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Is this compatible with WP 3.9?



one more question…can you you search by city, state zip on the homepage? typing (not drop down?)

We purchased this theme last week and are experiencing problems with the “properties filter” widget. http://sagahwp.wpengine.com/our-homes/ It is not showing any options to filter by on the front end.

I noticed that it does show options BEFORE I set the properties page via theme options (but of course it won’t work without the properties page being set). After I set the properties page, it stops showing the options. If I reset the theme options, then the filterable widget shows options. But then, as already stated, these options go away again when I set the properties page.

We are running wordpress 3.9. All plugins are disabled except the two that your theme requires.


Do you have sidebar widgets set up?

Hi Unifato,

Yes, we have the “Properties Filter” widget placed under “Properties Sidebar.” Interestingly enough, this widget is not listed in your documentation or shown in the videos. Assuming that means it is a relatively new addition to the theme…

We are happy to provide screenshots and / or login information via e-mail if you can help with this problem.


Yes, please send us your login info with a quick reminder of the question and we’ll take a look


i am also having a problem with properties showing in my site. how do i fix this


Bedroom units are 1+, 2+ etc., meaning “1 or more”, “2 or more” etc. That’s for the homepage. The filters in the sidebar though work more precisely – you can put specific numbers

Help with video tutorials is in the theme package


where would i find them? be specific please….on the theme forest website?

Look for the folder Documentation – then start the index.html file inside

Hey Mr. Unifato, i’ve got two questions about the estetico theme:

first one is about the property type taxonomy. is there a possibility to create a page looking like the property overview page, but only showing a selected property type. i tried to manipulate the url and added something linke http://domain.tld/wordpress/immobilien/?properties-type=kaufangebote, where “immobilien” is the selected property overview page in the theme settings and “kaufangebote” is the slug for the property type i want to select. is there maybe a different way to create a property overview page using shortcodes or the visual composer.

the second question is about the contact forms. how can i activate the feature for every agent i created in my wordpress installation?


1 – yes, you can do, here is an example for products of type Beach house:


2 – Appearance > Theme options > Agents. There is a checkbox for enabling direct form of contact

Hi, I am having the same problem other people who boutght the theme have. I can’t make the filters work.

Could you find the solution?

My web is: http://juanseru.com.ar/



Please have in mind that you have to go to Administration -> Appearance -> Theme options -> Quick search

You will see the group called “Which components to use for Properties filter”.

Just drag options from the left hand side to the right and save.

If after that you still don’t see the desired filters please let us know.

Kind regards

Answer pls??!?



There are a lot of bugs in this theme. Hope you’ll fix it guys, as a lot of users paid for it already.

Let’s start (no priorities):

1. Logo displayed incorrectly (Up to the top).

2. No auto resizer for logo. Shows bad quality picture if display is high resolution.

3. Design get messy if “Visual composer” is updated.

4. Copyright only 22 symbols long. If longer, it occasionally goes to 22 symbols while editing and saving other options.

5. Object filter is not working (works only in some cases).

6. Translated .po files don’t cover some common texts. e.g. “location”, “phone”, “e-mail”, ... list goes on.

7. You added social media buttons, but for this theme LinkedIn is a must. There is it?

8. On mobile. Header.jpg is not displayed on home page.

9. On mobile. When you scroll to map you get stuck, because from that point you are scrolling map, but not page.

10. On mobile. If widget “Object filter” is displayed for PC it’s OK, but useless on mobile (e.g. “contacts” or “services” pages). How to rid of it if mobile is used?

11. On Mobile. Objects picture size displayed incorrect size on properties carousel.

12. Year of built is not displayed.

13. Options for different languages?

14. More or unique options to modify quick search?

15. More or unique options to modify search filter?

16. If measuring units is change to metric, still shows sq. feet

17. Pets option. If “yes” appears more option with “” and “—” :)

18. Revolution slider sometimes (always) displays error when adding more pictures, but it works after refresh.


Theme could be good, but too many bugs at this time.

Hey, thanks for the list we will definitely get through the list carefuly. But on a quick note most of those are not bugs, something is meant to be like that, like the missing header.jpg on mobile and some of the items are requests from your side. If you need something to work in a way to fit your needs you can ask for a solution or suggest for a feature in the next theme update, but please don’t claim it as a bug

Anyway, thanks again for your time

Yes. Sorry, some of them is not the bugs. My bad :)

i agree with “civa” here are some more bugs 1. when google street view is adjusted so it actually points at the house, the view is not saved 2.map view of properties only show’s one property/retnal at the location if you click on the flag. How does it know what unit to show? I want it to show all rentals at that location 3. How do we size the pictures so they show the same size on the property view-http://abcrentalsnow.com/wp/properties/4753-buckley-ave-bu1/ 4. quick search, how do we add “suite” instead of # of bedrooms 5. quick search-how do we change the # of options for bedrooms to 3 max, since we have no 4 bedroom units. Same for bathrooms 6. How do we delete the pcm in properties view or revise it to say something we understand (no idea what pcm means) or pw for that matter

You can do that in the following css:


Please note that it will be overwritten after a theme update


oh GREAT!!!!! so everything i have changed and all the time i have spent goes away after an update….why would you have not told us that earlier. take note of that to anyone who is about to purchase. Had i known that, i would not have purchased your product

Every custom change you make on the theme core files will be lost after an update. That’s valid for all the WP themes around the internet, no exceptions.

