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Hi Unifato, I have done everything possible to speed up my website’s load time, from cloudflare to image optimizing, cdn, db optimize etc. However, the bottleneck is the theme. It has some stuff that I cannot optimize, for example the skin.php (themes/estetico/assets/skins/skin.php?ver=4.4) loads slowly. Any suggestion for this? It lets me wait 3 seconds to load. And another 3 seconds after the waterfall.

Two things I am having issues with. I just installed it and when I go to settings->reading->”a static page”-> select the “home” page Nothing shows up on the website. If I don’t select anything and leave it as “your latest posts” it shows up.

Second when I am trying to import the slide for the revolution slider it says “Error: Wrong export slider file format! This could be caused because the ZipArchive extension is not enabled.”

Thanks for the help.

I think I figured this out, even though it still doesn’t work like the directions state. You can delete this post. I am not able to.

Is there a way to have the maps on each property zoom in closer by default?

yes, but you need to change the theme core files for that. Let me know if that suits you

We have two problems.

1) The “Filter Properties” sidebar widget doesn’t show any filters. Even though the properties to filter by exist in the “Theme Options” under search.

2) In “Theme Options” under search the text reads “Drag and drop components from the left column to the right one to set what kind of fields will appear on the quick search form. You can also sort their order.” but there is no left or right column it just shows the items selected for the Quick Search and Filter Properties widget.

Any help with this? Thanks.

We at www.yensabaipattaya.com are interested in integrating your product to our business. However we have the following inquiries regarding price settings . Ideally we would like to have our tarrifs to have daily, weekly , and or monthly price offerings. We are offering Condos for rent mainly in one locations and building however we also have some other properties such as houses and commerrcial spaces with focus on the condo rentals mainly currently breaking the daily rental market. Please advise as to if these options are possible in your product or if customizations can be done at a charge. If possible but not dependent , can there be a recording of meter readings or anyway to charge for utilities upon checkout such as water and electric? Are payments able to be made? Thank you in advance for your support. Respectfully, Yensabai Condotel

Hello, I’m writing you to ask a question considering recent wordpress update. Because of that update, Visual Editor is not working, so my question is, will there be any updates to the theme itself?


Your theme demo link seems to not be working. Can you please let me know if this will be back up soon?


Thank you,

Jamie’s developer – Brandon Guthrie b@dreamdesignlabs.com 657-215-5020

Hello, my compliments on the great theme, I have a couple of questions and hope you would be able to help me.

1. Is it possible to have an Instagram link in the footer? I noticed Facebook, Google+ etc but no Instagram.

2. On the map in the contact us page is there anyway to change the style of the pin? for example to the logo of our clients company?

Many thanks!

Update: I have figured out how to add custom markers on the map thanks to Google mymaps. I still need to know if it possible to integrate an instagram sharing link next to the facebook etc ones in the footer. Awaiting your reply thank you.

Update 2: Solved. added instagram through an image widget with custom styling.

HI, For some reason I can no longer view content in the Visual tab of pages or post. My Wordpress site has been updated to the latest version of Wordpress and plugins. And I have the latest version of the Real Estate them. Could there be a conflict? It was working up until this last upgrade.

I see know this theme doesn’t support the latest version of Wordpress or Visual Compressor. When are you planning to update?

this theme is a mess, either the update is not compatible with the latest wp update or something. The text blocks in VC are not able to be edited.

Home page sample setups are not working either

Hi, First off, your theme is very amazing. And bear with me if this is a novice question or something but I am relatively a novice to the world of wp. Anyways, I notice that from the editor, only the style.css is available. I want to align the menus to the top left of the page, how do I go about this?? Any information will be gratefully appreciated, thank you very much.

hi, because our site was showing this site is hacked in google we mistakenly deleted the header.php file and now it won’t show on our site. How can we bring it back? Thank you for your help.