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I’ve bought a few admin template already (Constellation, Admin Base, ...) but I have to say, this one is the best so far. Tons of options, beautiful UI, well formatted code…

Highly recommended!

Thank you very much…...

I’d be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this theme

Lovely work, can you tell me is the chat an active script or would we need to create our own back-end? Also what graphing/chart plugin did you use? I have other admin themes that use Flot, but I have been unable to get it working with json/mysql?



i have used Jquery and ccs3 to give animation in chart and yes you can use json/mysql object to manipulate the values of chart.

Thanks for your answer, is there any documentation regarding your charting and use with json? Is the chat feature a script or simply there for the demo?


nice work. used in the template file manager. For this, an extra fee to be paid

used in the template file manager. Will be paid extra for this?

NO, You dont have pay extra for file manager

Hello, gorgeous even, but before buying you want to know three things: 1 – It is simple to change the layout? 2 – Is there a template generator as some have done? 3 – Do not have styled ComboBox component? Thanks and parabés again.

Hi again. Could you provide the project file used to create the icons on the main tabs? (Dashboard, Form stuffs, UI elements, ...) Would be useful to get the project file used to create the logo also.

I can’t reproduce this metal/chrome effect you have on the icons/logo…



I will send you but i dont have your “email id”... how i will send you


Just sent you by private message.

Hi, I’ve bought your theme. Nice job and well documented. But only there is a problem on “forms.html ” I coudn’t open at dreamweaver. How can I get clear forms.html file. Thanks…


Try to open “forms.html” in notepad and comment the first five buttons..

Basic Button Red Button Blue Button Green Button Yellow Button

then try to open in DW.


thanks it’s works…


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WOW very nice theme, well formatted code….. best admin panel.. :)

I like it! Thanks.

Dialog? It will be the best if support artistic Dialog base on jquery UI dialog.

Thanks, Yes it support…....

hi! this theme looks awesome! i have a problem with callendar, how can i control my own data in it?


Thanks :) ........ you control the calendar from “custom.js”

Don’t forget to RATE my theme

he infynitix!

I bought the theme it looks awesome, but now i have unzipped all files etc and i wanted to edit the logo abit but i didnt find any psd files :( Can you send me the psd file from the logo?


Thanks. :)

need your email id to send….....

I purchased the theme and it looks great. You wouldn’t happen to have this in other colors would you? Particularly lime green?


I was also thinking about color picker…. will do very soon.


Question? I’m having an issue with the right navigation column over lapping the footer. Do you have any suggestions as to how this can fixed? Unfortunately due to the content I will have in that column it will be stretched a bit.

I purchased this today. As others have asked, could you please send me the PSD file(s)? Also, since our admin backend needs more icons for the top menu bar, can you tell me if these were part of a set that is available online, and if so where can I get them?



Need your Email Id to send you the PSD file….

Thanks :)

I don’t understand – how do I send you my email address without posting it publicly?

And one more question: your documentation says ” the mobile version of Eternity Admin is also available”. Where?


Mail me on “” and the mobile version is available but it is not included in this package, you have to pay extra for that.


Hello Sir,

I never got response pertaining to the right navigation column over lapping the footer. Do you have any suggestion?


Sorry for inconvenience….... :(


give position:relative or absolute, and bottom:0px to footer.


I love the look and features of the template. I do have one question though. For those of us that like to use Prototype JS framework along side of jQuery, has the jQuery stuff been designed to not conflict other frameworks, or would i have to look for all instances of ’$.’ and replace with ‘jQuery.’?

I emailed you as requested at, several weeks ago—but haven’t received a reply yet. Here are the original questions:

1) Please send PSD file as you did for someone else. 2) Your documentation says that a mobile version is available and I asked “where”. You just replied that it is available but I have to pay extra for it. I already assumed that. You still haven’t answered “where”. 3) For the icons in the top bar – we’d like to get more of those if available. Where did they come from?

And here is a new one: 4) The documentation notes which files are used for the File Explorer, but there is no other documentation about how to set it up. Did you write this plugin yourself? If so please send instructions. Or, if the File Explorer documentation is available online somewhere, please send link or more info.


I have mailed you the PSD file for icons. Get the Documentations for File Explorer from this link : If you want to see or purchase mobile version contact on

Sorry for the inconvenience Thanks.

Nice Admin Theme….

I have never seen such nice a theme before.