Hello, I want to see the CSS “Home” page since lost the home settings. I can not back to what it was originally.

width=”1/1”]properties_carousel/vc_row[vc_column width=”1/1”][...............


Please send us a mail so we can response back with the home page content.

Kind regards

Dear i need help. Idem to: I seem to have issues with find coordinates for google map after update to latest version. Unable to add new point for my new listing.


For the property details page? Or…?

User incomecare 28 days ago. Post similar problem and the solution was to contact

Can you describe the issue via email and send us your WP login details?

hi Unifato How to edit languages, i edit the \wp-content\themes\estetico\languages\en_US.po by Poedit and upload .po and .mo file, but nothing changed

lasted version

now i can slove it


Is it some specific string that doesn’t change or any text you try?

Not showing full message (person message, to be exact) when customer sends query to agent. e.g.

Theirs contact details are:
Name: Tom
Phone: 511212121
Email: tom@atom.com
Message: (percent symbol) person_message (percent symbol)

Perhaps you think this is from contacts page, but this is from property details sidebar then you can contact directly to the agent.

By default it was your code:

Message format:

Hello %agent_name%, Somebody named %person_name% wants to contact you about property %property_name% (%property_link%). Theirs contact details are: Name: %person_name% Phone: %person_phone% Email: %person_email% Message: %person_message%

oh, I see, there was a small bug, if you can send me your emaill (you can use the form on our profile page here in TF) I will mail back the file changed so you can use it until our upcoming update is out


thanks for the support… but i have another question… i dont understand how i can put more than one agent into the contact formular? pls explain


The idea for the contact form is to receive general qustions. So in that context there is no option in the admin for multiple emails by default

As for requests for properties – you can set a specific agent to each property, then this agent will appear in the top left section of the property details page along with a small contact from so if a visitor would like to get in touch with this specific agent it can fill it and submit it

Hi Unifato,

I’m trying to remove these two options from the search engine options on the homepage: ‘For sale or rent’ and ‘Both’.

I followed what you’d told the user ‘Goalplan’ one month ago (ie. Removing your specified code from the file ‘properties_filter.php’).

But it doesn’t work.

Please could you help?


well if you have updated the theme you need to re-edit it since the theme update basically overwrites any custom change

Sorry, I meant to say that I’ve edited the code since updating theme but even then it doesn’t work.


Can you send us the WP and FTP login details via email

visual composer is included in this package. where do i find my license key


I’m afraid license key can not be provided due to the specifics of extended licenses and Envato terms


it is saying i need a key to use it…the composer was to be included with my puchase

you can use without any issues, the plugin is bundled in the theme and available for installation

after update, i cannot adjust google street view in properties

When you enter the address (or coordinates) use the button next t it that says “find coordinates”

the find coordinates button does not do anything. the coordinates are there from before the upgrade. For a new property, i had to go to google maps to get the coordinates and enter them. Even with the coordinates entered, i see no image under “adjust street point of view”

Can you send me your WP login details via email

Hi all,

I can’t seem to upload this theme into the wordpress version 3.9.1. Is it compatible? It was always have an error at the last part of uploading it ! Re tried like 4 times

What is your email ??

I have sent an email! did you receive it ?

permalink problem with qtranslate? I had the problen, that the language ID was deleted in many links. For example:

before >>> /de/site/

after >>> /site/

So it was going always to the main language back.

The solution was easy and it is a soluton for many themes: write at the end of the funtion.php in the theme folder

if( ! function_exists( ‘init_theme’ ) ) { function init_theme() {




add_filter(‘post_type_link’, ‘qtrans_convertURL’);



thx for reading


Hello there,

I am seriously interested in this theme. I am curious if all of the values like headers, prices all over the theme can be translated to my non english language, is it possible that you will assist me with this? *For example categories in filter or submit button can be translated or I will need to use my own button etc.

Regards, Martin


An WPML support will be release in the next theme update, probably few days from now. Currently you can translate theme theme via po/mo files


What is the actual issues with the coordinates?? What is the main issues ??

Lastly,how to resolve it …


An update is coming with many improvements and some bug fixes, most probably in a day or two


ok, thanks

the update is out