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Nice looking mobile theme and very clean, good luck with sales :)

Thank you SeventhQueen. :)

Very nice and Clean. I love design. Good luck to sales

Thank you very much :)

wordpress version coming?

Hi. Maybe in the future :)

Hi dear, I purchased this item, but the menu and top silder dont work fine on android, the slider overlaped menu, on iphone the menu icon is hide, i dont know what happens

Hi. Please can you send me a picture about this problem and I’ll fix asap. Email : psd.designer.net@gmail.com // Thank you

Is the PSD included in this when purchased?

Hi – PSD files are not included.


Getting this error the slider overlaps the menu when the same is opened on an android device or ipad.

please check and resolve asap

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. Can you please tell me which browser are you using ?

Coming on Android Stock Browser. Webkit 534.30

is it fixed? I want to buy

Hi, the navigation was fixed.

where? Just tried and it didn’t work…

Sorry my server was down. You can check it now.

The Demo is down.

Thank you i fixed the problem.

Please view your file…even on the demo the left side call out is pushing the pages far right.

Hi, what browser do you use ? I dont have this issue on any browser i tested.

chrome and on my cell phone as well, samsung I will send you screenshots from both

Is this a HTML project?

Yes it is a HTML project.

its not working corretly, please check your e-mail address

Thank you, ill check the code asap.

Hi there,

Does this template support submenus?

For example: About Me (Main) > History

Hi, this feature isn’t in the template but i can add it if you need it.

yes please thank you