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Saw this question which I also have.. but you didnt write answer.. thanks!

On Estetico theme can we disable the “Find your dream home today” Search bar from the home page?



Add this styling:

.tp-bannershadow.tp-shadow2 {

where is this styling at?.. thanks

you can add it to the end of main.css file for example


Ok thanks for the answer! Now i have another problem… i dont understand how to add the agent to the front page… when i use the widgets it doesnt shows up and i did enabled it already in the theme options. Pls help again


I’m not sure what agent on homepage you mean, but in any case if this is the MEET OUR AGENTS section from the demo you can do that from the visual composer when editing the homepage. In fact if you have imported the demo content from the xml file that would be created automatically for you


Hello, i sent an email with my questions and haven´t received any confirmation. I don´t even know if you have received it….

Yeap, sorry, went into spam folder, reply sent

I cant find any photes for estetico that after I resize them to 940×220 they don’t become blurry. do you have any stock?

You can try the stock images in Photodune or the site 123rf.com, those are my favorites


hello. I got the code styling localization on the wordpress page, but how do I get the flag icons for the translastion on the site?

Hello. I cannot update WPBakery Visual Composer plugin. Here is the message: “An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: Update package not available.”


You can’t udate a plugin, it’s a limitation of the way TF works, it can only be updated with a new theme version


Never mind I figured it out, thanks for the great theme btw

Hello, Congratulations for the theme, it’s really good ;-) I have the same problem, I can’t remove the footer 3rd column with the Social Media links (http://inmo-bienvenue.com/wordpress/) Where should I write the css you said? #footer .social {display:none;} Thanks a lot!

I fixed it! ;)

Hello, Is it possible to choose which sidebar to display in each page? I’d like to display the “property details sidebar” in the contact page By the way, the property filter sidebar is not working when displayed in other pages, for instance in “Contact” page: http://inmo-bienvenue.com/wordpress/contacto Thanks a lot for your help! Cheers, Sandra


The sidebar for Contacts is a different one, it’s the one that you get in the properties listing page

yes, but it doesn’t work in the contacts page, you should fix it :-(

it makes sense, as there isn’t any properties list to filter

Hello, Where can I translate these issues? I can’t find them into the .mo/.po files, neither in configuration settings

contact page > Contact info / Office location

properties > sort by

thanks a lot for your help!



here you have: sangomval@gmail.com
Thanks a lot!

Great! thanks a lot ;)

Hello, how can I sort by the properties type so they appear in the order I want? I can’t see any option in property type page thanks a lot!

Hello, how can I sort by the properties type so they appear in the order I want? I can’t see any option in property type page thanks a lot!

Hello, how can I sort by the properties type so they appear in the order I want?

I can’t see any option in property type page

thanks a lot!



Ok, it’d be great! thanks a lot! :-)

any ideas? thanks!

did you find a way?


how can i use the properties carousel with my WPML plugin? I mean I have many properties content types that are translated in many languages. My problem is that the properties carousel links only to the default language link. Is there any tested solution for that?

Kind regards

Well, thank you very much dear Unifato user for not considering my question and for replying to it.

hey, sorry for thatm will get back to you on this one asap


Found small, but sweet bug :) If you have quite long company name. Two words or just long, then your theme get’s a bit uglier. Slider is getting pushed bottom.


Hey, thanks for letting us know, we appreciate that


Hello, is it possible to remove the option “both” in the search engine?
I’d like to leave only “rent” or “sale”
Thanks a lot,

You can edit the properties_filter.php file and remove the following:

<div class="col float-left">
                <input type="radio" name="for_sale_rent" value=""<?php if($for_sale_rent == 'both') : ?> checked="checked"<?php endif ?>><?php echo __( 'Both', THEME_NAME) ?>

I can’t open the file in local and it doesn’t appear in the WP editor, where can I find it?
Thanks a lot!

Done! ;)

On the footer of the page where the social media links are, how can I change “Check our awesome domestic cats in Facebook or Twitter”?

Appearance > Theme options > General settings – you can edit the text above social icons from there

There are a number of issues sufficient to cause problems, and in my case: much time and frustration attempting to use the theme: – version of Estetico shown in tutorials is substantially different from current; – Version of Wordpress shown is also very different than current; – Sections of the tutorial written in Russian are unclear; – Tutorial videos cannot be downloaded. Screenr is extremely awkward to use for step-by-step instructions. It requires hundreds of back and forth operations to get through 7-8 min.

Following tutorials to the best of my ability to guess what a current install should look like for many hours, the demo site is still a mess and looks very different than the tutorial. :(

Will these problems be fixed? If so, when?

I’m sorry but claiming that the version of wordpress in the tutorials compared to the latest release is major issue is simply not true as almost every menu is identical and makes no difference what so ever.

In any case we thank you for your long comment and will take it under consideration


There’s no need to invent claims of a “major issue” with WP versions. My claim is that there exist a combination of factors (including versioning) which can cause customers to have problems, and that these can likely be prevented by updated tutorials.

Example: we may plausibly believe the incorrect “Created: 04/01/2014” on the index.html makes “no difference whatsoever” to anyone. How could it, right?

Well, it creates a problem if one goes to the changlog at http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Versions in order to find out exactly what version the tutorial is using so that the right steps in 3.8 were taken. I did this – before noticing that at the beginning of Tutorial 1 there was evidence of January 5th as the correct date, and 3.7 or 3.7.1 as the interface version. There were a number of other anomalies which did happen, and the time taken because of them ought not to be dismissed, even if the customer were completely mistaken, which is not the case here. One should never show contempt for customer difficulties or concerns.

If one reads Russian and English, one might say the steps are exactly the same, but this is very different than knowing they are the same, which we may assume you do, but we should also realize that perhaps a significant percentage of your buyers will not.

If the names of plugins have changed, how does an inexperienced user know it is really the same? Is it? How does one know the degree of difference and what the consequences of those differences will be?

What about folder names in the theme which have been changed? How does a new user identify the root cause for their site not appearing as the tutorial says? The situation can become complex quickly. I’m not lying about the time spent trying to reconcile the videos with a new test site.

While it may be entirely true that customers wasting hours because of out of date tutorials with restricted access video makes “no difference whatsoever” to an author, our actions should acknowledge that not everyone is an expert

I imagine that having no tutorials at all would not make any difference to professionals such as yourself, but I think we generally do better when we see things from our customers’ perspective, and we definitely don’t want to be seen as falsely accusing them of making claims they have not.

I don’t want to get into meaningless discussion. As I already noted saying that the WP version in the video tutorial is a serious problem and deal breaker is beyond ridicoulous. You are also using speculations (“If the names of plugins have changed”, “What about folder names in the theme which have been changed?” etc., none of the above is true btw) and you also try to speak from the name of everyone. I already suggested if you have a specific question to post your question here or via email but you refuse to do so, instaed you keep insisting to fulfil your reqeusts eventhough they are not directly related with the theme, like configuration etc.

I wish you good luck with your other purchase with different authors

have some problem when import the Revolution Sliders



how to fix it

I’m sorry, can’t open those urls, can you send the screenshots via email?


thank for quick reply now I send the screenshots to unifato.themes@gmail.com

Have you receive mail?

Have you receive mail?