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Very nice theme!

Thank you…

Great Theme!Good luck with sales :)

Thank you a lot.

Good start, GLWS!

The graphics are awesome of this theme, masterly done.

Thank you a lot!

Thank you very much, richpearsonwd.

Hi, is there an option to display a classical menu on the top? For example, instead of the “home” icon, can there be text buttons and dropdown menus?

Hi there. Yes, this theme provides 3 style options for displaying header menu for you to choose from: Icons only, Text only and Text with Icons.

Can I run WooCommerce on it?

This theme doesn’t provide WooCommerce integration yet, so if you decide to install WooCommerce you will have to integrate it yourself. However, we plan to add WooCommerce integration in future updates.


I can see there is a characters limit for the menu items. Will it be possible to have auto adjusted elements in the next update please ?

We will consider adding this option in future updates.

With the minimal settings (WP 3.7.1 and only plugins required are installed) all shortcodes don’t work.

Moreover, external links such as social media share buttons or icons in the footer MUST BE opened in a new tab / window.

Come on guys, there are too much things to fix.

Can you be more specific please about not working shortcodes. Social media buttons will be fixed in coming update.

We found a problem and will fix it in coming update. As a temporary solution you may use at least 1 section shortcode per page, this will fix the problem of shortcode parsing.

I am having issues with disabling the Blog Hover Effects. I have disabled every option and the blog title and social icons still pop up. All forms of caching have been disabled. Thanks for your help. Beautiful theme

Also I noticed that under the Header Options the “Header Top Margin” works but the “Header Bottom Margin” doesn’t do anything.

Hi, check out 1.0.1 update that should cover mentioned issues. Contact us if you come across any other theme related issues and we’ll do everything in our power to fix them.

Hi there! Is you theme, shortcodes and typography features supporting multilingual? If so, what plugin do you recommend?


Unfortunately this theme doesn’t provide full multilingual support yet.

Hi. Is there any contact page template? Have you implemented forms in it?

OK thanks. I’ll wait ‘till then.

Hi, just wanted you to know that Evenness theme update was actually released and now theme includes contact page template! Notice that in order to achieve result presented in theme demo we used free plugin Contact Form 7.

Hey, thanks for that. I’m buying this theme right now.

Lightslider images don’t cover all the width. background-size:cover; has to be added for .light-slider .slide-bg.

Lightslider button : we should have the choice to open the link in a new tab / window or in the same window.

Will add this functionality and lightslider css fix in next update.

On front office, the lightslider doesn’t work. In the source code I can see my 2 slides added in the back office but there isn’t any animation, controls and bullets. All these settings are enable in theme options and set to be displayed all the time.

There is slug conflict with portfolio. When my permalink is : it shows me a blog archive page with portfolio items but it doesn’t use the page template chosen. When I change my permalink it works well.

We already noticed the lightslider issue that will be definitely fixed in next update. Concerning permalinks, you are probably trying to use ‘Post name’ permalink structure. Consider using ‘Numeric’ permalink structure until the update will be released and there will be no more slug conflicts.

Super! Thank you!

Hi, Just bought this theme yesterday because I like the clean layout and the lightSlider. I have created 2 slides and the animation does not play and there are no controls. I see in another comment that someone else is having the same problem and that it will be fixed in the next update. When is the update going to be ready?


Hi, just wanted you to know that theme was successfully updated to version 1.0.2.

Thank you for purchase!

Thank you! Slider works now!

Hi there. Is there any possibility to use Font Awesome icons in this theme?

Evenness icon font is built using app, so you are free to include any additional icons you want to that font using that app.

All you have to do is import file located in evenness/css/fonts folder inside app, include Font Awesome library (which is free) to it and select all icons that you want to use.

Oh, that’s really cool. Thanks for this. Include that tip in evenness-documentation.pdf

Can I get the demo xml?

We’ll try to include demo data xml in next theme update.

But I can’t create it homepage. Can you help me? My email: aytugcakir[at]

+1 Can I get the demo xml?

It will be added in the next theme update.

Hey guys, I’m really not a dev so I’m having a lot of trouble getting new icons from icomoon into the backend of the website. Icomoon keeps giving me a zip folder rather than an svg. How do I add new icons to the existing svg file?

Icomoon gives you back zip folder with all modified font files. All you have to do is copy files from ‘fonts’ folder inside that zip to the evenness/css/fonts folder with replacing. We reccommend to save copy of files from that folder before replacing. If you still don’t understand how icomoon works you are welcome to check its documentation at