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Could you include the fonts files. Because I downloaded SourceSansPro from sourceforge and installed, but the PhotoShop say not installed font. (Just the bold not same, the regular is work from SF)


everything is works, many thanks 5 star app

Hey, Do you have a date of the WP release.

I need to get something this week and if your ready I’ll buy it but otherwise need to build my own

Hi Tamas. Thanks for choosing us. wp version ll be avaliable about 10-15 days later. thanks isamercan

Dear Faraklit! Very beautiful this template. It also bought. Please help me. Wrote a few months ago that made ??the WP version. How much time do we have to wait for it? There is a need for it. I do not want another solution, but a lot of time if you have to wait for him to move on. Thanks in advance for your reply. Hi Tamas

Fantastic. Thanks for the quick response. I look forward to the WP version, which I’m going to buy instantly. Have a nice day.

thanks u too

Dear Faraklit! it’s possible to have HTML Bootstrap version? I need soo soon! Thnx!

Hi its progressing now. i hope it ll be avaliable in a few day. thanks

Hey there, it was available HTML version? Thank you!