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Hi Leo, fantastic template, I love to work with that :) Could you tell me is there a way to show Videos (Youtube, Vimeo or whatever) instead of big images in the “PHOTOS” area? Preview Thumbnails with title can be still as image, but the gallery should show Videos. I hope you can help me – thanks a lot!

Thanks @JoeBlack1978,

Appreciate it.

You could definitely do that, though the template itself does not come with it out of the box.

What you would need to do is use a different gallery library which supports mixed content.

Here are two which I found for you.

Note: I have not used these before, so I cannot say whether they would do the trick or not, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t.

If you need anything else feel free to ping me again.



Hi Leo, thanks for the work you’ve done with this template, really amazing. I am having a small issue though:

When I preview in a browser the main content (central and right side of the site) seems to shift to the left under the navigation area (left side). This creates a situation where part of the main content is not shown from top to bottom and leaves a whole area blank on the right.

Have you seen this issue before? Do you have any tips on how to fix it? Many thanks!

Hi Nelsan,

Thanks mate, appreciate the feedback.

Best thing to do in this situation is to send me a link to your site. This way I can look at the code and see what might be the issue.

You can send this link either through my profile page or at the email address which is found in the documentation file.

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks again.


I have problems to integrate the font you use (ostrich_sansbold). It is not included?? Because after importing sample content it is still shown a system font. THe ostrich_sansbold is not found. How can I activate this? THanks!

Hi Kathrin,

I’m guessing you’re talking about the WordPress theme right?

Just confirming as your question came through the HTML template Discussion area.

If it is the WordPress theme, then yes, font is included in the main download file. You will find this at the below directory path:


Make sure these have not been deleted as that could be the reason why system fonts are displaying.

Let me know how you go, thanks.


Hi Leo, yes I´m, talking about the WordPress theme ;) Now it runs. I did not change anything… Sorry for that, but it seems to be a temporary problem !?

Hi Kathrin,

By temporary do you mean the issue is still there? Let me know if so.



Hi Leo, Thanks for the template, it’s well done! But im having an issue…I made small changes in the rsvp form and it is not sending email ( all validations works fine but it throw an exception at the very end that the mail failed). I can send u the url and/or the files if possible.

Thank you!


Hi Emelyne,

Thanks for the purchase.

Firstly, what changes did you make? I can look into it further for you if you would like to send me your files, though as I am currently overseas this may need to wait a while.

Let me know, thanks.


Great theme responsive theme. I have a question I have only one groom and bridesmaid. How do I make it so the flex slider is turned off but I can still see the image of each.

Thanks Brian

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the purchase. Glad you like it.

In response to your question, within the documentation file you will see the link to the flexslider site. Here it explains all the different properties the file has which can be customized (e.g hide controls and disable slide as well as much more).

You’ll then need to update these by creating the corresponding JS references within your child theme. The reason for doing it this way is so you don’t lose anything if an update is made to the parent theme.

See how you go, thanks again.


What is the shortcode to setup 4 columns?

Hi @glozemedia,

Have you purchased the theme? I can only provide support to verified customers.

Happy to answer your question once you can advise of the above.



I just wanted to say thanks and great work. Got the whole site up and running in a few hours (Html version). Installing on GoDaddy hosting was a breeze – no config needed other than what was outlined in your documentation, which is very thorough. Looks great on iPad too!

Thanks so much @jmpinson. That is great feedback. Would you mind rating the template? I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again,


Hi! Congratulations for this wonderful theme. Is there any chance you’re planning to add a photo gallery and/or a guest book to it? Thanks!

Hi @Infaria,

Thanks for your comment. You will see that the template does in fact have a photo gallery – under the Photos section. Regarding a guest book what examples do you have in mind? If it becomes a highly sort out feature then I will definitely consider it.

Feel free to send me through what you had in mind.



Hi, one more question: can i change the font on the top? The one the names are written? Thanks!

Yes, you definitely can. Everything can be customized through the CSS stylesheets.




Need help. Some people were trying to RSVP to say that can’t make it. When they choose the “Sorry I can’t make it”, it does absolutely nothing.

Can you help? Can we put a SUBMIT button and when they click, a text should show up “NO WORRIES. YOU’LL BE HERE IN SPIRIT”?


Thanks! Jovim

Hi Jovim,

Have you changed the mailer.php script? The form should submit for both options, those that attend and those that do not. In both options you should receive an email. Are you only receiving for those that accept?

If that’s the case I suspect you may have altered the mailer script.

In terms of proving your guests different messages, yes, that can be done. You would do this either through the mailer script or through if you only need client side then on the custom.js file.

Let me know how you go, thanks.


Leo, got it it to work. We rearranged the script on the index page to make the RSVP go in the bottom. Changed the RSVP script and took away the script that hides if someone DECLINES. Thanks

Awesome mate. Glad to hear you got it working.

