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Hi – for some reason, the mobile menu always shows the last menu item instead of the main navigation. Any way to fix this?

Hi jmskey.

You could try editing jquery part for calling selectnav.

Instead of



selectnav('nav', {
  label: '--- Navigation --- '

You would also need to replace the current selectnav.js file with the latest version in case the older version didn’t support ‘label’ config option.

Please refer to for detailed documentation.

Thank you! Park

Thanks – I did that, and it’s reflecting the new label in the menu, but it’s still not selecting the proper element. Very odd. Any other ideas?

Also now it’s not highlighting the proper menu item in full size window when I click an item – it seems to be highlighting them in order vs. what is actually active. Is that maybe a part of this issue as well?

Hi Is it possible to have the Wp version ? Thanks alot!

Hi HansDaigle. Unfortunately, the WP version is no longer available. Thank you! – Park

Thanks! Great template btw ! ^^

Could you send me the short code list from the wordpress theme? Thanks

Hi, could you please reply? Thanks

Hi cko. I am sorry to inform you that I don’t have the short code list anymore. Please look inside your documentation file. Thank you! – Park

This really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you guys discontinue this wordpress theme? Seems like just what I was looking for :-(

Hi stacyzoo. Unfortunately, the WP theme had compatibility issue with WP 3.8 and we had to take it down. Thank you! – Park

I purchased the WP version of this theme and am having trouble getting the logo and header photo to resize when you open the site on a mobile phone. This is the page:

Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.

Hi alarife. What version of WP are you using? We have deleted the theme due to compatibility issues on versions after 3.7.

Thanks! – Park

Hi – I bought your Eventcamp Theme on Themeforest and I was sure to get a Wordpress theme version. Now I “only” have a responsive-one-page-marketing-template…

Could you send me the Wordpress version pls? Thx, Sascha

Hi Sascha. Unfortunately, I don’t have the files for the WP version anymore.

Thank you! Park

Anyone here who could send me the documentation of the Eventcamp Wordpress Theme? I need the short code list. Thanks

Is this Wordpress theme no longer supported? That’s very disappointing :(

I have this error message that shows up in my footer now, only on the home page:

Not Found The requested URL /dorime/links was not found on this server.

That word “dorime” doesn’t appear anywhere in my database or in the theme or core wp files. I assume it’s coming from a JS library and added after the fact or something? Any thoughts?

What was the nature of the incompatibility with WP that prompted you to remove it from ThemeForest?



Thanks! – Park


i bought this WP theme yesterday. Could you explain me how to install it ? the zip file is not working throw the zip installator, and i try to upload it manualy, whithout success. Could you help me please ? thank you.


This is a HTML template, so it won’t work with Wordpress. Themeforest customer support may be able to help you out, but I am not sure if they would provide a refund. Let me know how it goes. Thank you!


Hi, I purchased this template and am trying to widen the width of one particular page. I tried putting in custom code in the theme options but it is not working. Can you please help?

Hi katrinj1.

I believe you have the Wordpress version, which we no longer sell on the market due to WP version compatibility issues. Please let me know if you have any issues with the HTML version.

Thanks! Park