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Great theme, awesome design! Our guests will be in for the letdown of a lifetime when they find out our website looks so much better than our actual venue.

HAHAHA! Thanks for your comment John!

I’m sure you’ll have a great day and that the venue will rock!

Appreciate your rating too mate!




For the photos section, is it possible to change the dimensions of those pictures? I would like to put in some widescreen photos but I am getting a lot of white space.


scratch that, i figured it out. great template btw.

Thanks @traer, glad you worked it out.

I’m having a similar issue that traer above was having…is there anyway that you can help me remove the whitespaces?

@coryell2009 send me the link of where you’re working on it and specify what whitespace area you’re referring to – I’ll take a look at it and let you know on a fix.



Just sent it to you….

Hi @coryell2009,

Thanks for sending through the link. I see your issue. This is occurring because your image sizes have different aspect ratios.

What I would suggest is to crop these so they are all consistent (perhaps using a program like Photoshop or Gimp?).

Once your images are all the same aspect ratio you will see that the layout will adjust accordingly.



downloaded and tried to install however getting error message of missing style sheet. Any idea?

also curious to know if it could support replacing the main home page image with a video instead

Are you trying to upload the template into WordPress? If so, that would be the issue. The template is not a WP theme.

Re your second question, you could definitely replace the feature header image with a video if you needed to.

Thanks for your comments.


Hey, Nice theme! I am trying to change the menu BG color and can not find it in the styles. Can you tell me where this is?


Hi @wecreatehype,

Thanks for the purchase and feedback.

Re your question – you can easily update the background color of

If on desktop view:

1. Find .side-nav on line 264 2. Add the background color of your choosing 3. You’re now done

You may also choose to change the dividers/border colors to suit the color of your choosing.

If on mobile view:

1. Find .top-bar on line 571 2. Add the background color of your choosing 3. You’re now done



I am interested in this template and really enjoy the layout and the overall design but I notice its missing a public comments or social plugin section. Is this something you will implement? Thank you

Thank you. I have since purchased it and began playing with it. I am unable to get the form to work though. I took all original template files and only modified the mailer.php file where I changed the to line to my email address. I receive no response from the form and no email in my inbox… Ideas?

Found the solution. The form wasn’t working locally but when uploaded to my web server it worked. Problem solved

Awesome @jstroins. Happy to hear that.

If you did want to test locally you can do so by installing an SMTP service, otherwise testing on your server works as well. The choice is yours, thanks.

Thank you for this great theme. I purchased it a few months ago and have it up and running quite well as a Mura Theme. However, i’m having a problem with form validation. I see that it’s based on the foundation framework, thus I have tried to use the abide validation:

However, using the tag doesn’t work as the error message is there all the time not just when the form is validated and there is an error. Do you have documentation on how to do form validation with your theme?

Hi @mching,

Thanks for your comment. Best thing to do, is for you to send me the link of your site. This way I can take a closer look, debug it, and report back on the thread on what the fix was.



Hi Leo, Thanks for the quick response. How can i send you the link without advertising it here?

My email address is provided within the documentation file that came with your main download.

Alternatively, you can go to my profile page and do it through there directly under the form that says “Email ThemeChills”.




I love this template, it looks great and works great. I am having one problem. I am trying to add in a youtube video embeded iframe. It gives me a sad icon that says “The file or directory could not be found.” Is there something in the code blocking videos/iframe? It wont let me add a youtube video or vimeo.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Hi @bfarnswo,

There is nothing in the code that would restrict video embeds.

If you send me the link of your project I can take a closer look for you and let you know what could be the issue.



Oops, video works great, I was working from my local server. Once i moved files live it worked!

My mistake, thanks again for the amazing template!

Awesome @bfarnswo4!

Happy to hear that :)

Hi there – loving the theme! Currently working on my wedding website using it. I’ve got two questions for you: first, can I change the opacity/transparency of the menu/ribbon, and how would I do that? Second, how do I reduce the space about the titles? Thanks!!

above* not about

Hi @fancyfeathers,

Thanks for the purchase. In response to your questions see below.

