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Where is the code to remove the description, price, read more, etc. from the slideshow on the home page?

How can I change the number of characters allowed for the services export on the home page? I have tried adjusting this line in the archive-services file with no luck.

<?php echo custom_excerpt(15);?>

On the individual Agent page, the title is showing as the Property Title and not the title of the Agent which should be their name. What’s the fix for this?

Another bug. I entered in my latitude and longitude to update the contact us map and it didn’t pinpoint my exact location. What’s the fix for this?

Are you sure this template was ready to be listed for sale on this site?!

Could you send to us exactly the link you input Longitude and Latitude info for check? I think you should post on our support system with FTP and WP admin we will easier to help you.

Thank you so much!

Where can I remove the code that makes paragraph breaks turn into chunks of white space on the page? This looks terrible and is hard to read, very distracting.

Hello JSnyder27,

Thanks for contacting with us.

Look like you have many questions and if possible could you give us FTP + WP admin on our support system at ( Please set FTP + WP admin as Private reply for SECURE)

It will easier to us to help you.

Thank you so much!

I would love to login to the support forum but a week and a half ago I created a username and have YET to see the promised email with my login information. How can I actually get support for your theme that you claim to be “well documented” and isn’t and offers “support” but doesn’t?

Please email to our email:

Hi, I cant Install and activate these plugins before you proceed: Shine Theme Page Builder,Mega Main Menu,Tiwtter Widget,Wysija Newsletters,dsIDXpress,CF Post Formats and Contact Form 7.


Hello iamsean,

Could you send to us your FTP + WP admin on our support system we will check help you.


Hello. I have a couple questions: with the login feature, is this just using the default WP user accounts? Like to be able to approve accounts first. Also, is there a boxed option for this theme or is it wide layout only? Thanks!

Hello GuaranteeDigitalWI,

Thanks for your questions.

- About register we customize it by our way not default of WP.

- Currently when user register its active after. But we will update this in next version for admin can Approve for user register.

- Currently this theme not support for Boxed layout.


We’ve purchased this theme and I’m trying to set up my site. I cannot import the sample data – just errors – so I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to set up pages like in your demo. The demo has a slider and I don’t even see one as part of the theme or bundled plugins.

Also had some concerns with theme options. I easily changed color 1 and 2 to reflect client colors, but active menu, page title underlines, etc. all retain that cyan blue color, which I had to change in the style sheet editor. Should there not be a setting to change that color in theme options? Not everyone wants blue. Also had to hide the flag in style sheets as well.

Any help with site set up would be greatly appreciated. I looked in the documentation too.

Thanks, Steve

Ah for post ticket you should register an user here:

This required Purchase Code of Product.

After you register you can post a ticket here:


I’ve already registered. I clicked Submit A Ticket which takes me to Submit a Topic. There’s no option to make private, so I’m very leery of posting my WP and FTP logins.

You can post problem then post Reply will show you set Private Reply

What ’s a brillant work ! We are looking to change to another theme ‘cause we ‘ve got a little problem with our properties location. We would like to have parent location who should be the area location (like North of France, Ile de France, Cote d’Azur…) we’ve got some agency in all the France. And then when customers choose this area, we should find in the second filters the different towns of the Area, so the child location (Like Paris, St Tropez, Bordeaux, etc…) My question is it is possible with your theme ? I saw that you are a country filter in the demo but when we choose the country there is always all the town in the second filter.

Thanks a lot


You answered me :

Hello Jeremy,

My theme currently not support for it but this is great Idea we will update this function in next week.


Sorry to coming back again but it’s our first needs in our business

I found a theme who have Dependable Main search Field, it’s Carell Real estate, you can see that when we choose the city the second filter change (City part). Can you have a look and may understand how it work, ‘cause i really love your theme have this option, ‘cause i want your theme for our company.

Thanks again


Hi There, Looks like an Amazing Tempate! I want to purchase it but have some questions. 1. Is it possible to enter other skills like, heating, internet, terrace etc. 2. I couldn’t find the funish, pool section in the submision form ? 3. Is it possible to add other options like bath, bedroom etc ? Thanks and Regards

Hello koronz,

Let me answer your questions:

1. Yes you can. You can input in Theme Option of this Theme.

2. You can find it and change in post_type Properties

3. If you want we can help for custom this for you.


Thanks a lot :)

Example I have 2 Categories A and B in Posts. In Available Blocks in Page Builder, I want to specify News & Update Block only intended for category A. Please advise me here. I’m not upload code to host yet.

I have found it. best regards

Thanks mate!

Hi, I have another question. I’m using Child theme. But my style.css in child theme not overriding parent. I fixed it by change line 13 at themes/estate-plus/functions.php from: wp_enqueue_style(‘style’,get_template_directory_uri() .’/style.css’); to: wp_enqueue_style(‘style’,get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .’/style.css’); It right? Anyone have the same issue?

Hi There, Is there any lang file for the tamplate ? I need German, Turkish and Arabic. Do i have to translate it myself ? I use WPML. Regards

Hi! congratulations for your work, i have one question, i want to edit the search form in home slider style template, i need to remove some fields but i cant find the file i need to edit, could you help me please?

just need to know the name and location of the file and i´ll edit it myself thanks a lot

I like your theme and want to buy it but I noticed that you only support dsidxpress ( but they are not avalable here in Vancouver Canada. The main IDX/MSL provider here is MyRealPage that offers this plugin to integrate the MLS listing into an external WordPress website via their plugin (

I’m just wondering if you guys can make your theme compatible with other MLS providers like

Hi, please can you tell me does search optino in sliders work correctly, and where i can change search form details .

Greetings, Andrija.

Hi @KemU,

Could you send to us a ticket to our support system at with FTP + WP admin for check we will guide you for perfect. So please set your ticket as Private Reply for Secure.


Hi koronz ,

Could you send to us a ticket to our support system at we will guide you for perfect.


Hi @hugopineda,

Could you send to us a ticket to our support system at we will guide you for perfect, or send to us your FTP and wp-admin, we will resolver your problem.

So please set your ticket as Private Reply for Secure.