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very nice theme, i like it ! :)

Many Thanks :)

Hello! I have the theme and I love it! A few questions..

My “speakers” column just stopped showing up all of a sudden… Thoughts? On your live preview I can see and image behind the pricing shortcode. How do I do this? Can I change the link for when you click “Buy Now” on the pricing Shortcode? Thanks!

Here is my site:

Now my Frequently Asked Questions are not showing up… the answers are there but the questions aren’t showing up… very odd

Hi, Thanks for business, please send the admin login to our email ID and we will happy to help you.

Please let me know if you are still having issue, i would be quick enough to solve your issue.

Awesome work! Congrats and GLWS :)

Thanks Joomlastars

Awesome Theme! Good Luck With Sales :)

Many thanks fieldthemes :)

Nice work, GLWS. :-)

Many thanks JunaidHira

Great theme, GLWS :)

Thanks 4coding

Great work, GLWS :)

Many thanks

Hey There,

I’m having a few glitches. The issue that jamiegraceh mentioned – speakers suddenly disappear and then the FAQ section ceases to work correctly.

Also – the Youtube / Vimeo video features don’t seem to be working once I switch them from the demo. I tried every form of the Youtube / Vimeo ID’s / Urls / etc and nothing yet.

I wish there was an option to change your counter text – ie, if I don’t want it to say speakers, I could choose for it to count some other text.

I cannot figure where you have the registration info – the “tickets” functionality doesn’t work and I don’t know how to add that option back. I need them to choose from “1 ticket” or “2 tickets” and not have to pay – it’s a free event.

Also – at the top left, I would like the option to have no logo to clean up the look. Removing the logo leaves me with a text that says “logo”

On the buttons, the logo rolls up when you hover – but it seem stuck to the Eventcatch logo. How can I change this? Preliminary search through your instructions turned up nothing.

Finally – and the weirdest part. When I pull up the site, it won’t resort to the new color scheme I chose. I cleared my cache – nothing. Then I opened an incognito window and it reflects the color changes but not other changes.

I’ll copy / paste these into an email, but I’d like for other to have a look as well.

Hi, we are sending email for points you wrote.

Edit to my original post:

Ven has really gone above and beyond to literally – point by point – address, fix, and explain every issue listed. Based on the customer support alone, I recommend this theme – but on top of that, the theme itself is really simple and accomplishes a lot in a little amount of space.

Installing the theme is quick and easy and customer support for it is on point. These guys responded immediately, set expectations, and delivered 100%. I recommend this theme for someone who wants an event theme who covers all the bases without having to create an entire website. The “one page” design saves a ton of time – it’s perfect for events.

Five stars guys!

Many thanks :)

Hi there,

I’ve got a pre-purchase question. How come the menu disappears most of the time? Can you assure me it’s working properly when I buy/install it?

Kind regards, Kjie

Hi Kjie,

thanks for asking, menu would work normally, like any other standard website. on Eventcatch theme, menu shows when you scroll down below of slider image.

if you find anything odd then appreciate your writing for that.

regards, Ven

Ven has been amazing at after purchase support. Quick turnaround and problem solver…high rating and looking to see what comes next.

Many thanks for your good note :)

Presale question: can you have more than 3 pricing tables? Can the tables have more than 5 options? I have a need for more than what is showing in the demo. The last theme I used was locked into the same parameters you are displaying on your demo. Also, can an attendee purchase a ticket for Friday even and for Sunday event without having to make to separate registrations?

you can add more table box by short code, every pricing box ( basic, premium and gold) have a short code and you can add them in any number you wish to. I could not understand your point “attendee purchase a ticket for Friday even and for Sunday event without having to make to separate registrations” as in our system there is no date system we have. it just allows you to buy tickets

1st part: I have used a theme very similar to yours for a conference we just hosted and when we started populating the pricing tables we discovered that we couldn’t have more than 3 pricing options. For example, gold $100, silver $75, bronze $50; we needed to add in just a dinner ticket option, just a single session option, etc… We needed to have at least 6 pricing tables. But the theme would only display the first three and the paypal integration would only work w/ the first three. It was like the other ticket options didn’t exist.

2nd part: using the previous example, can someone register for the silver option and the dinner ticket option in the same transaction, or does it have to be separate/multiple transactions?

Presale question: when you create your schedule can you order and re-order them as needed? Or do you have to delete and add back in the exact order you want them displayed. For example Session A gets moved from 9am to 10am. Can I move the session to a different time w/out deleting everything and starting over in the order I want displayed?

Hi, you can re order the schedule posts as you need with any drag and drop posts free plugin, there are many available :)

So I need to install an additional plugin to re-order schedule items? Am I responsible for making sure the plug in works with your theme and doesn’t break anything else? Do you offer support for this?

yes you need to install additional plugin to re-order and if you find any issues for this we will help you for this

Hi there Ven,

I like the theme, I’m planning a one off event and am considering using EventCatch. Got a few presale questions for you. 1. Does the slider at the top of the page support video? 2. How personalizable is the theme? Does the theme have “builder” type plug in? or Is all editing done through shortcodes? 3. Could I add another full screen slider further down the page? 4. Can I change graphic elements like the arrows on the slider, the separating bars on the countdown?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Hi Adam,

answers to your questions.

1. Does the slider at the top of the page support video? for now it does not support the video,

2. How personalizable is the theme? Does the theme have “builder” type plug in? or Is all editing done through shortcodes? we do not have any builder for theme and everything is managed via shortcodes

3. Could I add another full screen slider further down the page? no

4. Can I change graphic elements like the arrows on the slider, the separating bars on the countdown? you can change them from code files but not from the admin panel.

I would like to remove the Video & Photo feature from the About Section. Is this possible?


Yes, it’s possible from code and if you are not sure then just send the admin login and link and we will do it for you.


I do appreciate your help.

Great customer support! Thank you!

Can I use your theme to host a free webinar without charging any fee? My goal is to offer a free online event and free register, to be hold with pre recorded videos. After the free event date I think of charging people if they want access to the videos. Also, is it easy to have your theme translated into another language like portuguese?

Hi, Thanks for your interest, you can offer the free registration and in that case you will get email notification, if some one signup. you can use WPML or any good plugin to translate the site.

how I can remove the layer that makes the slider gets dark ?

were do I have to send you this info?

you can send to or on my profile page just write on contact form

PRESALE QUESTION: 1.) Will I be able to add more fields to the registration form? 2.) When redirected to Paypal for payment will show what it is and how much the customer is paying?? Look forward to your reply. thanks

Hi, To add new field you would need to do it from code files, and when user is directed to PayPal it does show the details in their own default way. hope it helps.

Hi, I have a question before proceeding with purchase:

Is the countdown timer tied to the latest event at all time? Can I change it to reset every 24hours at 10AM?

countdown is set from admin and it has nothing to do with latest event time, you can set it from admin as you need.

hi, nice theme! i have a problem with stickymenu at the safari browser v10.1: . it will not working right, thanks for your help & greetings

i have try on mac os 10.12.5 / safari 10.1.1 after delete cache, but the menu dosen’t work. shows quick and then move away. thxs for help

please clear cache and should be good

now works! thx for support!