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WWow! HTML version. Congrats! ;)

Thank you very much :)

Awesome Work! Good luck, dude ! :)

Thanks man :)

wow awesome and creative template ! GLWS :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice! Always love seeing a new item of yours! Really easy to see on homepage

Thank you very much :)

Great looking theme… very well set out.

I’m a bit concerned about the responsiveness, its very polished and clean on desktop but it needs a bit of work to make it look as great on mobile as it looks on desktop. Can you comment if you are planning on refining the mobile version of the site?

Hi, Thanks for buying the theme, Please email us with a screenshot of the problem you are talking about. email us here –

Is it possible to disable the responsive design?

please pm me

Hello, Possible to customize this for me. I can provide the image etc. I dont need the about us etc.


Hi, please leave me a message from my themeforest profile, so I can provide you the details. Thanks

Hey, Love the template, great, really good. I’m just having one problem with it. The Google plus sharrre icon doesn’t appear. I went to the sharrre site and to github, I, couldn’t get any solutions. Can you help? Thanks

Thanks azyrusmax, I will check.Is there a PHP for the quote and newsletter button? BTW this theme has been a lot of fun for me, I learned so much by doing, Awesome Thanks again for creating it.

Hello mpayala,

No. Quote and Newsletter button doesn’t include server side back end. You should add it by your self.

Best regards

Hi, i’m trying to set up the template (pretty cool, my congrats). I have some issue with google maps plugin: i don’t understand how to set my address. could you help me? thanks

Hi, It’s in template.js file, line 175. You should set Latitude and Longitude.

center: new google.maps.LatLng(35.4822, -97.5350),

Read more details here –

Please let us know if you need more help, thanks

sorry i didn’t see that in documentation. Now it’s fine :)

i take occasion to signal a minor issue on the mobile phone version: on my iphone as i scroll down on map section i m stuck on it. If i scroll the map is moving (as intended ) but i can’t go out of it and i’m forced to use the menu bar to go back to the navigation site. It’s a minor issue, but it could be annoying.. for some users. thanks for the fast reply :) cheers

Incredible theme!

Just a question: Do you plan to create a pricing table section?

Thank you very much!

Paulo Coghi

Hi, yes we are planning to add pricing table in the Wordpress version. Thanks

Hi great work!

I have a problem, in mobile version the text for the two headings (we make mobile apps) isnt visible. And also icons in “Take a Look at Our Apps” arent visible. Please help us out, its very urgent.

Hi nice theme.. I purchased it 4 days ago. just having a problem. Non of the forms submit, even when i add the action, method and enctype?. I only want to submit form to email

It’s HTML theme, without server side script for Form processing. You have to add it.

Best regards, cokolloo

TO: rahulbhatli,

Hello rahulbhatli,

1) I add text on main slider for mobile version. (use latest theme version from 5 June 14) 2) This slider was not planed for mobile. On mobile you can place information blocks, like on our demo.

Best regards, cokolloo

TO: moadel88

Hello moadel88,

It’s HTML theme, without server side script for Form processing. You have add it.

Best regards, cokolloo

Hi – I just purchased your theme – Love it. However, I’m having a couple of problems: (1) seems like the top section (slider) is offset too low and not properly centered; and (2) the responsive part does not appear to be working on this top section when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet – could be related to the first problem. Can you help correct this? Please advise. Thanks, – Fred

Hello rowl,

I’m not sure if we have latest theme version on demo. Please check it here –

If you see same issue here, give me screenshot.

Best regards, Cokolloo

Thanks for your response. Yes, having same issue. The iPhone image is clipped at the bottom and there is too much space at the top. check it out:

Hello rowl,

Got it. I don’t see it on such big screen. And don’t test theme on such big screens. Theme’s slider is 3rd party script. It looks like it’s bug cause I set data-y="10" for iPhone image (it means 10 px from top of slider container) but it’s much more than 10 px. It looks like 3rd party script also doesn’t test on such big screens.

I will try to optimize theme.

Best regards

Hi.. I like this template.. Just wanted to know how do i edit this template. Do i need a software for doing it…

You need to know about HTML for editing this theme, or you can get the wordpress version which come with wordpress editor.

where can i add my company logo and name in this design .please guide

You can add logo at top right, replacing (or moving right) email and phone. This is HTML theme you should be familiar with HTML/CSS to edit it.


top right side there is facebook,twitter etc . option .how to configure those options

issue resolved thanks

i am getting lines left side of text in blog.html page .please provide me your mail id so that i can send screen shot

I think I bought the wrong licence, I was looking for the wordpress theme? Can I be refounded of this purchase and buy the other one? :(

Many thanks

Hi, Authors can not give you refund, You need to contact Envato support for refund. If you haven’t downloaded the HTML template, you can get a refund from envato. Thanks

Hello, I’m facing a problem with”Contact Us” section at the bottom of that page.

How user can click the “submit” and email will be sent without opening the outlook application.

Secondly, in “Ask for Quote” section, “Attach file” button is not working. And how can I receive all that information in my email.

Thanks alot.

Hello amirkh_69,

This is HTML template, no back-end scripts are included. To make forms working you should add back-end script to process form data.

Outlook application may open when you click on “mailto:...” link. The behavior of mailto links depends of local PC settings. It opens default Mail application in local system.

Attach file at “ask for quote” is not really a form input, because file form input has style limitation and can’t be styled like you see it now. I think you have two options here: 1) replace current HTML with form file input. 2) add hidden HTML form file input and use JavaScript to map it with current HTML

Best regards