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I can´t upload images to portfolio apperars a screen and waiting… waiting… doen´t worl

Hi, Please mail me your wp admin details for this i will help you


Hi, great theme!

Is it possible to have the blog widget as the only one in the home page, under the slider?

kind regards

Yes, it is possible but it need some minor changes in coding

Where is the “skin changer”? All I see is the body style color chooser (which didn’t seem to do anything). And, where do I manage content for the ”+” at the top of the example page?

Hi, Thanks for purchase theme. Please contact me via my profile page


Installed the demo conted. Everything works fine, exept the link to the portfolio items. Permalinks are aktive. For example http://mysite.cpom/portfolio-view/image-post/ gives me 404 error page.

I installed WP on a subdomain and edited the SQL dump from your demo site like this: http://www.subdomain.mysite.com. The Portfolio item links are http://www.subdomain.mysite.com/portfolio-view/audio-post/ and this brings me 404 errors. Maybe the “www” infront of “subdomain”?

well…I don´t know why, but now it works :D

this is such a great theme…very well done. thanks

blogposts with the post format “standard” are not displayed at the frontpage “latest blog entries”. Please fix that.

ok i will check it for you

imageuploader portfolio doesn`t work :( I click “upload images” but nothings happens. the status bar shows up but nothing happened. WTF?

I`m running wordpress 3.5. Is this problem?

do you received my mail?

Check your mail, i replied

received your mail, thanks but doesn´t fix the problem. There are other prblems with the *js scripts in IE. Firefox is fine. Do you received my mail?

The theme appears in the Internet Explorer (IE) to be malfunctioning. It appears when you call a big bar in Orange with Meta. How can I fix it?

I’m using a WordPress 3.5.

This theme is not compatible with WP 3.5, We are working on update


another Problem….

Portfolio page, 2 columns left sidebar. The Problem is, if I add more than 8 items, the system creates a second page. No problem, but if I filter the portfolio entries, the second page don´t disapear. I`ll try to explain it. I currently have the problem, that I have 2 entries in one portfolio category but they are on different pages. I filter the category -> item 1 is visible and the other one is on page 2?! That is really really bad, because the visitor will never understand that system. I can manually set the limit in the page-portfolio2cols-left-bar.php from 8 to 100, but there must be another solution. This is really bad. Please help :(

ya, i will help you, can you send me mail instead of post your problem in comment section


ok, sorry …I`ll email you. Thanks for your help

I hope you will publish an update as fast as possible since the Theme has some bugs (Portfolio; uploading images in Portfolio) and appearance is not only a problem in Internet Explorer, but also serious appearance probems with the latest update of Google Chrome: Slide show on front page does not work; work carousel and client says does not run; Main Menu does not work proberly; etc.. :-(

This theme is not compatible with WP 3.5, We are working on update


Thanks, but this is not only a problem with WP 3.5. I hade some problems also with older version of WP and the problems reported with Goolge Chrome did not show up with the former version of Chrome (whether version 3.5 or earlier).

ok, please mail me

I just purchased this theme for a client and they need the site up within a week

But unfortunately seems that it was mentioned here that the theme is is not compatible with WP 3.5. When will the theme be updated to use WP 3.5?

I don’t mind using WP 3.4 first for my client’s project but where can I get that version? Or can you send the wp 3.4 zip file to me at soonee61@gmail.com for me to start.

Also, which is the zip file to install the theme from WP dashboard?


Thanks for the update. I managed to install the demo content. Works great. Question : The + button on top of screen, that expands as orange box when click, is the content editable ? (if yes, where to edit). If no, how to remove that?

Thanks. Great theme!

yes, it is editable & u can edit from widget area

Thanks for the update. How do I create the source code using my address to show google map? Thanks

Address short code : It seems if the address text is too long and continue to next line, that next line also show a orange icon at the beginning of that line. How to not display the icon at 2nd line? Thanks

can you mail me for this & also send me ur site link so i can able to give u solution

Hi, please mail me so give you solution

Shortcode – Google Maps : How do I create the source code from my address to show google map? Thanks

Portfolio Light Box : Clicking on the portfolio thumbnail opens up the image on top of the screen. The top of the image is cut off. How to show the whole image at the center of the screen?

Both Firefox and IE browser seems to have the same effect.

Hi, it’s not a support forum, please mail me i will help you


In Theme Options there isn’t the option under “blog” to choose left or right sidebar like you show in the documentation. As a matter of fact the blog page only shows the right sidebar. You can’t select a fullpage template. Is there any way to change this so that we can show a fullpage blog?

hi, we removed this functionality from this section only

Ok but why does the blog only come with right sidebar and not allow you to change page template?

I have to say that your support absolutely sucks!

> ThemeProfuse – 14 days ago

> This theme is not compatible with WP 3.5, We are working on update

When can we expect the update?

how to I show the testimonials on the home page as it is in the template preview?

can you mail me for this


Whats your email?

The question is still not answered:

> ThemeProfuse – 14 days ago

> This theme is not compatible with WP 3.5, We are working on update

When can we expect the update?

Hi, It will take time if you want WP 3.4 installation version i will send you download link


None of the ‘advanced’ shortcodes can be added to any page.

When I use the page-editor WYSIWYG-style, a gray shortcode-button is visible. Click on it, and you’ll see like ‘basic’, ‘grid columns’, etc…

But when I select an item. e.g. ‘basic > request code’ nothing happens. In Opera nothing happens at all, in Chrome you’ll get an empty shortcode popup modal with two buttons (cancel / insert shortcode).

None of these buttons do work, no options are visible at all.

It happens on Windows – all major version – and in Wordpress 3.4 and it happens in my own version of the site as well in the pre-filled version you delivered.

How can I add shortcodes like ‘testimonial’?