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Nice crisp design :) Good luck with the sales

Thanks buddy

Looks great. Good luck, friend ! ;)


Nice, congratz bro.

Thanks Manuel, hope all is well on your end.

The form design is there. Any instruction on how to actually implement it? Simply receiving the form submissions to an email address would suffice. – Thanks!

Hi @curiousoffice,

Thanks for your comment. The form is left opened so you can implement the logic you see fit.

That being said, I have an update coming in the next day or two, so what I’ll do is hook up a script to the form and that should do the trick for you :)

If you need anything else let me know.



Hi Leo, I want to swap Ostrich Sans Bold for Ostrich Sans Black but I see how to do this easily. Can you heglp?

Cheers, nibbs

Glad it helped you @nibbs. If you get a moment I’d appreciate if you could rate the theme, thanks mate.

Hi Nimbleo, I’ve now got our site live, it was super easy to customise. We are however having problems across different browsers, mainly IE. Any thoughts on what the problem may be?

Thanks, nibbs

Hi nibbs,

Glad to hear that.

Re your question – hard to say without more information. If you can send me a screenshot of what issues your experiencing and on what version of IE I can investigate further.




I am trying to install the theme but I can’t get installed. The error is as follows:

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Hi @mengkiat,

It appears you are trying to install the template as a WordPress theme. Please note this is a static HTML template, which is why you would be seeing the above error.



Hi! This template is exactly what I want for our wedding website! Few questions before we purchase… 1. Is it possible to add more tabs? We need a tab for travelers & day-of info. 2. When you click on a tab, there’s a large white space above the heading. Can this be re-coded and removed?

My fiance has worked a lot with wordpress. Is it possible to receive tech support if needed to perform the minor customization that we would like?

Thanks!! And again, love the template!

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for your comment.

To answer your questions see below.

1. Yes, more tabs can be added. It would be a matter of adding a new list item and the corresponding section to the main content area.

2. Re white space, I think I know what you’re talking about. It is part of the design, however, by no means are you locked into this. It can be quite easily changed through the template stylesheet – it would only take about a minute.

Support is provided with this template, so you can always contact me with any questions or clarifications you may have/need.

Lastly, I want to point out this is not a WordPress theme, so all changes will need to be made through the code directly. Nothing major really, but thought it be best to let you know.

Thanks again,


I read that this is a static template, I would like to add it to Wordpress. Are there any steps for the same? Please let me know.

Hi @pngwedding2014,

You could always create a page template on WP, copy across all the markup, then create a page on WP and assign it the corresponding page template name.

You will also need to create the required tags of style.css, and once again copy across all the corresponding rules, etc.

That being said, it is a HTML template, so even if you did do the above steps you would need to manage all the content through code.

Hope that clarifies things, thanks.


Thanks :) I loved this theme!

Thanks @pngwedding2014, appreciate your feedback! :)

Hi – does the google maps integrations have the ability to give driving/transportation directions?

and would I be able to have the top menu stay visible at the top while scrolling down the page? Thanks!

Hi @daniel_fetchmanner,

Re your questions:

1 – You can customize the Google Map as per your liking. The template itself does not have those specific options though the Google Map API allows you to add them in if you need. I would recommend you check it out.

2 – Sure can. You’ll need to position the menu with a fixed property when targeting the specific media query. I can assist you with this if you run into any issues.

Hope that helps, thanks.


Hi! I was interested in this template and I was wondering if you knew if it could be installed through Weebly?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @SDSnowBunny,

I’m not familiar with the Weebly platform, but if it has the ability to upload custom HTML templates then it should be possible.

What I would recommend is perhaps get in touch with Weebly support and confirm with them just to be 100% sure.



im having trouble with rsvp. it is not sending emails when we hit send

Awesome, happy to hear that and thanks for the purchase.

I need help with the Google map marker. i want to make it clickable where it will open a new window to Google maps page for directions

Have you taken a look at the Google Map API?

They have very detailed documentation on how you can customize the map to suit your needs.


I get the following error when I test the form online. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/kaybeean/public_html/mailer.php on line 34

Hi @wethumake,

Have you made any changes to the file? Could you send me what you have and I can take a closer look at it on my end?



I purchased this theme for my own wedding website, and on the whole I’m pretty pleased with the result. As a software engineer with minimal graphic design skills this is just what I needed.

I have a couple of comments:
  • the heart icons (in all places) are a bit over the top; I removed them. It might be nice to have a less in-your-face alternative, particularly for the heading text underlines.
  • I’m picky about fonts, and the headline typeface you selected, Ostrich Sans Bold, really benefits from manual kerning when set at headline sizes. For example, on the live example, look at the words “Our Story”. The interletter spaces between “t” and “o” and “r” and “y” are too big. Similarly, look at “Photos” and the spacing between “o” “t” and “o”. It is much worse if you change the headline to something like “Travel”. It’s subtle, but once I noticed it I found it drives me crazy.