Love the template! It’s so perfect and easy to work with.

Thanks @bular, appreciate the comment. Would love it if you could rate it.

Strangely enough your comment has come to my email but is not showing here.

Have you resolved your Google Maps issue @bular?

If not, the video is embedded within the documentation folder. Let me know if you are unable to find it.



Nice work! Good luck!;

I have downloaded the XML but there are no photos in the gallery?

This shows on the photos page -

container class=”small-12 columns” [/container]

But I can’t see anywhere in the documentation how to set up a gallery? Only how to add a photo ?

Please can you help?

As above mate…

I’d like to know how to add more slides for the Groomsman area. It only displays 10 slides. We are using this section for additional photos (engagement session). Is there a fix?

Hi @johndashpaul,

Have you purchased the template? If so, was it the WordPress or HTML version.

Your username is not showing the purchased label.

Please let me know and I’ll be happy to assist.



Yes, I did purchase the WordPress theme.

Ah ok – ThemeForest requires us to verify purchase, so could you either:

1) Include your comment in the WordPress item – this will flag your username as purchased 2) Email me through my profile and it will provide the purchase verification link.

Happy to assist, though require this verification first.



Hi Leo,

I love this theme! Emailed you earlier, and believe I found a solution to my preliminary questions thanks to the step by step images included in the zip file.

However, I’m now having two main issues: 1. Site goes pink when I scroll over with mouse – not able to click on anything on main body of the site 2. RSVP – nothing is showing up…would you mind walking me through how to get that to populate?


Hi Leo – issue 1 has been fixed. Still looking for assistance with RSVP. Trying to set it up exactly as shown in the demo. Thanks!

Hi Leo,

Just bought the template.

I loaded index.html file locally in my browser but I don’t see the left navigation (which I see on the template details page). Can you please give some pointers?

Also, what do I do with the psd file? Do I need to change it for the left nav to show up?

Thank you.

Leo, nevermind. I think I understand how this works. Thank you for your time.

sorry Leo, I thought this was working but when I reload the page, the navigation again disappears. Once I zoom out (like you suggested), I see the nav. The next time it goes away again. Please let me know how I can fix permanently.

Hi @bigfoot123,

I’m pretty sure it is the breakpoint that is being triggered for that specific device.

Can you send me a screenshot of what you’re seeing and in addition a link to your site? I’ll confirm that is shows as expected on my end as well.

If you don’t wish to share your link through here you can private message me the details – you can find my information within the documentation file.

I’ll wait to hear from you, thanks,


Hi Leo,

What code do you have to put into the contact form to get whether they are attending or not to come across on the email?

Great theme.

many thanks,


Hi Louie,

Thanks for letting me know. What you can do is send through your enquiry through my profile page and the verification link should come through. Otherwise my email is found within the documentation file where you can contact me directly.

I’ll wait to hear from you.



Thanks Leo,

I have just emailed you the purchase details through your profile page.

Kind regards,


Yep, got them.

I’ve responded :)


I am having an error when I upload template. The message show that

We were unable to save your template. Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly. XML error message: The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag ”</link>”.

Please don’t mind drop me an idea.


Hi @wpsallinone,

FTP means file transfer protocol. It means you upload the template to your server which a hosting company provides.

If you don’t have a host then I recommend Media Temple which you can find here

That would be the first step, once you have a host, you will also need a domain name.

I’d recommend Googling the process of how all this work if you’re just starting out so you get a better understanding as to what is needed.



If you don’t mind, can help me to replace other blogger template which is same price or even a bit more lower than this template.

That’s more easier for me to move forward.

Sorry for the inconvenient Mr Leo.

Pls help..


Hi @wpsallinone,

Not sure what you mean by replace. If you are seeking a refund you will need to get in contact with Envato Support directly as they handle all these matters.



Hello ! , i love your site, but i have a serious issu i think on 12 block gallery, it make internet crush down and also dreamwever, i can not find where is the problem, can you help me?

Happy to hear that Guillaume.

If you don’t mind me asking you now, I would really appreciate it if you could rate your overall experience with the theme, it should only take a few seconds of your time.

Here is the link

Thanks in advance and all the best.


done ! thanks for the job and suport

Thanks Guillaume!

Still loving the theme and nearing completion of the site for our wedding! However, I’m finding that the image files I have uploaded into the slides as well as just inserted into the pages themselves are blown way out of proportion. I am not sure where to control or manage this setting – it can be seen at Do I have something misconfigured within the CSS?

Hi @tjbillo,

Thanks for your comment and happy to hear that :)

I gather you have purchased the WordPress theme and not the HTML version, right? I ask because your enquiry has come through the HTML template item discussion.

That being said, the recommended dimensions are approximately for the slides are 880px x 585px. If you crop each to these you will see it will flow much better. Also remember to include these as featured images and not directly into the post editor.

Let me know how you go, thanks.