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Great!!!! I have been looking for something exactly like this.

Any chance of using white/lite version…. current color does not match client site. Bookmarked.


Thanks for appreciation.

Working on light version. Update will be available for download, in 2-3 days.

Thanks again.

Updated white version..!

Again thanks for suggestion!

Oops, commented myself…!

Agreed – very nice – light version will make this sell very well!

Thanks lifemasterylabs!

Please keep suggesting improvements in future also..!

Updated white version…have a look!


I have purchased the event landing page. However, I could not find any instruction, how I could activate the SignUp function on the bottom of the page. Where do I need to adjust the code? Where do I enter my email id in order to receive the sign-up mails?

I appreciate your help!

Thanks, Rainer

Hello owarainer!

Provided sign up is just a plain HTML . As I’ve stated in theme features, only working contact form is given.

If you need, I can provide php for subscribe along with help. Consider that, this php will only send email of subscriber to your mail id.

Please contact me through e-mail. I will mail you necessary files.


Hi Tansh,

I just choose a different font for cufon and now my counter is not working anymore… I updated the cufon font in the index.html and in the custom.js

I does start working, but when the next second comes, it is back to ‘no styling’ of the font.

I changed it in index:

instead of

and in custom js:

//Countdown $(function () { jQuery(’#defaultCountdown’).countdown({ until: new Date(2011, 9 – 1, 10, 9, 0, 0), format: ‘DHMS’, layout: ‘ ‘+ ‘ {dnn} ‘+ ‘ days ‘+ ‘ {hnn} ‘+ ‘ hours ‘+ ‘ {mnn} ‘+ ‘ minutes ‘+ ‘ {snn} ‘+ ‘ seconds to go ‘+ ‘ ‘ }); Cufon.replace(’#defaultCountdown’, { fontFamily: ‘Fanwood’}); // this will replace everything in the defaultCountdown div with your font });

Am i forgetting something?


Hello matuvunu,

Yes, you need to specify cufon in “countdown.js” also. (find it somewhere between line no. 200 – 205).


that fixed it indeed. tx

Hi Tansh,

I would like to add a combo box to the contact form. How to modify the code to retrieve/passed data from select … option…?



Are you done with contact form..? Let me know if possible.


Thank you very much for your help. Form works, but after sending the data message “Mail sent” appears on a new page: http://www.site.com/php/submit-form.php and does not return to the main page. The error does not occur if the form does not contain a dropdown box. I ask again for help?

Hello and sorry,

Actually I’ve forgot to tell you, to add this new field in contact_validation.js file.

Its given in detail, in help document for adding extra fields.


Refer…(from help file)...following part


In contact_validation.js

  • Specify from where to get data, add validation if field should be cumpolsory, update var dataString


It will work fine then. I’ve tested with drop down options.

If you are still getting problem, feel free to mail me (from profle page) which field you want to add along with its dropdown options, I will mail you updated files.

Thanks and Regards


Hi, this looks like something I’d like to use, but I need for it to be easy for a client to setup on their own. Is there any CMS here, or is this just an HTML page and related files? Any plans to incorporate this into a simple Wordpress theme? thanks


Its only HTML page with related files.

I’m planning for its wordpress version, but it will take some time ( its not possible to give exact time frame). I will message you when its done.

For now I will suggest to search for other sources, if CMS is the only requirement.

Thanks and Regards


I bought this thinking it was built for WordPress. Can I get access to it again when it’s WordPress-ready? I don’t have the knowledge necessary to use the html.

Hope you can accommodate me.

I appreciate it.

Hello jtcina,

I will let you know when its wordpress ready (though can’t give exact time frame).

Thanks and Regards

I am having an issue with the footer gallery light box pop up. I went in and replaced the images by simply overwriting them, and did not change any of the code. For some reason the images no longer pop up with the light box, rather they open in a new window? Please advise http://goo.gl/7u7zd.

Function for fancybox is missing form your ‘custom.js’ file.

Copy it from ‘custom.js’ of any evente template variation with fancybox, and paste it in your ‘custom.js’.



Hi Sorry to bother, but I cant get the count down to work.. HELP !

Hello chetandavdra,

Send me your link so I can look out what is missing.




I think I’ got it working now.. but looks a little wierd.. I didnt realise that custom.js was where I had to set the end date… But all help would be helpfull…


Make new date in custom.js file as…

new Date(2012, 3 - 1, 18, 0, 0, 0)

Date displaying on your page is correct, but still make this change.

Let me know if any other queries.



Have problums with the submit-form, and subscribe form. http://swaraj.redlotusevents.com/#

I’ve added both on the site, but nether seems to work.. the code looks fine. could you assist please..



Both forms are working on your page.

Only validation for contact form is missing. You just need to copy function for contact form written in custom.js, from the template with contact form.

And paste it in current custom.js.


hi, how do I change the font please?



If you want to use cufon font, you need to create js file (jquery) for that font from – http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/

Replace js file for previous font, with this new one.

Elements which you desire to be displayed in cufon font, can be specified in custom.js, as it is done in default template.


If you need to use system font (no cufon), remove the following
  • jquery library for cufon (cufon-yui.js)
  • jquery for the font (somefontname.font.js”)
  • code for cufon in – custom.js (right at the top)
  • And then you can specify font of your choice in css, as it is normally done.

    Let me know if any other query.



Can I get the counter to start over automatically? Is there a way to do so?


Sorry but I’m not getting what you want to achieve exactly.

Counter is automatic, it just needs to place the date up to which you need to count.

Let me know.



After the counter ends, can it automatic start back up without me having to re-enter the date. Example a live broadcasting countdown every Sunday at 11am the counter will end…....and then start back up for next Sunday at 11am.


It is not possible in this counter.



Hello, nice theme! Is there any way how i could add a photo in the background?

Thanks, kristel

Hello kristel,

No its not easily possible to add a photo in the background as there are full width div of alternate colors. Body color / background is not effective for whole page.

If you convert full width layout to boxed one, then photo can be assigned as background image to body.



i purchased but dont see the light version? where can i find?

Hello williammikewhite,

Find it in folder named “White – HTML and CSS ”.


thanks! i overlooked it =p

Would you be able to provide an example of the timezone format in EST ?

Hello William, Let me check.


You may add timezone in function for countdown, as follows (find it in “custom.js”) – - – -

until: new Date(2012, 10 - 1, 13, 0, 0, 0), 
timezone: -5,
format: 'DHMS',

Reference – http://keith-wood.name/countdown.html

Thanks, Tansh