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I love your work! GLWS :)

Thank you for your kind comment! – Park

can’t wait to see the WP version

Yes. I have found a developing partner due to other ongoing projects so hopefully it should be ready in a few weeks. Thank you! – Park

Hey Bruce. I know it’s been quite a while but the WP version is finally ready. Here is the link: Eventcamp WP.

Great Stuff

Support is sublime

Again, thank you for purchasing Eventcamp. Feel free to keep flooding my inbox with questions! – Park

Hi Park, I love the theme and using it now for my site. But I have this issue. I used the green color and I added the speakers container to the green theme and the speakers container seems to be out of place. What did I do wrong? You can check it out here at

Thanks for the help!

Hi gimpdrinks. You need to copy the CSS portion from the red template. In the red version (doesn’t matter whether you copy it from the HTML or PHP version since they are exactly the same), open up css/style.css. Look for section

3.3 Speakers
And copy and paste the whole section below the heading (up to #section-speakers .item p). That should do the trick! If you still have any issues, let me know!

Duh! I completely forgot about the style.css haha thanks! working it out now.

I’m glad it worked out. The website is looking good. Feel free to drop any questions here! – Park

My interpretation of this for a MBSR Program site, its a little beyond a single event: [link removed]

Added tel: to phone number code for mobile devices.

Again, great stuff from Subway aka Park

Good to see the website is done. Looking good! Thanks for the kind words and let me know if you have any questions. – Park

Amazing theme, I love it. I purchased it a few weeks ago without the ajax contact form.

Could you maybe send me the current theme including that functionality? I promise that I’ll keep recommending it to friends! :-)

Hi HannibalRising. It seems that you haven’t copied a new CSS block. Open up css/style.css (from the new version) and look for #contact-warning { } and #contact-success { }. Copy these two code blocks and you should be good to go!

Thanks, Park

Thank you so much, Park! Your reaction time and advice are excellent. Don’t know how to top that! :-)

I’m glad it worked. Let me know if you have any other issues. Thanks! – Park

Any update on the Wordpress version?? Thanks

Hi Greenbuz. My partner is still working on the item. I’m really hoping to have the item up in two weeks (fingers crossed), but I can’t give you an ETA as it keeps getting delayed. Thank you! – Park

Hey Greenbuz. I know it’s been quite a while but the WP version is finally ready. Here is the link: Eventcamp WP.

Hi Park,

Still loving this theme and would like to know if you ever got around to including a gallery module. My feeble html editing abilities are not up to the task. Thanks in advance.


Hi Bruce. I have the slider feature embedded in the upcoming WP version, and I don’t plan to include that in the HTML version as I don’t have the time to test it (my developing partner is taking care of it in the WP version). If you’d still like the slider function, I can send you the files. But please keep in mind that I’ve only used it as a demo (to show to my partner) and can’t provide support/customization for it even if there is a bug.

Thank you! Park


I’d be happy to give it a go. Thanks for your consideration.


Hi Bruce. I’ve sent you the updated template with the slider via e-mail. Thank you! – Park

Hi. Any new ETA on the WP version? Thanks. Also, can I have the updated, unsupported slider version emailed too? if possible. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, no. My developing partner has gone missing for a few weeks. Can you e-mail me at I’ll send you the version with the slider right away.

Thanks, Park

Hey kalgary2. I know it’s been quite a while but the WP version is finally ready. Here is the link: Eventcamp WP.

Hi!!!! Thanks. EXCELLENT !!! :-)

I have an ecommerce Shopify site and wanted to create a subdomain that will point to this theme. What steps would I need to take to make this possible? Since I am creating a subdomain, I wouldn’t need to register it but what must be done? Thanks for the reply.

I am using Shopify which provides its own listing. And my site is The domain is registered at Godaddy.

I am trying to have a subdomain and use your site template to promote events.

Since Shopify handles hosting, and I am creating a subdomain, do I just download this template and put it in the root directory? Do you know if Shopify would enables me to do this?

I meant to say…”Shopify provides its own hosting.”

I am not sure whether Shopify lets you upload your own files to a hosting account. Even if they do, I’m almost certain that they don’t let you host a subdomain. So in short, it’s likely that you would need a separate hosting account other than Shopify.

Thanks! Park

Hi, I bought your Theme Template. I really thought that this is a Wordpress theme. From the Comments above, i see that you can actually convert the theme into a wordpress theme. Can you teach me how to do this pls…

I am very familiar with Wordpress theme to edit and etc and don’t really know how to use others… can u help me pls…


this is sad… You should really look into creating a wordpress theme for this theme template. That would be super awesome.. I am still keen to use this theme for my website. Do u have a manual I can read up on how to use the theme? If I really can’t, then in advance I would like to thank for refunding the money.

Of course, My partner is working on the WP version. The manual is inside the “documentation” folder in the download .zip file. I am always willing to give you the refund, so feel free to e-mail me anytime. Thank you! Park

Hey ziyadmarica. I know it’s been quite a while but the WP version is finally ready. Here is the link: Eventcamp WP.

I also bought this thinking it was a WordPress theme. Major bummer.

Hy briandaitken. Would you be kind enough to e-mail me your purchase receipt to with your Paypal ID? I can refund you for 50% of the purchase amount. Let me know if this works! Thank you – Park

Love it!!!

Thank you for your kind comment. – Park

It’s my pleasure. This template looks beautiful… and once you get into the backend, it’s very well organized and commented. Super easy to get up and running in about an hour. I’ve given it 5 stars and am looking forward to more of your work.


Oops thought this was a wordpress theme. My fault. Got to get into the code now. Great theme!

Thank you for the kind comment. Let me know if there is anything I can help with. – Park

Hi, great theme.

When its in smaller views the navigation menu shows the last button in the navigational menu as default, which for me is “contact”. If you try to click contact when it is already highlighted, it doesn’t take you anywhere. Can you help with this?

Hi MurcCoder. Thank you for purchasing Eventcamp. The last button is highlighted when there is an error with processing the scrollSpy script. Do you have a URL I could take a look at? If you’d prefer not to disclose it here, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks! – Park

Hey Park! I accidentally bought this thinking it was a wordpress theme. Any chance I can bring you on and install this onto my server as a contractor? I really love this theme and it will work perfectly for my project… Please let me know ASAP as I was hoping to have something up right away so we can start selling for the event! :)


Hi phitches. I can only work on hourly basis for custom work. Feel free to contact me at with a description for the project. Thank you! – Park


First time i have ever got something off here and so far i have been amazed!!

However i am having trouble with the ‘red’ contact form and it not sending the details to my email?.

I have followed all the code etc and cant see what’s causing the issue? You click send and nothing happens not even the message saying that it has been sent..

Any help would be great :)


Hi Gildon. Thank you for purchasing Eventcamp. Did you upload the files to your hosting account? You will need to have PHP running on your web server. If you already uploaded the items to your hosting account, a URL would be very helpful for me to figure out the issue.

Thank you! – Park

I think I may have worked out the issue. I wasn’t aware you had to activate the php feature on net registry. Lets see how that goes first but I may need to come back to you.

Thanks again :)

It looks like i do need some guidance after all. I have sent you a PM to your email re the rego forms and getting it to work.

Thanks again

Hello I was wondering what framework this was built on. Bootstap or something else? Thanks!

Hi spiderlaundry. This template is built with Skeleton ( Thank you! – Park

How to embed the map?

I get the link from google maps, but it embeds the search fields and other links

I have replied to monarchgg’s e-mail and solved the issue. If anyone else has the same question, please refer to Thank you! – Park

Hey there,

I have no idea how to configure the contact form on the template. Can you lend a hand? I want to set up the destination email :). Thanks in advance!

- Victor

Of course. Are you using the latest version of Eventcamp? If so, please follow the instructions below:

You can use the AJAX contact form functionality if your hosting (or server) supports PHP. It’s very likely that your hosting will support PHP. If this is the case, open up includes/include.emailSender.php and replace ‘’ with your own e-mail address, and ‘Contact form submission’ with your own e-mail title:

$contactformRecipient = '';
$contactformTitle = 'Contact form submission';

Let me know if this helps. Thank you! – Park

Not a problem. Let me know if there is anything else I can help with! – Park