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Very beautifull work. Congratulations.

thank you :)


How it works ? Because, for example, Gmail don’t accept html.

Thanx for an answer.


You can see html emails with Gmail. But Gmail doesnt support html emails as sender.

Ok thanx, I know that, its possible to see but not to send with html with Gmail. That is why I post the question : how is-it possible to send your mail template by Gmail (how I integrate your mail template to send mails with your template). I want, if possible, this info before buy it. thanx

You also wrote that it is not possible in gmail to send mails with html content. That’s why you need to use other ways to send mail template.

Do you include the psd if I would purchase this?


Sorry, my bad – only saw now that a layered psd is included.

Great template – Keep the good work up :)

thank you :)


I just wanted to check if this template was compatible with Constant Contact Email Marketing service?

Also how easy is it to change the text and images?



I checked “Constant Contact Email Marketing Service”, its easy.

Email Marketing > Create > Add Email Name > Select “Use My Own Code” > HTML > Advanced Editor > Paste Code


Thanks for that!

How much knowledge of HTML /CSS is required to edit the newsletter?

The reason for asking is that the person who needs to send out this newsletter does not know how to edit HTML etc.

Is there any other way in which this can be done?

Thanks again.

editor should know simple html and simple photoshop

Hi there, great template. I’m having a problem however because all my text being displayed centre aligned. Everything looks fine when I view the html in a webbrowser, but once I’ve sent it out as an email, all text becomes centre aligned. Can you explain why this is? I’ve tried various methods to correct this, but to no avail (eg. defining a text-align:left css style to each < span > section that is wrapped around text, also defining a align=”left” property to each < TD > that contains text).

I’m not sure if it’s important, but, the way I send out emails is to load the html into MS Word, then use the ‘email merge’ facility to get Word to send out my newsletters. This is not ideal I know, but, it’s the way I have to do things just now in the short term. The version of Word is 2002 SP3 . The email client I receive the mails in is Outlook 2002 SP3 .

I’d be grateful of help because I’m supposed to get this work finished tomorrow.

Thanks in advance.

I think, you should first paste your text to notepad and copy from notepad again..


Is there a way to convert this to where a user can just edit regions on the template?

instead of it being HTML ?

You can edit it width an editor like adobe dreamweaver

Can I pay you to edit it for me?

send me details from my profile page. thanks

When I went to your live demo I got a spyware / virus warning from Google. You should check your site to make sure it hasn’t been exploited or injected.

Yes it was a simple iframe script, not harmful one. I removed it and upload the file again. Thank you for your interest.

is it possible to add more boxes to the layout space?

Hi lranell85,

yes, you can easy add more boxes with dreamweaver or another html editor. i split codes with html comments, also boxes start with

and finish


Hi. Purchased today – great design. I am having an issue however when the email is being received in outlook (2007). It works perfectly in browser or when received in yahoo, gmail etc.

When received in outlook – there are various formatting issues – line breaks, images are shifted.

Ive uploaded image of fault here (without the pics and straight from source) –

It wouldnt be so bad if it was a minor email client not used by many people but I’m not that lucky…

Any help is appreciated.


hi shaneporter1, thank you for your nice comment..

i had tested it with outlook 2007 and there was no problem at all..

i don’t know what causes the problem.. please check white spaces in your codes.. if persists, please PM your email..


Wow – superquick response – thanks.

Ive uploaded the html direct from your source files – but same result. Here is a complete copy of how it is received – on outlook 07.

Have just PM’d my email. Thanks

Solved issue..


Not only solved…but majorly solved. Support queries returned asap and the solution found – first class. Thanks again – will be back to purchase more!

Highly Recommend – the design plus everything else! Thanks

Love the theme and thanks for all the options you included.

I purchased it because you said you tested it in mailchimp, however, I’m having a hard time making it editable in mailchimp. Is there something I might not be doing correctly?


Hi angelabvasquez. Thanks for nice comment.

I tested mailchimp again.

“mailchimp › templates › code your own › paste eue mail template html code › save › write a name for template › send campaign › choose recipents › fill form at setup section and click next › change something at design section if you need and click next › and change something at plain-text section if you need and click next › at confirm section test or send now”

I did what you said but when it comes to the design part it does not let me edit the content in mailchimp. It is not coded in mailchimp theme language so I’d have to go to dreamweaver and make my changes. Is there any way for it to be coded in mailchimp? I am not familiar with the language and when you said it was “tested” I thought you meant it was a template for mailchimp.

sorry this theme not mailchimp theme. tested means code avaliable for mailchimp. but i check mailchimp themes. not easy as dreamveawer. thanks

Hi -are the email templates compatible with Sendblaster ?


Hi Peaceonearth,

i checked template. and i dont see any errors.

Install sendblaster program > create message > tasks at right panel, choose open > import from html


How would I edit things such as the image where it says Newsletter 01?

Hi gavmag, Use well sliced PSD file, change text and export

You can change the images and text in the PSD file?


Thanks rabeloalexandre :)

I have a problem with the PSD file as I am working with Photoshop Elements, it does not recognise layer sets.

Is there any way you could expand them for me so that I can use this file?

hi ardeaonline, photoshop elements is not for web. i think its old version and small use for photography. our workfile is PSD and not compatible for photoshop elements. if you use photoshop cs5 or cs6 you can open. thanks.

Thank you for that clarification, were you able to fix the problem with Outlook 2010?

hi ardeaonline, fixed & updated. please download again. thanks.

Hello. Thanks for great template. However, when I check this template on mobile email page. It doesn’t fit exactly. Do you have any possible solution?

Hi citynetap, thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately we don’t have any solution for mobile devices. Thank you.

nice work,good luck on sales;

thank you for nice comment.