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Awesome template

cool thanks

Looks fantastic, congrats.

Wish you the best with this one,

Kind Regards,

thanks mate

You never fail to deliver :)

you don’t have to guess my rating!

Means a lot to us, thanks for the kind words.

Inspirational theme! :)

Thanks man

I think you shoud make multiple gold theme (including Zevs). Thre will be more consumers market :)

We like to get more focus rather then spread it around :) but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

hi, first of all i must say that the template is very good. second, i have minimum coding knowledge, how hard will be custumizing this template? can i do it by myself with minimum knowledge of coding?


hi, it depends on how heavy you want to customize the theme. Of course you’ll need minimum knowledge of HTML/CSS in order to perform even the easiest modifications. What would you like to do and I can tell you if it’s easy or not.

Ok I now understand how this user works. He has set up an account here to make you buy themes and sends you to his own website to make you purchase the “Real” theme. This is a barebones html copy of the wordpress theme, even though on the preview it says CHURCH WORDPRESS THEME. When I asked them to help me get it functioning as a CHURCH WORDPRESS THEME, Themefuse got Irate with me and said it was not his fault and refused to respond to my support requests.

I’m really sorry but it’s not our fault you didn’t pay attention when you have purchased the theme. All you had to do is observe the 4 places where it clearly states that this is a HTML theme and not a WordPress one. We are not trying anything, we just sell the HTML version of our themes here and the WordPress somewhere else (and we started to upload them here as well recently). I think anyone can agree that by looking on the product page, it’s very clear what theme this is:

An on top of that, from where do you buy WordPress themes at $16 :). Even here on ThemeForest although the prices a bit under par for the features most of the themes come with, even here the WordPress themes start at $40. I see under your avatar that you have purchased between 10-49 items, so I guess you are familiar with the prices here.

I’ve looked through this template but it doesn’t have anything for error boxes or warring boxes. Am I missing something or are they not included?


Yes, you are right, they are not included, because was not specified in the template design.

Also you can ask questions and find solutions on your support forum:


Pre-sale question: Hi, I wanna know if this template is prepared to use the play & download buttons, I mean, can I upload mp3 files and use this buttons or should I add some html code ?. Thanks

Hi daa2108, It is a HTML version. In this case it is needed to upload mp3 files to a third party service and embed in in your files. So it is needed to add some HTML code


Good looking theme. My biggest complaint is that the rotator portions are very tied together. As in [{slide,caption,date},{slide,caption,date}] so if you want them to be disconnected things, you will need to modify this. I am not sure why they are so connected. There were a couple other minor things with this, but easily overcome. Great start for a responsive theme.


What rotator do you mean? Do you mean the header slider? Please provide more info about this.

You can also contact your support team on:, in order to get the necessary help.


Hi, pre-sale question: I love the calendar feature of this theme. Does it work smoothly in HTML or should I go directly to the WordPress version? I have good knowledge of HTML but really want my life simple when updating events. Thanks!


in HTML you’ll have to update events from code all the time, from wordpress you will be able to update those from wordpress dashboard. You can test the theme before buy on our testlabs


How are the events handled? I want to externalize the calendar section to something like google calendar and then set that as the feed. I have pretty solid code knowledge, what would I change? Thanks

hello Cheenbabes, this template is a HTML and the Calendar is just plain HTML / CSS without any real functionality. The one you want is the Wordpress version, which can be found here:

I absolutely LOVE this template, Great Job. The only thing I am not understanding is how to add anything to the calendar on the Events page. For the life of me, I canna get it. any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Bill,

you can add content there from events.js file located in js folder. You’ll see at the beginning of the file some examples.


hi please i want to buy this template this Monday can you help me immediately to upload the on my website? thanks


this is a HTML template that you just have to unzip and upload on your server. You need to note that you’ll have to change all content from HTML code as there is no backend for it. Unfortunately we can’t help to load it on your server as this is outside the service we provide. Thanks for understanding.

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