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THIS IS A WOW OF A THEME!!!!! Question though, I am having a battle on choosing this one from another similar one. The description here doesn’t really indicate enough features. Can you tell me does this theme, offer paypal property submission memberships, list members profile custom fields and more… ??

Does this theme have add property to favorites, compare properties?

Thanks ibernard, current our theme haven’t this!

Looks really great. Can I customize the filter a bit? I only offer commercial properties for sale or lease so I need some other features. Is this possible?

Best regards

Hello R4lle,

Of course you can customize for filter.


Hi Mate
Nice Themes its work for submission with Paypal ??

Hi Mate,

We are doing this and will update in next time very soon.

Thank your great question.

Hello, Is there any demo to access the backend?

Hello ejobs4pros,

You can login to font – end by user: demo/demo we not provide info for back-end.


When should we expect wordpress version

Hello jls_maestro2012,

This is Wordpress version yet ;)


2 Questions

Can you have a full width slider on the home page – removing the Search option? and can the widget Footer section be removed. Please advise. thanks

Hello Flocotiga,

Yes this can do but need modify a bit with source code.

If you want we help you can send to us your FTP + WP admin on our support system we will check help you.

Our support system:


HI Great Theme!

I'm just working on a site, and I created a page, added the template ID, and set the template to "four page gallery" but my sidebar that I created in page builder doesn't show up.

Could you please help? Thank you

Hello sophiaCP,

Could you send to us a ticket on our support system:

Give us your FTP + WP admin ( Set it as Private Reply) we will check help you.


i didn’t see super awesome mega menu plugin (Main Mega Menu) value $14.00 .

already imported , but still the same.

So send to us a ticket on our support system:

Give us your FTP + WP admin we will check for you. Remember set it as Private Reply for secure.


Ok, i got it. Thanks

Hi this is a pre-purchase question. On the homepage for the “MOST POPULAR PROPERTIES” can it be changed to a 2 column instead of the 4? Also, do I have to use all the various sections on the home page or are those drag and drop options from within wordpress?

thank you in advance for your feedback.

We had set 2 column on demo now. You can check to see it.

Thanks guy! Hope you enjoy it!

hey i have a question before buy it ! is it possible to change the currency ? since im a brazillian ? and its possible to translate it to portuguese? ty =D very goo job !

Hello ByBranding201 Thanks for contacting with us.

Let me answer your questions:

1. is it possible to change the currency -> yes you can change to Brazilian.

2. Yes our them compatible with Multilanguage you can use WPML plugin to Portuguese.


Hello, I’m trying to Import theme option following the documentation but theme_options.txt or theme_option_Real Estate.txt doesn’t appear in anywhere. Could you help me please? thx

Hello Turo00,

You can register user on our support system to see this:



very interesting work. I have a pre-sale question.

I read that “WPML Compatible / Localisation / Multilingual — Real Property Theme is loaded with WPML compatibility.”

Does WPML is fully integrated with the theme or does I have to buy the WPML plugin?

Best regards


Hello Phil,

Thanks for your question.

That mean you should buy WPML plugin for use it and our theme compatible with it.


What ’s a brillant work ! We are looking to change to another theme ‘cause we ‘ve got a little problem with our properties location. We would like to have parent location who should be the area location (like North of France, Ile de France, Cote d’Azur…) we’ve got some agency in all the France. And then when customers choose this area, we should find in the second filters the different towns of the Area, so the child location (Like Paris, St Tropez, Bordeaux, etc…) My question is it is possible with your theme ? I saw that you are a country filter in the demo but when we choose the country there is always all the town in the second filter.

Thanks a lot


Awesome ! Can you send me a message when it’s done ? Very thank you again ! You will be the first who propose this option ( i looked all over the the wordpress theme)

Hi, Did you find the solution to adapt the filters ? (Like choice of the country and then town of the country choose appaer in the filter country) I can pay for this customisation in your theme if you need. Thanks a lot, our team are impressed to have their new website Jeremy

I meant country and town filter

Hi. This is great theme. I think this theme should have a option for full width slideshow or not. That’s what i need.

Okay! In next 2 days we will update new version have this option.

How do I change the word Agencie on the Agents list page? Also, I cannot choose my country in the settings. There isn’t an option.

How do you customize the words? I need Realtor and Real Estate Firm.

We will update new version today have change this text. Will inform to you to know.

Thank you!

How do you set up the slider for the home page? There are zero instructions for this. Quite frustrating!

Hi Bro,

About setup slider you can see here: from the 1:00 min

Our slider sorted by date ( newest ). This is great idea we will update it in next version and will inform to you.


Have faster way you can do for this is: You can change the old date to newest date for show it on slider. You can change here:

Why not integrate a slider like this one: that way we can add our own photos instead of adding them via post?


I’ve checked your RTL version of the template at however the Home button is still on the left whereas it should be the first on the right and the first on the menu of the mobile version.

It doesn’t seem there are differences between the LTR and RTL version, could you propose a complete RTL example, in order to buy the template ?

Thanks :)

Oh you can check it again it is fine now!

Just another question:

where is the link for the properties listing, something like this (a page with a filter of the right for the RTL version and the properties listed in the middle of the page) on your demo ?

Thanks a lot ! :)

Is it possible to display 2 or 3 columns instead of 1 on this page ?

Thanks :)

yes can!

I cant seem to find a way to remove the login/register in the top right of the website i’m creating with this theme. I’ve been looking through the php files trying to find it to remove it. Any way I could be pointed in the right direction?

Found the code and deleted it. Never mind.

Okay thanks!

If you have any question you can post a ticket on our support system: