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just amazing !


Great theme! Good luck with sales Kriesi!

Great theme as usual! Interested in purchasing…any plans to also incorporate the audio post format?

Never been asked about that before, so no that wasnt on my list until now. Maybe if I can find a simply and easy to use js/html5 audio player :)

Oh…if you could, it’d make my day. ;) Project is for a recording studio.

In love with the portfolio especially how it looks on a mobile device.

Just two other questions 1. Does it have the same exact style options as the Choices theme? I have that one, love it. Asking because your demo here shows it…so just verifying…

2. Along the same line: is there an option for a stretched/wide layout like Choices? ...and like Flagship. My dilemma is I love the features…esp that portfolio of Eunoia but prefer the stretched/wide layout as seen in Flagship. So..if Eunoia has that option, I’m sold. If not, lol, can you combine the two, add audio support & I’ll be a happy camper. ;D

Sorry for the long reply! Thanks again! << BTW – j/k on combining the two themes…though a gal can dream>>

1.) 95% – choices got a “slideshow color area” in your backend, something which this theme does not have. other than that pretty much the same

2.) nope. unfortunately not possible (at least not by default) you can of course “fake it” by setting the same background color for content boxes and body bg, but the theme wasnt designed with that option in mind…

great theme as always :)

Clean but Front-Page is little bit empty :P

Feel free to add more elements :) Thats the beauty of the template builder ;D

Good luck with sales :)

Is it possible to reduce the header height ?

ofc, the header area adapts to the logo, so if you upload a smaller logo the ehader area will shrink. in addition you can of course change the padding of the logo via css to further reduce the header height

Great Theme! Is it possibel to show pictures in full screen? Would be great for me as photographer..

Hey! I am sorry but this is currently not possible :/

Amazing work, good luck :)

Amazing theme! I’ve been waiting for something like this forever and I’m simply blown away! Thank you!

How do I change the Copyright area?

located in footer.php template at the bottom. or if you want to just paste in this snippet in your functions.php

function modify_copyright()
    return " your new copyright info ";

add_filter('kriesi_backlink', 'modify_copyright');

Great work ! Looks very fluid, light and fresh. One practical question: is there a way to change the categories, that is delete unwanted categories and/or add new categories ?

Yes, the theme uses the wordpress category system for both portfolio and blog entries. you are free to add/remove/modify any categories :)

Thanks everyone, glad you guys like it ;)

Hey Kriesi,

been following your themes for quite a while and like your overall layouts a lot.

However, i’ve got a bit of input from a creatives’ perspective who has been looking for a portfolio/blog layout without any luck so far.

First thing, creatives don’t need sidebars. Have a look around portfolios and blogs of creatives at – you won’t find much sidebars there. Why: they’re just visual clutter, distractions from the content. Plus they narrow down the space for beautiful, big embeds.

You also won’t find sliders on most creatives’ portfolios or blogs, but that’s a different story.

Something i’d really love to see is a theme with lovely typography, tools to build posts as individual as pages and flexible blog templates for various needs. I.e. a distinctive photography category template that looks different from a video category blog.

I’d really love to see more themes for creatives and bloggers going a more individual route. To be honest, 95% percent of the themes around here are basicly the same with a bit of different colors and differently sized admin tools. However the frontend outcome has become too generic (i check out every new theme, each and every day).

Hope you find this info useful for your next themes. There’s a reason why lots of creatives still use tumblr for their blogs and not Wordpress. And that’s mostly for the sake of above things.

thanks for the feedback. I think the sidebar problem is not a real issue, neither with my themes nor with most others out there since you can simply disable the sidebar on pages were they are not needed. Other than that I agree that a lot of the stuff that is currently released is very generic but unfortunately those are the themes that usually sell well :/

I agree with pages (as in page template) but to be honest, that’s one of those most overrated features at TF and barely applicable in the real world (mind you, i’m still referring to the needs of creative folks running blogs & portfolios).

The sidebar can be turned off throughout all templates? Categories, tags, search, etc included?

That’s one of the most common overseen things around here…

And mind you, i’m just trying to give some valuable feedback from the position of someone willing to buy a theme here IF it also works with real world demands…

Splendid Concept, GLWS :)

Awesome job !!!
Before I purchase…. For this theme (or any of your themes where ‘woocommerce ready’ is not explicitly mentioned), if I install the woocommerce plugin will it break the design? For e.g. ThemeBlvd has a Woocommerce patch as a free extension on…is there something similar ( or better :P ) available or are your themes compatible with Woocommerce and its extensions by default ? :smitten: ?

Is it possible to: 1) comment on the portfolio posts? 2) make a direct link to a portfolio category?

1.) would need modification of the portfolio single template.

2.) direct link were? in the main menu? of course :)

Kriesi! This is amazing!! Probably my favorite theme by you so far! :-) I have a few questions…

1. Is it possible for the portfolio to have pagination?

2. Is it possible to show this tour area on the homepage?


yes and yes :) portfolio options can be set from your backend and the template builder allows you to include any page content you like.

That’s what I’m talking about Kriesi! ;-)