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Hello, nice theme. I have purchased it but as a begginer, I would realy appreciate if I could get hold of the the demo .xml pages so I can customise my site easier and faster like I did with another site that included the demo pages anyway. Many thanks

We already submitted theme update that include demo.xml 16 hours ago. As soon as it will be approved you will be able to download it.

Many thanks, very helpful

Hello. I’ve installed theme on firstly there was not a problem but after then portfolio category has started to give error. Could you check please? (

Just checked your website and it seems that all you had to do is to update permalink structure after installing some plugin. Now it works.

Yes, now it works. Thanks.

Hi guys,

For the lightslider, you give the possibility to have a “dark” version for the text thanks to the caption outline but what about the button ?

Thanks in advance

We will consider adding the option for modifying portfolio buttons text. Most of other “issues” represent theme’s absolutely normal working behaviour or design solutions.

Can you describe negative margin-top issue, show us how it negatively affects your content, maybe provide a link?

Thank you for providing the link, this issue will be definitely solved in next theme update.

How does one achieve the multi-paged section like in the beginning of your main live preview?

I want to have a section and be able to show multiple pages of content via your scroller like in for your first section of your live preview. Another thing is, How do you make something have a column AND a section? Whenever I try to combine Section and Column, it does not work. Is the [section] shortcode on the outside or the [column] shortcode on the outside?

Also, the text isn’t completely shown… The right side is cut off as you can see here.

Boxed layout option will definitely make your website look not so “full”. Also consider putting your page content inside section shortcodes.

In Evenness theme demo columns were always put inside sections. All page content is meant to be placed inside section shortcodes, but of course you are free to experiment.

The problem is not in cutting off the part of section, but in not right use of column shortcode before that section that should be placed inside another section. You should also be able to solve this problem by putting another half width column shortcode between that section and column that pushes it or by removing all column shortcodes before that section.

I’m thinking of buying this theme. Is it possible to put video in the slider?

You can embed video in our slider, but unfortunately it is not possible to use video backgrounds yet. However we are planning to include this functionality in one of our future updates.

Video background would be great! I will buy today if you can promise it soon :)

Hello. I couldn’t find the icon. These codes dont work: Can you give codes?

Changing the selector to .icon-name:before{...} will make it work for any icons with ‘icon-name’ class within this theme. Will add new section describing this process in details in documentation as soon as possible.

All I tried what you said but it didn’t, enter the ftp can look at? the information is mailed to you.

Added needed CSS rules to ‘Additional CSS’ section (Appearance>Theme Options>General Options). CSS rules for any other additional icons will have the same structure.

Hello! I’ve purchased your great theme and installed it. But for each page I create, here’s the message on the site: Fatal error: Call to undefined function has_shortcode() in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 7

I don’t know how to fix this…

OK, sorry, that’s my fault. Everything is fine after updating WP :/

Hi There – could you tell me where I can purchase the 1st slider image on your demo site please:-) Thanks Helene

The image has been named geo.jpg if that helps

Hi Helene, the image and its author can be found here:

Hi There

I am having problems with displaying both the site logo and main menu – have made all required changes to settings but the site refuses to display either. Please see hwat I mean here:

Try to save options in Appearance > Theme Options section. If this doesn’t help please provide via email login information for your wordpress installation for us to find what may be causing the problem.

Hi there, have done the theme options bit but still doesn’t work:-( is there an email address I can send login details to as would rather not post them publicly here. Thank you

Suggestions were sent to your email address. Discussion of this issue will also be continued via email.

Do you have a list of icons that are included within this theme?

You can view it by opening index.html that is located in evenness/css/fonts/evenness-font/ folder.

Thanks! I would recommend putting that info in your documentation.

Is there a way to display a caption over the portfolio images on hover? Right now the title (in my case the client name) appears on hover over the portfolio thumbnail AND over the images inside the project pages (redundant). I would like a caption that explains each image to appear on hover over the project images. When I ad a caption or description in the media library for the image, nothing appears.

Please see

Thank you

We will consider adding this option in future update.

Great, and lovely theme. I havent purchased as of yet as im planning to update my site. However within this theme, do you guys have a “contact me” widget and/or page? I couldnt see or find within the demo. Let me know as I want this theme but require certain aspects to it. Thanks guys

nevermind I found it. Its lovely =)

As of right now I can only get the icon-home to work on the menu. Is there any way I could get some help via e-mail?

The site is

Just submitted another theme update that should solve that issue. You will be able to download it as soon as it will be approved.

Okay please let me know as soon as it is available.

Update is already available.

hi there, can you explain how make content narrow, not full width, like this : if i make portfolio without section it become a full width, with section appear shadows.

would be very helpful if you showed source code demo page.

Please provide an email on which source code will be sent.

Is this theme compatible with WPML?

Unfortunately ‘evenness’ theme is not fully compatible with WPML yet.

I got a php call error in the portfolio page.


And i get this error when i add the slider to the homepage:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function simple_fields_values() in /usr/local/pem/vhosts/336129/webspace/httpdocs/webspace/httpdocs/wp/wp-content/themes/evenness/framework/shortcodes.php on line 450


Have you installed all plugins that come together with ‘evenness’ theme? It seems that you have not installed ‘Simple Fields’ plugin that is required for this theme to work properly.

Thank you :D

How do i set a right sidebar to a normal page with out having a blog post flow on it?

Try putting your page content inside two thirds column shortcode. In case this doesn’t solve the issue please provide a link to the problem page as it is still not entirely clear under which circumstances that issue occurs.

I think you have miss understood me, i want a sidebar like that on a regular standard page, the image i provided is photoshopped.

To add sidebar-like content to your pages you may use column shortcodes (2/3 for content and 1/3 for sidebar). Then you may choose either to add simple content to your sidebar (e.g. demo contact page) or put desired html code directly inside 1/3 column shortcode (e.g. demo extra features page). We plan to add sidebar shortcode, that will simplify the process of adding sidebar to pages, in one of the future theme updates.

For many reasons and also for SEO matters, NEVER use wp_title function to display the post title inside single.php. Instead use the_title(); between the h2 tags.

Can you please provide a link to official source of information that brought you to this conclusion?

I see the page listed above that lists the HTML for the icons, but can you provide a list of the “terms” used to describe each icon? For instance, I’m using the shortcode icon=”icon-search” and don’t know the names of all the icons. Some are easy enough to guess, but others are not. Thank you! Love the theme so far.

Glad you like this theme. All names of icons that come with this theme can be viewed by opening index.html file that is located in evenness/css/fonts/evenness-font folder.

Haha! I didn’t scroll down far enough. Oops. Thanks for the quick reply!

HI Guy’s just bought the theme and luvin’ it so far just run into a hiccup with youtube vids in the Portfolio pages. for some reason i am getting a youtube play error.

The video frames displaying the error are also to wide (wrong aspect) and when i do get the vids to play i’ll probably get pillar boxing.

Last thing is that I’m not getting any thumbnails for the portfolio pages. just white squares. do I need to create my own thumbnails using featured image on each portfolio item or will it automatically pull a frame from the vid?


okay, i’ll keep slogging away at it but the video id’s are correct. I’m getting similar errors out of Vimeo. i’ll keep troubleshooting and see what i come up with.


Update: Yep the id’s were correct but i didn’t realise you don’t need to put the entire link including the id. Just the id number. Videos are now working so once that aspect issue is sorted out we’ll be laughing. thanks for the tip guys.

Glad you successfully sorted it out, the update will be ready quite soon.