maintenance order with quotation for costs and option to approve or reject it from owners side. 4- admin site with permissions to expiate or reject owners registry before published 5- Prints reports for Each of the above through owner pages to save for there needs. 6- link site new news updates with social network.


Any one there

I have a issue with your template to create a vertical dropdown main menu. My current main menu is hozitonal drop down. please help.

Hello michaeltky,

Please post your problem on our support system for get help.



may i know which account detail to login to shinetheme website?

Hi All,

I didn´t find the Mega Menu plugin.

“Mega Menu – Our theme comes with super awesome mega menu plugin (Main Mega Menu) value $14.00 but its free for you!”

Can you help me?

Kind regards, Sérgio Araújo

Hello Sérgio Araújo,

If you can’t install plugin via WP-Dashboard, please try to find plugin on folder:

Estate-plus / framework / plugins

Hope thats help.
Thank you

Can I add membership packages for agent, landlords, tenant?

Hello Pictec,

No, It is impossible now. You can’t add membership packages for agent. Please let us know if you have other questions about Estate.

Thank you

I’m using your template but the property options are empty. My question is. Where can i add a new options? Can you help me? Kind regards Sérgio Araújo

Hello sergioaraujo,
Could you post new ticket on our support System with your wp-admin + FTP account?
We want to check more about this trouble.

I have this problem too, reported before. Can you help?

“I entered in my latitude and longitude to update the contact us map and it didn’t pinpoint my exact location.”

Hello sergioaraujo,
Could you post new ticket on our support System with your wp-admin + FTP account?
We want to check more about this trouble.

Hi, how about the RTL support is it 100%? Thanks

Hello litleist,

We did support RTL for estate already. Please don’t hesitate for other questions.

Thank you

I mean rtl languages like Arabic, you support right?

Hello I want to ask several questions before purchasing: 1. Can I have 2 login systems one for persons and one for organizations? Or in login there can be checkbox if you are organization you will have additional fields name of organization etc. 2. Can I have different offers and different prices for example if you want to have your property on first page you pay different price or something like that? 3. I don’t want to have PayPal. Can there be automatically generated invoice sent to their mails, for bank transfer and I should have the opportunity to accept placement of add on web.

Hello Nutsa09,

Thank you very much for interested in Traveler theme. Let us answer your questions:

1. You can’t allow 2 login systems one for persons and one for organizations at once. And you can’t add checkbox if you are organization as your request.

2. It is impossible now, we don’t have option allow that now.

3. No, we don’t have it.

Please let us know if you have other questions about Estate theme.

Best regards

Your support system does not work – i get ‘an unknown error’ when trying to submit a ticket.

I want to create a very simple page with two columns – a video clip on the left and text/buttons on the right. I cannot see any blocks available in the page builder to allow me to do this.

Is it possible to create new blocks in pagebuilder or will I need to hardcode this into the page?

Thank you.

Clive R.