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preview is not working at all, doesn’t load

hy herrbutzie, Sorry before, you may experience internet network connection problems. I try and run smoothly :)

Agreed…terrible server you have this on. Really interested in this but how are you going to get sales when no one can see it? Hope you get it fixed quickly.

hi ssgllc & herrbutzie ,
thank you very much for the notice, will check into the server service I use.

Not loading for me either, buy some real hosting my friend, why do some of the publishers think this is acceptable, you want to sell something, the first thing to do is make it reliable!

Don’t blame peoples internet connection. This looked promising, but it’s not loading, and for a few bucks, you lost my sale. Wasn’t worth it really….

Hi credit4everyone,
I’ve migrated to a new server.
Now you can try to see the live preview.
Thank you :)

nice work. Good luck for sales.

Thank you ProfMe :)

Hi louiejie,
Thank You :)

another nice under-construction theme from Jogres! Good luck ws..


Thank’s candeed :)

You have good stuff here, jogres.. Wish you many sales!

Thanks Gluckxxx, Wish you many sales too :)

Down for me too. Looking forward to seeing it when it’s up again.

Hi Imabee,
I’ve made ??several attempts to display a live preview as normal.
Thank You :)

Hi All,
I’ve migrated to a new server.
Now you can try to see the live preview.
Thank you :)

Hi, i can see preview perfectly, but after purchasing & downloading I get no background images … Could the upload be corrupted?

  • Never mind, i needed to set a countdown date or javascript gave an error :).

Hi jandante,
Thanks for buying my item.
To set the countdown please open the JS folder, then open the countdown.js file,
go to line 4, to be exact “yyyy/mm/dd”.
Please enter the date to set the countdown in “yyyy/mm/dd”.

note :

  • “yyyy” for the year
  • “mm” for the month
  • “dd” for the day

I suggest you to read the documentation that I include in the item.


Hey purchased your template… love it. Nice documentation as well.

I was wondering if you could create an instagram icon to match the rest of your template icons for the social media set????

Thks TJ

Thank you! How do I go about downloading the additions?

Rather, when? Thank you.

please wait,
I will update my items and I will include some social media icons,
you can download it on my update items on Themeforest.

Very good theme and support ! Love it !

thank you julienla32 :)

Hell i justed download the page… But the background doesnt load !


Hi elpe23, Thank you for buying my item.
after I saw ,
apparently you have not set up the file countdown.js
so please set up countdown.js file.
thank you

Hi… Help me i can’t change background slideshow image.

Hi Monkeyroo, Thank you for buying my item.
you just replace the old image file with the new image file in the images folder.
or you can read the documentation file.

Thank You

I was experiencing similar problems: NONE of the .js was working. I feel silly but deleting the cache and refreshing the page helped.

Hi jcarta,
Thank You :)

Hi, I’ve bought this, but it doesn;t work on IE7/IE8…neither does the live preview from ThemeForest…any ideas???

BOth my site and the preview throw: Message: 'base.options.slides[...].thumb' is null or not an object Line: 86 Char: 7 Code: 0 URI: /js/supersized.3.2.7.js

Hi galilee, thanks for buying my item.
I will update a few things that buyers would suggest this for my item,
still waiting for the next update.

thank you

Hi! Great template. Well, just uploaded it and none of the fonts will show. Haven’t edit any files – Any Ideas? Oh – and do I have to enable he countdown tp get the slideshow working?


Hy DharmaCode, thanks for buying my item.

try to check the files that you upload.
I have never encountered a case like this.
can I see your website??

oh maybe that looks just background white color??
if really like it, it could be because the white font that resembles the color of the background also.
to set the countdown, you can read the documentation file.

thank you.

Sure – have a look – And this drives me crazy.. Nothing works, I’ve been debugging this for 4 hours.. No ownership problems on the server, nothing edited in the css-code. Nothing. cant really get it..

Hi, here looks very good.
I dont know what could happen like this??
this is what I see.

Hello ! good job ! but how i can configure the process.php to receive the contact ? Many thanks !

Hi poncharelo, thanks for purchase
I include process.php file only to work on the template only, and doesn’t real work.
so you just need to be adding a php script that you created in process.php.

nice template :) good luck mas bro!

many thanks bro :)