1. Yes, you can change the opacity of the menu by updating the background property (shown below). This is found on line 264 of the style.css file.

background: rgba(236, 109, 101, 0.9);

2. To reduce the space above the title you will need to go to line 107 of of the style.css file and reduce the top margin value.

.section-title-container {
text-align: center;
margin: 6em 0 2em;

Hope that helps, thanks,


It seems you have created a custom version of foundation.css for this. Is it possible for you to include a un-minified version of these custom foundation overrides?

Hi @goliathdrakken,

What do you mean? I’m using the base framework, any overrides/custom changes have been done in the style.css file.

If you can be more specific about which rules you’re referring to I can look into it further for you.



For the form elements there are lots of .custom classes that are being used. I just downloaded a fresh copy of foundation and there are only 2 .custom classes in it, and they contain a fraction of what is included in the minified version bundled with the template.

What version of Foundation are you using?

If you check out the documentation that comes with the main download file I provide a link to the version the template uses.

FYI it is using version 4, therefore if you are looking at the latest Foundation framework that would be where the differences lie.

Let me know if that helps, thanks.


The template is so good! But i have a problem, all the accents and special letters (like Ñ) are not looking right in the website, and I already got the <meta charset=UTF-8> Can you help me? I don´t know if any js or php from the template is making it not working right, but i can’t find the problem.

The template is so good! But i have a problem, all the accents and special letters (like Ñ) are not looking right in the website, and I already got the <meta charset=UTF-8> Can you help me? I don´t know if any js or php from the template is making it not working right, but i can’t find the problem.

Hi @nataliasv23,

If you send me the link to your site I will be able to have a closer look. My contact details are within the documentation file which you would have received in your main download.

I doubt that the issue would be caused by the JS or PHP, but if you send it through I can take a look for you.



Hi, I’m looking forward to purchase a template but I am not aware of coding and how to replace the images ,text ,change color and all. In short not a programmer. Is there a walk-through available with the theme ? I’d appreciate the help

Hi @Paramzart,

The template does include a video walkthrough as well as full documentation on how you can customize certain components of the template.

I would say you would need to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and PHP to be able to customize to your liking.

It is a very straight forward, template and so long as you’re keen with learning some code if you don’t already know any, you should be ok.

Thanks for your comment.


Great template! Few questions before we complete the website.

Any way to have the “Thanks for RSVPing” prompt at the bottom of the SUBMIT button, nstead of the top? Not sure how to get that script down there because it might confuse some of our guests when they have to scroll up to see they successfully RSVPed.

Any way to send a small email to the person RSVPing? Like a simple autoresponder?

3. Google Spreadsheet
I read in the previous comments that there is way to install a script where all the data would configure in a Google Docs Spreasheet. Do you know how to program this? Would be so helpful!

4. Changing Menu Bar Background
Possible to change the menu bar background color to an image? I tried to go into the .css but I wasn’t confident on how to change it. Here is the image already uploaded to our server:

Here’s our website:

Would love to hear your thoughts on these things!


Hi Jovim,

Thanks for the purchase. Now let’s see if I can help answer some of those questions… :)

A: You can definitely do this. What you need to do is find the following:

<div class="js-display" />

Then place it where you would like it to show (e.g. under the button element).

There would definitely be a way, though this is currently not a feature of the template. Currently it would only send you the notification. If you wanted this feature we could organise a custom request, OR, you could probably find a script online that can do this. Let me know what you decide.

3. Google Spreadsheet
I have not done this myself, but you’re right. One of my previous customers has. Perhaps I would suggest to get in touch with them and see if they can point you in the right direction?

4. Changing Menu Bar Background
Yes, you sure can. What you will need to do is specify this as a background image on the .side-nav-container selector.

After this, disable the background colors that correspond to the navigation (e.g. .side-nav + .logo a).

