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hi kriesi! great work again!! is it possible to load multiple images into the lightbox of one portfolio item? and is it possible to have the latest posts on the homepage…but showing up bigger than the latest post widget / 1/3 short code? i would love to have a homepage with a slideshow and a mix of latest blog / latest portfolio / right sidebar. do you think i can accomplish that with your template?

Hey. Yes, multiple items in portfolio are possible:

Per default displayed as a slideshow, if clicked the prettyphoto lightbox shows the full sized version.

And yes, there is a shortcode that allows to display blog items, or yyou can of course use the dynamic templates and attach a full blog with a few entries to the page :)

awesome theme!!! I’m sold on it. 2 quick questions:

1-Is it possible to reduce the header height ?

2- any way of adding a “Go Up” button at the bottom of pages?

Thanks!! Jc

Possible by simply changing the padding of the logo, but i think I will reduce the size a little bit with the next update anyways :)

I didnt add that but you can definitley use a plugin like:


Great theme but having a problem with typekit..

adding the typekit javascript breaks certain elements of the site

sidebar_tab shortcode stops working.

Any ideas?


Hey! is this a plugin I can download and test somewere?

Its a font replacement. I wanted to use some other fonts.


could you drop me a link to your site so I can take a look at the js error message as well?

1. Can i have unlimited post and pagination ? i have thousand of post 2. Can i turn off facebook comment in demo3 and use normal comment ?

1.) yes

2.) the theme doesnt use facebook comment. what exactly do you mean? :)

Please can you also have a look at the ajax portfolio section as viewed on imacs or any large screen .. other items are visible to the right to the current project being displayed.

update in progress, tested it on my own imac and will update the theme soon ;)

Wou Kriesi! This is something, man! I guess I don’t have to say “good luck with sales” ;)

pre-sale question.

Is it normal to spot the next post in high screen resolutions?

ps: great work!

nope, an update is on its way :)

great theme, congrats :)

Hey, can you change fonts?

Yes. fonts can be changed right out from the backend

Chris, beautiful theme. There’s a slight inconsistency in the single-entry view: you can see the next entry on the right. I’m not sure if you did this on purpose, or if it’s a resizing issue.

Either way, fantastic job.

I would like to change the height of the 4 column portfolio thumbs to make them portrait.

Where do I find the code to make this change?

Many thanks

Hey! In functions.php you can set the hegith and width of your images. After that change you either need to re upload the images or use a plugin like and run it once to generate the new thumbnail size.

If you got further questions please use the support forum here: ;)

I couldnt see a form there for this theme but will do..

Many thanks for your help.

Great theme.

Just a quick recommendation that might add a few sales.

It would be a great option if you could disable the slide completely on the portfolio detail page and also the title and info section.

This would allow the page to be fully customised. For creative portfolios many people want to have images with text in-between.

Even better would be to allow the use of the template builder as well.

thanks for the feedback. would be a major addition, especially in conjunction with the ajax portfolio but I will see what we can do :)

Great looking theme Kriesi.

Hello Kriesi,

I just got your theme a day or so and I’m trying to mimic the same look as the sample one but I’m having a couple of problems:

1- on the front page/portfolio images are all looking with different dimensions (heights specially) and not sure how to fix that including on videos.

2- Also not sure how to set the greeting up on top on your demo.

thanks a bunch, Jc

1.) this might be because the image you uploaded do not have the minimum width or height required for wordpress to crop out a perfect thumbnail. that way it will calculate a similar dimension that is working but the slider will need to adjust in size since another aspect ratio means different height.

2.) Open the Page that you set as starting page in your admin panel. At the right side you will find a template selector (fullwidzh, with sidebar etc)

Here you can also select the dynamic Frontpage. Once selected you can edit that dynamic template in your backend at Eunoia->template Builder->frontpage

thanks for your reply, do you have an email where I can send you a link? so you see what I’m saying as for the images. I’m currently using another theme and it does make all images or thumbnails the same size.

Hi, first of all congratulations for a really beautiful, clean theme. This is one of the very few themes (along with your Choices) that can have custom admin settings for each language.

This theme is perfect for our charity’s multi-language site with WPML using the portfolio for our many projects. One of the languages for our site would be Arabic.

1. Can all of the CSS be RTLed – even your framework for the ajax portfolio? Can the portfolio items list columns be made to start from the right side along with the jquery filter at the top for the Arabic version?

2. Also, would it be easy to place the logo centered with the menu centered below it to be consistent for all languages both LTR & RTL ?

Is there a full-width (single column) blog (feed and single page) option?

Awesome theme. Short question: when hovering over portfolio items, they get an orange border. Is it possible to choose a color for each item? (Im asking for product display, so each product gets it’s own colour).

If not now, maybe in an update?



Really nice theme, considering it for my next project.

1) I want to include flash movies in posts / projects, instead of images or videos. Is that possible?

2) Once I click in a project, why another one can be seen on the right?

3) Is possible in PrettyPhoto lightbox to open the flash movie, the title and a description?

4) Is possible to show blog posts the same way as portfolio items?

5) Is there a pagination or endless scroll feature for the portfolio? Can we use several projects (more than 200) and several projects categories (more than 20)?

6) Can you please provide screenshots of the admin area please?

Thank you!!

Hi, Thanks for a great theme. I have bought several of you themes and especially like your themebuilder. Great work!

I recently started to work with the Eunoia theme and have been adding several old portfolio items dating back in time. Afterwards I wanted to add some of my new work – adding items with current time. I have a problem that the portfolio on my frontpage doesn’t sort right. The newest portfolio items is added last. i need to display the latest first to keep my visitors informed with my latest work. The portfolio post is displayed on top in the CMS backend.

It looks like the portfolio is sorted on the date I created the portfolio post, not the publish date. Is it a way to fix this?

Thanks again for great some themes!

Pre-sale question:

When this will be fixed? How can I add a contact form here? Is the contact form working? Can I add more items? Thanks