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Hi Beezo44,

So sorry Beezo44. Our theme only support dsidxpress, you have to custom by yoursefl.


Hi mlajimlaji,

Slider in banner we were using list newest properties to created Gallery. So you have to add new Properties in your Dashboard, Slider will work find.

And Search Advanced, you should send to us a ticket to our support system at with FTP + WP admin for check we will guide you for perfect. So please set your ticket as Private Reply for Secure.


Hi, How can I change data of all filter in IDX (area type, area name, display order…)? I am from Bulgaria… For example I dont need of pool… Other problems: When I try to choose new template the area is not active. Thanks

And where can I change data of detailed search module that you made in blue? I bought you theme on 07.05.14…Thanks

Hi desislavash,

Data of all filter in IDX were gotten in each property item. If you want to remove pool or other, please send to us a ticket in with FTP and wp-admin account. We will check and resolver your problem.


OK. A moment ago I asked the question in I look forward your reply! Thanks!

Hello Support I want to buy your theme but I have a question. In fact I wish to make a site rental office.

Wholesale owner post ads on the site and customers reserve currency.

I saw you can contact the agency but I want to add a plugin that permettras display availability for each ad.

And we can directly booked office by paying through paypal or blue stripe card or bank check.

Do you think it is possible to change the theme?

Or do you think plugin that can do the trick the following yes it? I await your reply to buy the theme thank you in advance for your réactivit

Hi There,
I need asap help and couldn’t open the suport site of yours. By the way i also opened a ticket before ?
So ,
I’m using WPML but can’t translate your theme ?
Can’ t find any string for Amenities and parts like the search engine details (country, status etc.) ?
Please help cause i ‘m really getting tired of the ML trouble.
Thanks and Regards

Don’t need support anymore !!!
Just deleted the theme and will never use it again !!!
You are really a disappoinment !!!

hello koronz,

so you are missing about install and setup the theme.

we also check and fixed that help you. Now you don’t like it we so sad.

Just forget it.

Hi, Your website is down? I purchased item now cant access documentation????

Hi Bro, its Ok now! but we are have offline documentation in the package you download from TF yet.

Hi koronz,

We saw your ticket in support system. We were trying to fix your problem. Hope you can wait.


Hi 83kindy,

Thanks for greate idea! However our theme don’t support custom for that. If you want your customer can book office by paying through paypal or bank check you have to custom plugin by your self. Now you can find plugins support paying. It is really easy and convenient to use. Hope this help!


Hallo There,

It is unusual to wait for so many questions and so many trouble.

I never had a template which i couldn’t translate.

Honestly, your support is not helping.

Answering one question and leaving many others un-answered doesn’t count as support.

Be honest with me, if you are not able to support or help, i’ll buy another template because i have a schedule.

I have a costumer making me the world like hell because of this complex and non-supported template.

One more point, you ask us to write in the support forum but if we have to wait so long , why should we ?

I have so many problems and questions and just a few were answered ?!

I’m since 5 years a member here and it is the first time i got that kind of problem.


Hi, Install and setup is not missing. I had problems and didn’t get support. Thats the point. I also have a schedule and don’t have the luxury to wait 1 week for support. So i just bought a new template WITHOUT pagebuilder. I’m dissapointed. Regards

It dependent by you!

really ? wouldn’t understand it if you wouldn’t ‘t say !

bu Koronz: I do not see why you’re so hostile … The theme is great! There are some small things that need to be adjusted, but it normally. The people are busy, and you are need to know something about WP to assemble modules … I do not say that you do not know …but just not ethical way that you speak to people. They created great theme! Be a little more patient! Regards

desislavash ==>bu Koronz: I do not see why you’re so hostile … The theme is great! There are some small things that need to be adjusted, but it normally. The people are busy, and you are need to know something about WP to assemble modules … I do not say that you do not know …but just not ethical way that you speak to people. They created great theme! Be a little more patient! Regards

I don’t mean to be hostile.It is a feedback which should be considered as a point which could be improved.
The theme can be great but i don’t agree with the support.
I can give you examples if you need examples to understand what i mean.
Small things ? There are more than small things.
Well, it was my choice to purchase it and yes it was my mistake.
No one was holding a gun towards me !
I explained myself why i give that feedback.
At the end, i’ll need to buy another template!
That’s all.

Problem by you dont know how to use WPML ( You missing configuration with it but you told have 5 year experience) that why you can’t solved it.

I have lifetime support on WPML Even WPML couldn’t solved it. I’ m not the only one person who see’s how bad your coding is!

YOu say i had missing config ; thats strange !!!!!!!! Because i requested support and you answered after days ?
Look at the comments date.
IT took 6-7 days to reply to a comment ???
Forget everything and just tell me about your support ? i have to wait for days to get support.
At the end, i told you what i think!
Bad coding, poor really poor support ! I wouldn’t be so disappointed if i would get support??? !!!!
I see how proffesional you are when i read your comments.

one more thing, i talk for myself, so these are my thoughts.
I wasn’t happy, you site looks cool but the coding and support is poor.
There is nothing else to talk about.
Try to be better and sorry instead of trying to be right.


This theme is a MESS. I hired an expert coder and he was shocked by how badly the code was written. It is a pretty site but the backend is not good.

Hello: I have a pre-sale question. I would like to use your theme not as a real estate but as a directory or listing of schools. My question is: Can I modify the search features? For example: Instead of status, rent, rooms or price – I would like to add: subjects, number of students, sport facilities, parking, subjects…Is that possible? Thank you very much.

Hello Poncela,

Yes you can but must modify it a bit!


I am currently can’t see review, does it only support the blue color?

Yes our theme support unlimited color and you can change easy in Theme Option

Hi there I’m looking for a real estate theme that contains a map that provides the neighborhood information. Does this have that ability? If not do you of a plugin that would? Thanks so much.

Hi ibernard,

sorry current ly our theme not support for that info.

For plugin you can check it here:

Hope that help.

Internal Service Error on Demo

Hey guys,

Before I buy I was just making sure you guys supported IDX search or MLS search. I need this to pull the feed of available listing without having me to individually input them one by one.

Let me know asap and if everything works how I need it to work, you’ll have another sale! :)

We are also looking to use this theme, but for a [hopefully] analogous style of listing Portal and not Real Estate … sort of like the directory of schools question above.

I’m trying to get an idea of how much is configurable and thus how much would mean adding to the theme logic.

1. For the listings, is the name / title of each field configurable? Or are the listing fields as displayed to users hardcoded?

2. Are there custom fields we can define for listings? If so, how many?

3. Are there different levels of listings? Specifically, can we configure a “featured” attribute to listings to automatically be part of a featured listing area on the home page? Or maybe some listings conditionally display more fields to visitors than others?

4. I don’t see any mention of taking payment for listings. Is there built-in payment support or a recommended module that would allow us to accept credit card payments for listings without us custom coding?

5. Can listings expire? Or be renewed?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

Hello 10Types,

Let us answer your questions:

1. Yes, the name / title of each field can configurable. 2. Yes, custom fields You can define for listings. 3. Yes, You can use more than one-level for listings. 4. Yes, We don’t use any mention of taking payment for listing and don’t support it. 5. We havenot this option in our theme.