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Hi great file, does it support self hosted mp4’s?

Hello, love the new theme. When I view on iPad the menu covers up the logo. Is there a way to set the menu to either show up under the logo, or to allow the mobile version of the layout show up?

Whens the next update coming? Few bugs still outstanding..


can the portfolio layouts be used for blog posts? i really wish this was interchangeable from the box on more themes, where you can choose which layout when viewing all posts, archives, categories, etc..

the traditional blog layout, this theme included, is so painfully generic. the rest is brilliant!!


I have a little problem…if i will place a background image with quick or custom.css, nothing happens. Must i disable a option to place image for background via css?

Give News please


I buy your theme yesterday and I am a fan.

I have still some questions: 1 / how can I change the background color of the icons of social networks? 2 / how can we remove: ARCHIVE FOR CATEGORY front of a ticket?

Thank you for your help ;)

Have a nice evening


enjoying theme a lot. 2 simple qs:

1. I want to highlight text on the home page as you have on yours -is there a shortcode as im not sure how to do it?

2. Had a look in docu but couldnt find it. If poss can I have portfolio thumbs hidden when the portfolio entry is opened? I want to have uniform thumb headshots then a slideshow of different images when opened.

thanks -apart form that pack full of easy functionality best theme i’ve used yet!

Hi Kriesi,

I would like to add instagram to the top social media menu could you please let me know how or add it to the next update.

Many Thanks Jake

Hi Kriesi,

I would like to add instagram to the top social media menu could you please let me know how or add it to the next update.

Many Thanks Jake

Hi Kriesi,

I simply want to put a video in my portfolio, but in the portfolio page the thumb is supposed to be a poster (image) and after I click it I need to see the video not the same image. Is that possible to make that?

Still using this theme and absolutely love it! One question. Just wanted to know what it is called when videos play and photos display right within the thumbnail instead of a popup? I don’t know what the term is for what your gallery shows.

Very nice Theme!

Will buy it for sure for my next project…

Thanks for making this. :)

Great theme! One question, is there a demo available of the BBPress 2 forum inside the demo? As I was not able to check this. Or is the forum not included? Thanks.


I do have some more questions, and it would be great if I could get an answer, thanks!

  • Would it be possible to include an ‘about the author’ section after each blog post?
  • Can I create full-width articles?
  • Would there the option to define multiple portfolio pages?

Best regards Tobias

I just purchased and downloaded the theme. I attempted uploading it but I’m told that I’m missing the style.css stylesheet, and the install failed. Suggestions?

Never mind…I fixed the issue!

I am taking a look at your theme. Want to buy it to restyle my webpage


1. Can I choose any Google fonts, and choose font size for the nav, body font, Titles, H1,H2, etc.. ? Love Open Sans font and want to use it anywhere.

2. Sliders: Can we build Sliders? Change height and width? Can we add buttons, call to actions, links buttons, etc..?

3. This theme have different blog post formats? like video post, quote post, gallery post, audio post…

4. Can I choose my own color like #e63600 and use for the theme elements, like iconos, titules, nav, H1, etc…

5. Big Titles on each page, like in portafolio page, is it possible not to show the title and the text below? Just show the filtered and the images? I found it a bit too big

6. Would it be possible to include an ‘about the author’ section after each blog post?

7. Can I create full-width articles with full withd images and video?

8. In the no ajax portfolio could disable the slide completely on the portfolio detail page and also the title and info section.?

Thx. Gracias

Hello. I am considering to purchase this theme, but when I load your preview site on my iPhone and iPad. Links to slideshow don’t work by tapping image nor text area, but only work when I specifically tap the letters of each image. This means, viewer can get confused by trying to tap images and nothing will happen.

If you have resolved this issue already, can you provide any demo site that I can test? I need to check this will work on iPad/iPhone before purchasing.

Fantastic theme. Just a few minor bugs, all of which I have fixed with some CSS trickery, but the one I cannot solve is regarding the portfolio.

On the iPhone and iPad, the AJAX portfolio details are not opened when you click on the portfolio image. It does work however when the title link is clicked directly. Unfortunately, I believe users will attempt to click the image 9 time out of 10. Any advice for a fix? Or update coming soon?