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Hi, i really love this theme… Before i buy this theme i have a few question about the comment feature on Blog page.

1) When i want to write comment i’ve to login first, but i can’t find the sign up link? 2) Could this comment feature is allowed people to write comment without login?

Thank you, Jams

1.) this is only a setting on the demo to prevent spam. you can show the sign up on your installation or can set the comments to be accessible by everyone. Its actually a wordpress setting and not one that is added by the theme ;)

2.) yes :)

Would it be possible to add the expanding circle animation in the Eunoia theme to the enfold theme?

Hey! I am afraid thats currently not possible, sorry :/

Hallo Kriesi,

ich bin immer noch sehr begeistert von deinem Eunoia Theme. Es ist unglaublich schön. Doch leider habe ich ein kleines Problem mit den Einstellungen im Template Builder.

Ich möchte sehr gerne eine Seite mit einer linken Sidebar einrichten, das funktioniert soweit auch wunderbar, jedoch nur wenn ich kein ‘Page Split’ hinzufüge. Und genau das möchte ich aber sehr gern. Ich komme einfach zu keiner zufriedenstellenden Lösung, kannst du mir eventuell helfen?

Auf dem ersten Bild das ist die derzeitige Situation.

Und auf dem Zweiten eine Simulation, wie ich es mir vorstellen könnte. Ich hätte sehr gern etwas Abstand zwischen der Slideshow, Portfolio und dem Inhalt.

Ich hoffe sehr du kannst mir helfen. Vielen herzlichen Dank.

Liebe Grüße

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating some of our themes and my support team will take care of you ;)

Please add a link to your site as well as the screenshots, my team will take a look at it and see if we can offer a viable solution ;)

Where do you host. Really fast hosting on the demo. Thanks

Its a german host called

on the contact page in the form, we have the input box and then the label, i want the label to be first and then the input box.. guide me on the page to edit for this

Hey! Mind opening up a thread in our support forum? I am currently busy updating the theme and my support team will take care of you ;)

Thanks ;)

Sorry to ask my question here. I have tried opening up a thread on your support forum but it won’t let me log in. I have reset my password multiple times but each time it still rejects my username/password combination.

I wanted to let you know that after I updated to Wordpress 4.2.2, my theme seems to be broken. I have strange script all through the dashboard and also strange script when I try to upload media.

We would love someone to take a look for us and see what’s happened. Thank you so much…

Hey! I have manually sent you a new password. Please open a thread in our support forum:

Please also add a link to your site as well as the login credentials (in the “private data” field) when opening the thread, so we can take a look at your backend.

Cheers! Kriesi

Recently a client asked me to update his website. It has this theme installed. Once I updated the plugins and the Wordpress core, the front page slider stopped working. I am looking for direction as to where to look for a fix. If I have to purchase the updated theme I will but I am not even sure if that is the problem.

Please advise. Thank you.

hey guys I have got an error while uploading the theme, how can i fix it plz guide ” POST Content-Length of 35289173 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0”


I wrote you a ticket on the support forum yesterday and I haven´t received any answer yet.


I am really happy with this theme! I just updated wordpress to 4.5. Now the theme is not working properly. Do I have to go with wordpress 4.4? How can I do that?

Thanks for any help!


I bought enfold theme 2days ago. I have some problem with portfolio gallery.

When I post some pictures, preview picture is always got in the paragraph with weird cropped.

I don’t know why, please teach me, how to fix it.

my e-mail is

thank you

Hi Kriesi, (I’m french sorry for my bad english)

In your “Frontpage with big slider” demo there’re a “Partner list” on bottom of home page … i don’t find how create one !! ... it’s a shortcode ? Can you help me ?

Best regards, Stephane

Ok sorry ! I have find it in the Template Builder ! :)

I purchased this theme. I posted a question at their support forum. Nobody helped me to fix the problem for two days. And they closed my post without an answer! I am so disappointed! Why????????


exelium Purchased

The theme is not responsive: portfolio in AJAX mode works fine on windows, but does not display correctly on Android (S7). See the result here: Issue addressed to support team.

hi! =) I have a super huge question before purchasing! Can I use WooCommerce with this theme safely? or no? Thanks so much!