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The 3 icons on the home page, am I able to change those out to images?

icons can’t be changed with images without customizing the code..

Hi, I am working on a site that our agency designed using your theme. A past employee purchased the theme under their account and has left so I do not have access to the support forums. I am trying to figure how to make the author page show the Authors name in the title bar and not the latest post. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

Any updates or advice?

Please contact us via email at support@ab-themes.com

Hi, Just bought the aeron theme and wish to use the pictures i saw on the site prior to me buying, please let me know if is possible for me to use those pictures since i cannot find them anywhere. Thanks

those images are not included in theme and they are used just for demo purposes. Here are the links where you can purchase them:
After you have purchased images you can download (Right click – Save image as) edited images from our demo site if you like them more than original..
Cheers :)

Great theme. Nice and clean design. Just a couple of questions:

1. In the customizer, I can’t seem to find the option that allows me to change the “aquamarine blue” color (#CEE6E6)? The class is tcvpb_section_tc. 2. I imported all the demo site, widget, slider etc, but the only thing that doesn’t seem to work correctly (minus the pictures) are the icons. Is there an icon font I need to upload or something?

Just updated to the latest version and the color change bug is still there. Any idea when this will be fixed?

Any update on this?

Sure, we have updated the theme and now all colors can be changed either in Customizer or separately in element under Creator. Cheers :)

Hello, nice theme..please i am getting this error message while trying to import event_slider to use in my slider revolution

“importing slider settings and data… Error: slider_export.txt does not exist! Go Back”

Please how do i resolve this

Hi, please use our support system, our dedicated team will help you very fast. Cheers :)

Hi!! and where the online demo interactive floor plan?

Hi, interactive floor plan is available in Event theme demo’s homepage.

1.- the menu icons doesn’t seem to be working, follow the tutorial and the icon didn’t appear any way to know the short code of the icons to put on the menu?

2.- there is a blue line below the menu were to change the color is not on the customizer on wordpress

Wordpress http://pinehills.biz/meridian

Already Tried emailing no response, Tried a support ticket system doesnt work keeps asking to choose a department but there isnt anywere to choose it.

i activated moon what icons should i activate there are so many any other thing i gotta activate to the theme to work? there is nothing about this on the documentation.

really 4 days and no response to email or any way to get support for this theme?

Sorry, I have missed you comment. We will take care of your problem by highest priority. I will get in touch by email in couple of minutes just to check everything. Cheers

Still cant send tickets it ask for department. no answer via email either.

1.- Need a way to put the slider not to go to header area.

Hi, I have send you an email Cheers :)


gatico Purchased

No Answer on the email just to try your support system that keeps giving me purchase key already use error, with the account i created!!!

couple of months and no answer cant use your system please answer!!!

.- I want to put the slider not to go to the header area transparent but to have it bellow menu like normal sites.

Hi, I heave reset your password for our suport system and send you new one on email. Cheers

Can a video be placed in the slider area instead of pictures. Also can the top menu be locked in place instead of disappearing when you scroll down the page (this happens on the demo page)?

Hi, sure video can be placed easily via slider settings. Top menu can be locked, but you will need to do it in a code. If you will have problems doing so contact our support. Cheers :)


gatico Purchased

1.- Still cant access the support system please delete my account o i can create a new one

2.- i email you 2 things i need help it has been days and no answer

- Hi there how to set the logo area to width 380px

- i added this to the mix #frontpage_slider { margin-top: 100px; } to get the slider to show more down…. But in responsive how to fix responsive showing white space

Could you please try now? I have checked in database and your licence code was linked to our support staff member’s account. He probably wanted to open a ticket on your behalf and mistakenly stayed logged in on his account.
I believe it should be fine now. I am very sorry for this inconvenience…


gatico Purchased

Now works thanks.

Sure, no problem, thank you for patience


gatico Purchased

Hi there how can i make the footer 3 Columns

Hi, you would need to make changes in footer.php file. Change span3 classes in span4 and delete last one. Cheers

Hi, is there a sticky header option?

Hi, sorry my mistake… Sticky header is available in theme options. :) Just select that option in theme Customiser. If I remember right you have proposed this feature several months ago and we have added that option by your suggestion :) Cheers :)

Yeah!! Thank you!!

Thank you! :)


gatico Purchased

- Hi there how to set the logo area to width 380px


ahken07 Purchased

Hello Aeron,

I bought your theme few years ago however our wordpress has corrupted and after recover, some part of plugin is gone included ABSHORTCODE, I found you no longer using ABshortcode which I updated the theme to latest version, which makes me having trouble on all the content now.

Would you send me back AB-Shortcode plugin pretty please?

Hi, please send us an email at support@ab-themes.com, also write down which is theme version you use, so I can send you exactly the same theme and plugin. Cheers :)


ahken07 Purchased

Hi Team, I just realised my email wasn’t getting replies.

Hi, I don’t see email you sent, it was two months ago and it probably went to spam and G suite deleted it after a month. Please open a support ticket requesting this and we will see your email there and send you the plugin.

Hello, I bought your theme few days ago but i have a problem with homepages after importing demo data. I submited a tichet few days ago but i have no answer. Please can you help me?