For my site, I fixed the problem by using kerning.js to manually adjust the spacing, but unfortunately it seems to clash with something else in the page, likely the responsive layout, and I gave up on enabling kerning both at large and small layout sizes. You might like to think about incorporating kerning support if you revise the template.

Hi @emuph,

Thanks for your feedback. Comments like this only help to improve the template so I appreciate it.

Regarding your points.

1. As we know design is a very subjective topic, though you may find it over the top (which is a completely valid point), other customers love them. That is why it is a template, you are not locked into any of the out of the box design elements, tweak as you see fit and until you are happy with what you want. As you experienced, these can easily be removed if it’s not what you need.

2. I see what you mean. There are options out there to enhance the typography of a site, but as you saw, some of these add to the page load or cause conflicts altogether. Being pragmatic here is key in my view. I would love it if there was a way to target letters specifically through CSS, unfortunately at this time there is not, or none that I am aware of. That being said, I will investigate what we can do here and if I find a balanced solution I’ll update the change log.

Thanks again for your comment, if you need any help feel free to let me know.


Sorry, but I totally didn’t realize that the theme is not a wordpress theme. Tried scouting around for the proper way to request a refund. Is that possible? Really like the theme though. Thank you. Tricia

Hi Tricia,

You would need to contact Envato Support and they will organise that for you.



My wedding is a two day wedding and I would like to include a drop down on the menu for people to select if they are coming to day one or day two or both days. How do I go about doing that?

Hi @wethumake,

As this feature has been requested by other customers I will be releasing an update to the template over the weekend.

If you sit tight you will have this available then, sound good?



A Savior!!!!

I bought this template as my future wife was bugging me to get a web site sorted for the wedding in advance of the invitations going out.. Well this template ticked all the boxes and now I’m back in the good books. Leo is a great help when I’m became stuck on something. Well worth the download and is exactly what we need for our guests to view.

Well worth the money!

Thanks Steve. Really happy to hear it’s exactly what you need.

Best of luck with the nuptials and if you run into any other issues let me know.

Hi Nimbleo! I love the site design, it’s fantastic and has really been a breeze to work with. I had 2 questions I’m hoping you can help me out with:

1) How can I make the RSVP form actually do something? I’d like it to send an email to a specific address, I’m not sure how to do this.

2) How can I go about changing the location on the google map at the bottom of the page?


My pleasure

Perfect! Got it working, thanks again, 5 stars :D!

Awesome! Thanks for the rating! ;)

So far so good. As a note, I was able to custom program my google form for the rsvp. So when someone RSVPs – it adds to my google drive spreadsheet to save data. What a time saver.

Two questions - (1) can you help me fix the top menu (as per above: 2 – Sure can. You’ll need to position the menu with a fixed property when targeting the specific media query. I can assist you with this if you run into any issues.) (2) I would like to post some vimeo videos in the photo booth. Is that possible, if so, how?


After looking through Foundation’s documentation it does appear they do not support embedded videos within their clearing photo gallery feature.

That being said, you can include videos by using the instructions listed here:

The difference will be that it would not be part of your gallery, however you can still include a video if you require it.

Alternatively, why not create a new section called “Trailer” or whatever you think the title should be and have the embedded video inline.

Hope these suggestions help you, all the best.


Thank you for your responses. In the media queries css I changed the margin-top to 0em, which didn’t have the desired effect. But setting it to -3.5 did.

II’l test out the video embed as suggested, thank you.

Awesome, happy to hear that @mrp3te!

I bought this for my upcoming wedding as both myself and my future wife agreed it was our favourite. Very please with the outcome once I’ve put my own photos and changes to it. It looks superb! Another big plus was that the developer was super helpful and super quick with my questions.

Thanks for the comment Henry. Happy to hear it all worked out for you. All the best for your upcoming nuptials.

Hey, thanks for the theme. Thinking of buying it, but I need the main webfont with special glyphs (like Á and É). It’s possible to use the main font with glyphs or do you offer an alternativa for this? Thanks in advance.

Hi @hugomn,

The font being used is Ostrich Sans Bold. I did a quick search for you to see if it contains those special letters. It appears it does not, you can do a test here

In terms of alternatives, it would simply be a matter of finding one that does contain those letters, updating the font-family references within the stylesheet and you’re good to go.

Hope that helps, thanks.


Yeah, it does not. And could not find any similar font that has the special letters. I’m afraid I won’t be able to buy the theme… =/

Totally understand @hugomn – maybe next time. All the best.