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Nevermind, this theme is so crappy and full of bugs – I decided to rewrite most of the PHP / JS / CSS and jQuery routines myself. It’s quite useless, ‘cause you don’t have access to any of the shortcodes that require some additional options.

So I hacked a lot of them with reverse engenering, SQL-dumps etc, in order to see how they ‘should’ work (and yes, they do work if you add them bit by bit, code by code and pixel by pixel, thx…).

The documentation is definitly not correct, many files are missing and the framework itself is not fully responsive.

By the way – I managed to get it working on WP 3.5.1 – which fixes a lot of major security breaches.

To be short – nothing of the major unique selling points did work out of the box. I rewrote most of your PHP-scripts and JS-syntax in order to get it working. Cost me three days, no problem. It’s even working with WP 3.5.1 right now and does support older browsers.

By the way – did you ever noticed you did load almost 15 unneeded javascripts in your WP-queue? You can safely delete them and move the others to the footer of the page (by enquing them ‘true’). I managed to speed up loading times almost 500% after removing deprecated code of yours.

You did implement the free bootstrap-framework, but you did absolutely implemented it the wrong way. I rewrote the implementation, now it’s working fine – as it was intended by the crew of Twitter.

can u send me ur updated theme so i will check

The theme is for a client. I do write themes myself – but my client wanted this specific theme. I rewrote a lot of codes and jQuery routines, in order to get it working in IE 7 and 8. And it works fine on WP 3.5.1. It even does support child-themes. So you can alter the theme, without changing the parent. I like…

I’ve noticed a lot of people are having problems with WP 3.5.1 has the issue been fixed? I do not want to buy the theme if I’m going to encounter loads of problems.


it will take 10-15 days max.

Could you send over 3.4 for now then please, do you need my email?

send me your email via my profile contact form


Hi, can you help me to setting color like a your color scheme and remove color selector from side?

Thanks in advance, Angelo

Yes, please mail me for that. I will help you

I hope that the update will be released as soon as possible. Please include a change-log which shows what files have been updated, this makes updating the theme much easier.

Yes, i Will

You 1 months ago on the long awaited updated: “it will take 10-15 days max.”

What´s going on? A lot of your theme-buyers are waiting for an update and most of them have invested a lot of time to use and implement the theme.

The theme is great and has a potential for you to sell more, but with so much bugs and no updates that will not happen. And please dont let you customers hang now with no further developement and no clear response/statement regarding this.

Hi, Sorry for delay can you mail me please, what you want. I’m also working on wp 3.5.1 compatible Thanks

How we can change the skin color and remove color selector?? What your email??

contact me via profile page

Sorry, where are the psd files download? They were not included? Thanks

it’s not included in files but i sent you download link via mail in couple of hours



I bought this theme for a client more than a month ago and face difficulty in implementing it

1 The lightbox section does not work properly as highlighted to you because it gets cut off at the top of the screen (as in the demo portfolio page). When can you solved this issue? My client refuse to use this template due to that. Hope you can correct that as we had paid for a full working template.

2. I am still waiting for WP 3.5.1 version. When can it be ready?

Thanks Steve

Please download updated theme


Still waiting fro 3.5.1 after months of waiting…..I have spend a lot of time on this theme for my client. Unfortunately, my client reject it due to the bugs I told you. But still I want 3.5.1 without all the bugs as I already invest a lot of time learning how to use the theme and i want to use it for another client. Hope you can expedite as there are more than 100 of us waiting and waiting….... Thanks

Please download updated theme

Still waiting for an update! Can you please tell me when this will be ready… My client is waiting for a few weeks to finish the website!

Please download updated theme

Don’t just keep quiet. So far you have not give a good service when it comes to support. Please give us a date when u can finish version 3.5. Let us know when or we will not buy from you again!!!


Hi, we have email each other many times about the same issues in version 3.4 and the issues are still not solved in version 3.5.1. I don’t want to waste my time to email again. And if you can prove to us in your demo site, Pretty Photo is working correctly, then you just send me the correct theme. If not, just refund us the purchase. Time is valuable. Thanks

Waiting for your reply…..

please mail me

Thank you four updating the theme :)

Since I did already a lot of changes in the theme-code: Did you include or document somewhere a change-log which shows what files have been updated, so that updating the theme will be easy?

no, i’m not updated any log, please mail me i will inform u via mail :)

Hi! I just download your theme again today. But it has the same errors with Wordpress 3.5.1. I checked all the files with a file comparison tool and nothing has changed. The code is still the same and nothing works with Wordpress 3.5.1. Can you tell me what are the files that have changes and what are these changes?

Thank You


I emailed you. Can you please get back to me on this small fix:

I purchased your theme and I think I can get this theme to do most of what I need. I removed the styling options from the front-end (you might want to add that style picker to your theme option dashboard on the back-end). I just can’t figure out how to make universal color changes from the back-end, so I manually changed the colors in the style sheet. I can’t find where the color for the slide title background is kept. It is still orange. I also need to change the color of the corresponding navigation bars underneath the slides from orange. Please advise as I need to change these ASAP for a release Monday.

Please check your mail. i replied

Thank you! :)

I like your theme and I am a happy customer. However, I have two more tiny fixes.

1. I need to remove the overlaid section with the comment count, date and author from the featured image on the blog posts…or remove the featured image from the single post display all-together (but I want to keep the featured image for the carousel, etc).

2. I also want to remove the view count from the portfolio thumbnails.

I want to release the site to the client today. Please advise as soon as possible. Thank you!


I released the site to my client to start viewing on a test url (http://web.chu-ring.com), but I really need your assistance with these last few small items:

1. I need to change the standard facebook icon to LinkedIn instead on the profile pages (they won’t use facebook for their corporate site). 2. I need to remove the ‘featured image’ from the content of the blog in the post detail view. In the by-line I just want to keep the publish date and author, not the view count. However, I want to keep the featured image for the carousel feed.

Thank you for your assistance. Please advise so that we can complete and release the site.

Thank you, Amanda

HI! demo page is off, where can I find it? I can’t figure out how to show latest posts in homepage via shortcode.. I wonder to show 4 posts from the same category but I can’t display like the demo.. thanks

Sorry for you not able to see demo, please install theme as describe in help file you get same as in demo


what about 4 posts in homepage? I need to show 4 stantard types

you can inset it by shortcode, it show only recent post

Okay…I took care of item one myself. Now I just need your assistance with one final edit. Thanks in advance for your assistance. Time is of the essence.

I need to remove the ‘featured image’ from the content area of the blog in the post detail view. In the by-line I just want to keep the publish date and author, not the view count. However, I want to keep the featured image for the carousel and other feeds. Please advise. (http://web.chu-ring.com).

Thanks, Amanda

Please disregard my messages. I have managed to make all the changes I needed or find work-arounds. I had to move quickly.

ok, thanks


I need to increase the number of displayed thumbnails or desactivate pagination system in portfolio page (taxonomy category). To be very clear, I want to see all products of this category ( http://www.rototec.com/portfolio_category/agro-fournitures/ ) in a single page. Can I? How?

Thank a lot.

for this open php template file & find “&showposts=” then increase number which you want.

Let me know if you have any query


Thanks. Resolved

I have problems with size of light box in portfolio sectio, because to do clic in zoom in, the screen show a cut picture.


Please, i need support, thanks

can you send me screenshot what you facing problem. So i can check for you

Yo can see 3 problems about that here http://cursos.a1clic.net/?attachment_id=1443