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Hello – I’ve recently installed this theme on my website (, and it works fine via computers and web browsers – but if you go to it from a mobile device it says Error 404- page not found – and gives you the option to turn off the mobile layout, and then redirects to the homepage that actually works. How can I redirect someone to the non-mobile layout right away so it works??

how do i get the 4 column portofolio items to show on home page

in theme options i set frontpage settings to portfolio 4 columns but no images show up

Hello – is there any testimonials function in this theme?

Beautiful THEME!! You have a number of incredible works here on Themforest man, Wow! Curious, as mobile/iphone view is a big deal to me, would there be any way to have on mobile view a Smooth Drop down menu (not the ol’ Pop Out bar)...? Can backgrounds be set for each page? and what is the best work of yours with your Page Builder and larger slider at top (and possible to get a Smooth mobile dropdown menu?) THNKS for letting me know Kriesi either way and Youre VERY TALENTED indeed!! -Sterling

Hi, I saw your theme and am interested in buying … but first I’d like to see is the mobile version … you could tell me how I can see this option? Thank you.

Just purchased this theme and have played with it for a few hours. To be honest, first hands-on experience is frustrating. A few points to explain why. 1. Blog layout is totally uncontrollable. The only option is to display large featured image followed by post title and its content or its part preceding “Read More” tag. I cannot find anything like small featured image on one side and post title/excerpt on the other, or tile of featured miniatures. 2. Once you expand a post detail page, you have no option to suppress featured image even if you really need to. 3. I used to frame images in my posts with a colored border according to site design. Once I installed the theme, all framed images have padding on top and bottom, i.e. there are gaps between the border and the image on the top and bottom sides. It looks absolutely ugly. 4. I tried Template Builder to make dynamic template for a blog page. Its Blog element allows specify how many blog entries to display per page. I was expecting this parameter to override general WP setting. It doesn’t! 5. Typography is only adjustable via CSS manipulation. Too inconvenient for a premium theme priced $50! 6. There is no simple way to deactivate light box or customise it in any way. 7. Documentation is said to be extensive but in reality is rather laconic.

At a glance, these flaws are enough for me to want my money back.

Do all these troubles take place because this theme is not fully compatible with WP 3.5.1 I use? I would be thankful if someone could illuminate me how to deal with mentioned problems.


^ I have to agree with the 2 previous comments ^

To claim that this theme is fully compatible with WPML is false.

In their own support forum they tell you to install a plugin because there is no way to translate the widgets

“Imho there’s no other way to translate the widgets yet “

And even that plugin DOESEN’T WORK!

What looked like a great theme is turning out to be a serious waste of time trying to work around all of it’s issues.

For some reason, after writing the above comment i had a flash and it worked.

I assumed that when you created multilingual sidebars in this theme that they would be associated automatically to their counterpart. That is where the mistake is. The custom sidebars have to be created in the exact same order, or else the widgets won’t match up in the Widget area.


You always get support but not there, only in their support forum. That’s all you have to know. ;)


This is an amazing theme!

Quick pre-sales question – I don’t see anywhere for users to add comments to a portfolio, is this possible? My client really wants this sort of style portfolio but they are keen on user feedback so I was hoping to integrate facebook comment functionality but I’m not sure if the theme even shows/allows for comments in the first place?

After installing and importing default data, it doesn’t look like the demo: Text is cutted and i don’t know where to fix this. Just disapionted !

I’m interested in buying! Can I make different portfolios, or is it all just one main portfolio?

You can create any number of portfolios with any number of items :)

Is there a full width option? / Will there be a WooCommerce integration so we can have a shop page?


1.) The full width option is the one that is active right now (slider and a few other elements stretch accross ful width)

If you want all your content to stretch you would need to adjust some css rules.

2.) Yes currently working on that

full width to the browser… not boxed style.

Is it possible to change the alignment of all items in the header? i.e. Have the social media icons centered, upload your own logo and have it centered with the menu positioned beneath it and also centered?


You can upload your own logo from the backend. There are no alignment options per se, but we allow to add css code to a textarea in your backend. YOu would be able to simply align the logo by adding a few rules in that textfield. if you need any help with that feel free to open a support thread in our forum:


HI Kriesi,

I am just putting the finishing touches to my company’s website.

What is the latest version of Eunoia? I looked at the source code of the demo version and it reads 1.4 not 1.2. If there is an update available to 1.4 I will re-purchase the theme (the old login account was lost).

Best Regards Thomas Jarvis :)

Hey! Yes latest version is 1.4 ;)

Btw you can always try to contact themeforest support with details of your previous account, maybe the are able to help so you dont need to re-purchase.


Thanks Kriesi,

My predecessor bought it from a personal account so there is no way to recover it :) no worries Ill get another copy.

I cannot fault the Avia framework at all on this theme, it has made my life a lot easier and allowed me to get on with the rest of the site (700 photos from 3 photoshoots!) without re-coding anything. Top Job! Will post a link (if I remember) when the site is finished.

Cheers, Tom

I can’t describe how happy I am with this theme. True quality.

I wonder, how can I edit the Google Maps API? I would like to custom the map colors and marker.

Thanks a lot,

Good luck with sales.

I think I’m going to use Mapbox, although it doesn’t use Google Maps, I has many options. I would recommend it to all readers. (Does require a little CSS knowhow.)

I have a new questions, can I add icons to the theme without the orange round background? Now when I add a custom icon through the FTP, it’s adding the icon plus orange background to a page.

Thanks a lot for your replies!

Hey! The background is added with css. you can either disable it globally via css, but only for a few icons I am afraid thats not possible :/

Solved it! Thanks.

Got one more now, is it possible to make the site full width? With that I mean: footer, body and header background all the width of the browser. Or do I have edit php if I want that?

Kriesi, If you see this can you please respond to my messages I sent via the Contact section of your website. It’s been a couple of weeks now and I’m still unable to login – please attend to this I have sent quite a few messages to you and no reply.

WordPress 3.6 Update

Hey Guys! We just released an update for WordPress 3.6 which fixes a Slider issue and some other smaller problems.

If you have any issues please update to the latest theme version :) In case you run into problems feel free to open a support thread:

Please help me with password recovery for the help forum. I have a baisc question I need to ask there.

I can’t do this until I can login – which I can’t

The password recovery sends nothing to my email address.

There was a problem when I tried to register.

I am posting this question on your Facebook page, and have asked you multiple times through the Contact form on the Kreisi site.

PLEASE STOP IGNORING THESE REQUESTS – it should be a simple thing to help me out with the passsword – surely not a bit deal?

I’m trying to be polite, and mean no disrespect, but it’s been a few weeks of me having to do this and it’s frustrating.

Hey Toby! I am very sorry, just checked my spam folder and found your emails in there. Also checked our database. You registered with an email address that had a typo. I fixed the typo and re-sent the password.

I am very sorry for the delay, not sure what happened here…

Thanks for sorting things out – all good now.