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How customizable is the RSVP form in terms of responsiveness? I’m aware of how to add different fields to a form and modify any underlying scripts accordingly to facilitate my new values. I’m only really curious as to how the theme will ‘grow’ or respond around any changes to the content in the form / form’s section. Thanks!

Hi @TylerBell,

Thanks for the purchase and for your comment.

The template itself is built on the Foundation framework, therefore any structure that you see there can be created as well as customized to suit your needs.

There is a predefined structure that comes with the template for those that may not need to tweak it, but as you will see you can change any fields you need – the choice is yours.

If you need any further help just let me know, thanks again.



I am planning on purchasing your template, which is great by the way :) One question though – can we change the text color (title, the hearts under the title and most importantly – the color of the streets in google maps) from red to purple?

Best regards

Hi @xcited,

Thanks for your comment and for your fantastic feedback, glad to see you like it :)

Re your question, yes, definitely. The template is fully customizable, you will be able to change the text color, the hearts (this comes in a .psd file) and also the Google map, where I provide instructions to a tool that allows you to update the color scheme.

Hope that clears things up, if you have any other questions you know where I am.

All the best,


Hi ThemeChills,

is it possible to get the SASS or SCSS files of the theme? It’s a great theme and I am in the process of modifying it. Right now I want to change the colors and I am wondering if I could have a SCSS file with variables?

Thanks for your work and maybe you have an answer to my question.

Hi @zauni,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the theme. Appreciate your great feedback.

At this time the theme does not come with a scss file structure. That being said, if you have knowledge of sass it would be a matter of creating a variables partial or something similar and then converting the required rules to use those variable values.

I may consider doing this in future, but at this time it has not been a highly sort out feature.

Thanks again,


Hi, thinking of purchasing this template for our upcoming wedding. I’m not a very design/technical person, once I create the site using your CMS can I use my own domain and hosting? Thanks

Hi @sajwest2,

Thanks for your question. There actually is no CMS associated to this template.

Did you want a template or the WordPress theme? If you’re interested in the WordPress theme you can find it here

With either option YOU WILL be able to use your own domain and hosting.

Let me know if you need any other info.

Thanks again,


Hi. I have purchased but I am unable to download it. The download does not progress more than 0.5 MB.

I am using a 15MBPS dedicated Internet Leased Line and still not able to download it hence it is clearly not a problem with my internet connection. Everything else is working except this download. What is the problem? Can’t it be sent to my email or something of that sort? THis is such a shame.

Hi @joelrao,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the template. I actually don’t believe it would be an issue with the template. That being said it may be an issue with ThemeForest.

If you email me through the Item Support tab I will be able to email you the template considering the purchase has been verified.

Let me know how you go, thanks.


Hi, I was able to download it finally, however I have some problem with them maps. Will write to you from the support tab. Thank you!

Awesome, happy to hear that. I’ve replied to your email by the way…

does anyone experience with this theme and qTranslate?

Hi @riki17,

Thanks for your comment, I’ve just replied to you through private message you sent me re this.

Hope that clears things up.


Thank U Leo… I’ve just some problem concerning the title… I was thinking that you can help me… I think it’s just one code… but I’ve not experience with programming… unfortunatly

I’ve just replied again :)

I see that photos from Instagram with specific hashtags appears on the page, is this pre-built in the theme? Do I have to code the instagram API in or just simply change my username and password in the script?

Hi @germicide,

Thanks for your comment. Just need to clarify, are you talking about this template (Eternity) or the Cherished WordPress theme?

Let me know and I can clear things up for you, thanks.


Hi, Thanks for the template, it’s well done! But im having trouble, I’d like it to send an email to a specific address, i try to change the content in the mailer.php ($to, $subject, $from) , but when i press send, it doesn’t send an email ?? can you fix this ?? thank’s

Hi @zulmix,

Thanks for your comment and for purchasing the template, really appreciate it.

Re your question, can you send me your working file as a zip using the item support tab found above?

Once I have this I’ll be able to look into the issue further for you. Can you also let me know if you have tested this on your server or only locally?

Thanks again,


I have tested this theme in my locally not in server ! , is that the problem ?? thank’s

Hi @zulmix,

Not necessarily a problem, though you would have to have some kind of SMTP service running on your machine if you’re testing locally.

I use SMTP for dev to test out my scripts (

Alternatively, upload to your server and test it that way too.



I cannot express how excellent the customer service was on this purchase. He responded to numerous emails promptly and graciously. I highly recommend buying from ThemeChills.

Thanks Jessy and Joshua, appreciate your comment and want to highlight that you did some great work with your website, well done!


Wonderful theme and the author even provides instructions on how each module of the theme works!

Thanks @Steeps for the awesome review, you rock!


Is it possible for guests to login in the web and submit photos they take with mobilephones or cameras and submit them? As far as i know the couples use to ask for photos to their guests. It would be awesome to allow guests to share all photos through the web.


Hi @DavidSPN,

Can you please send through your support request only through the support tab of the item you have purchased?