Once you do this you will see your background image displayed. Tip: If you go down this way, you may want to remove the ribbon trimming OR update the color through Photoshop to keep it consistent.

Hope that helps Jovim, all the best!


Leo, wow, you are the man.

HAHA, thanks Jovim.

When you get a moment I’d really appreciate it if you could rate the template.

Thanks mate.



I recently purchased your eternity theme and I have having some issues getting the rsvp form to send. I have updated mailer.php but it doesn’t send an email. I am getting a 500 error on POST. Any idea why this might not be working or how I could fix it?



Hi Jason,

Thanks for the purchase.

Best way I can help you with that is if you can send me through a screenshot of the error you are seeing.

Better yet, if you can zip up your working files and send them through, I’ll debug it from my end and report back to you with what the issue was + the fix of course.

My email is found within the documentation in the main download folder.



Thanks for sending that through Jason.

So it looks like your file was missing the action method, which meant the form would not submit.

Also, I noticed that the attendance was being asked as a required input, but it was not being declared in your mailer.php.

I’ve sent through the fix for you now, so test it out and see how you go.



thanks for that theme! It was an easy setup for me to put it on WP and my sister was very impressed!

I would like to ask you if you ever had this problem before :

The send mail worked great for months, but since 1-2 weeks, it looks like it does not validate mail() anymore. Nothing had changed on my website, but now, it pass throught success: function(data) even if my required fields are not fill.

You can see the form on that website :

Thanks for your help,

Hi @ayottepl,

Thanks for your purchase and comment.

That’s really strange, and no, haven’t had that issue before. But that’s ok, let’s do some debugging! :)

Firstly, do you know if your hosting company has made any changes on the server? e.g. PHP version they use?

Send me through the files in a zip and I will be able to test and debug locally then let you know where the issue lies.




I am digging through the HTML, trying to understand how your image placeholder on the side bar nav works properly. I can’t seem to find where to add images to that place holder? Is there something I am missing? I looked up on Firebug and I noticed it shows this:
<div class="backstretch" style="left: 0px; top: 0px; overflow: hidden; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; height: 1319px; width: 395px; z-index: -999998; position: absolute;"> <img src="img/placeholder-2.jpg" style="position: absolute; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: none; width: 819.9783333333334px; height: 1319px; max-width: none; z-index: -999999; left: -212.48916666666668px; top: 0px;" /> </div>
But there is nothing inside of the index.html file that represents those elements. Any help you can provide to help me locate where to modify that image holder would be appreciated.

Thank You,

P.S. The template is awesome by the way.

Hi Rosendo,

Thanks for the purchase and your feedback, really appreciate it.

Re your questions, you can find the section within the custom.js file. Once in there, go to line 36/37 and you will see that there are two placeholder images.

This is where you would update the code to include your own background images.

Any issues let me know, thanks.


P.S: If you could rate the theme that would be awesome, thanks mate!

Hi there, I’m trying to update the background color in the side navigation bar and it’s not quite working for me. I tried changing the hex value in line 265 and it changes for a half second and then goes back to grey. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks, Kate

Hi Leo,

That changes the color of the ribbon, I’d like to change the color of the background the ribbon is on.

Thanks, Kate

Oh and because I didn’t mention it before, thank so much for be available for questions. It’s a huge help.

Hi Kate,

Sure, no problem, happy to help :)

The color of the ribbon is changed through a .png file. That’s why I’m surprised to hear you can change it…

If you don’t mind, email me the link of your site (which you can find in the documentation file) and I’ll be able to take a closer look and see what exactly the issue may be.

How does that sound?

Thank you so much for making this template. I am very much enjoying working on it. One question:

In the map section, I took the custom maker out, but I would like to have the default google maker with venue info instead. Can you please advise how to do this?

Thanks @gonzo24,

Appreciate your comment and I’m glad the template is doing great for you.

Re your question…

If you want to reinstate the default Google marker, then you will need to go into the custom.js file and remove line 164.

Is this what you wanted? Let me know, otherwise.

Thanks again,