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no worries. got it fixed on my own.

Hi, compliments on your work. I boght it and you can check it out at although i’m working on it as we speak. I was trying to find out where the little white pixelline is? I couldn’t find it in the stylesheet or in the index.html.

I hope you could lead me in the right direction, in the meantime i’ll keep looking.

Again, great work. But that’s why i bought it ofcourse ;)




Just bought this tempalte. excellent !

I’d like to quickly change the word “ETHEREAL” to something of my own but i dont find them in the psd file.

How can I do that ?

thanks Rob

Not very sure what do you mean by that. Bottom line is, how do I quickly edit the word to become something I’d like it to be ?

thanks again.

You ‘ll need to recreate the logo in another font of your choice

Is it possible to have the PSD file for the logo separately ? This will help a lot.

thanks again !!! i just love this template

how do I change the sender?

currently says:



Just bought your theme, and have some questions;

1) I am translating this theme. Where do I change the word “and” in the coundown script?

2) How do I change the layout to the dark?

3) Where do I change the email to my own, so I receive the email addresses?

4) In IE8 I get an error;

Detaljer om feil på webside

Melding: Argumentet er ikke valgfritt Linje: 7 Tegn: 13 Kode: 0 URI :

In Norwegian, but explains an error in line 7, word 13 in jquery.countdown.init.js. How do I fix this error?

Please reply ASAP . Thanks!

Also need to know how the percent countdown works. Says 70% all the time. How to get it working and counting down?

Emails responded, see the comment in index.html on how to change the precentage also take a look at the documentation.

How I can automate the progress bar?

I would like the class will automatically change depending on the time remaining

I can use with PHP in theme.

How do I?


Thanks for your purchase, this falls into the customization side of things and isn’t something that can be easily explained, hope you understand.

For anyone that is seeing the “Malicious Site Warning” when viewing the Live Preview, I apologize my site got hacked however I’ve since remedied the situation, removed the code and put in a request for review with Google to remove the Warning.

Again I apologize for any inconvenience.

Site’s been cleared and the Live Preview is back up

How do I change the target date for the countdown?

Thanks for your purchase, take a look at the previous comments on the first page

Thanks for the quick reply. I have read the comments. However, when I change the code to read

austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear() + 1, 9 – 9, 11);

It says 182 days remaining. This should be September 11th, 2010?

I have bought this item it and it works really nice. Thanks!

Thank you, but the demo doesn’t display the email form background in Firefox 3.6.12 until you click (after searching for it).

Please fix and I will purchase.

So I’ve been through all the comments, it’s great one of your purchasers figured out how to get this to work in current year.

Do you think you could share it with the rest of us?

If it takes someone a year to put together a website, they have bigger fish to fry…

EDIT : Nevermind (Figured it out)


I’ve some trouble about email… Can you help me?

What seems to be the issue?