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Hello I do not see where to directly contact support. I love the theme and I’ve already replaced most of the demo content with my content. The only one I cannot replace is the lady with the microphone on home page. How can I replace the lady with another image? www.opdclub.org regards s albusaidy

Can you please make the process simpler? I’ve spent last 20 minutes just going in circles… register, wait for email… not email… forgot password… check your email… no email… back to original email… click on the link to directly read answer… answer says … click support link… support link… sign in or register.. back to first step..

At this posting it’s about 50 minutes and I have still not got any emails that were supposed to have been sent by your wordpress registration or password reminder… I’m still waiting

I apologize!!! I guess I was so excited about clicking on support link that I did not notice the actual solution right below the link! I followed instructions, it was fast and easy, once I found out where to make the change! Thanks!

Hi, On Schedule page List Layout, how can I change speaker’s photo to show upfront? I would like to switch speaker’s photo to show up front and speaker’s name to show on hover. I do not need venue column & I have multiple speakers (3-5). Thanks!


displaying speaker’s name on hover is a bit tricky, since much changes needed, but I can advise you the code to hide venue and to show speaker’s photo upfront, try to add it into “Theme Options – Custom CSS”:
.om-agenda-item-speaker {
    display: inline-block;
.om-agenda-item-speaker-photo {
    display: block;
    max-width: 120px;
.om-agenda-item-room {
    display:none !important;
.om-agenda-item-speakers {
    width: 33.33%;

How is a Google Analytics code added?


Google Analytics code can be added with one of these plugins or with Head & Footer Code plugin.

How do I hide/delete the Register Now button? I couln’t be able to delete the button. Please Help


please, see options “Theme Options – Menu – Highlighted menu button”. Just delete values from “Highlighted menu button title” and “Highlighted menu button link” fields.

Thank you. It worked.

Here’s the problem I m facing. Video attached in link. couldn’t add images or logos, keeps on rotating. Very much frustrated with this. Please, Please. http://www.wikifortio.com/732117/VID_20170308_225634.mp4


Answered you by mail.

Thank You very much. It worked.

Hi. Is it possible to have different countdown timer on each page? for multi event purpose?


yes, it’s possible. Here the same question and answer on our support forum: http://support.olevmedia.com/forums/topic/custom-event-countdown/

How can I change the slug speakers to another name?

How can I change the link wording Buy a Ticket to something else? (Nevermind)


you can change slug in file functions/speakers.php, line 9

Hi, pre-purchase questions:

1. How easy is it to translate the countdown timer into Dutch? So days must be ‘dagen’ etc. 2. How easy is it to translate / remove the register now en downloads buttons?



1. such strings in the theme can be easily translated to any language. The way how it can be done is common for all WordPress themes. You need to create PO/MO files with translation using, for example, Poedit app (https://poedit.net/) or Loco Translate plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/loco-translate/). Here is a short guide how to do it with Loco Translate plugin:
1. Make sure your language is set correctly in “Settings – General – Site Language”. 2. Install Loco Translate Plugin, navigate to “Loco Translate – Themes”. Choose the theme. In “Overview” tab click “New Language” and choose the same language as in “Site Language” option. Click “Start translating”. 3. Use “Filter translations” field to find string you would like to translate, click on it and put your translation into “* translation:” field. 4. After you translated all necessary strings click “Save”. That’s all, translation should be applied to the site.

2. Titles on these buttons can be changed from WP-admin, also they can be completely disabled in theme options.

Thanks, i will buy the theme!

Hi We checked the template and is awesome. We are looking for a HTML template. Do you have a HTML version as we don’t intend to use WordPress? Regards


thank you for interest, but unfortunately there is no HTML version for this WordPress theme.

1. The final product is for a client who performs many conferences. With the regular license my client can modify the template whenever it wants depending on the conference to be given. 2. They have support in Spanish, since I am from Latin America.3. The template has some security plugin, or that security features come with the template


1. You can modify the theme as you wish, but keep in mind, that one license is valid only for one site ( https://themeforest.net/licenses/standard ). Also, if theme code is heavily modified, we won’t be able to provide support if something doesn’t work.

2. We provide support only in english.

3. There is no additional security plugin or module comes with the theme. WordPress core is responsible for security of your site.

1. I understand that the regular license only works for one domain. My question is: if you have the same domain, my client can use the template as many times as you want, that is, if you finish an event, you can use the same template by changing the colors, images, etc. in order to publish another event and Like that every time.

1. Yes, it’s possible.

I have no orders yet waiting to launch but my dashboard says i have 391 orders completed…I’m guessing since I used the template dummy db to work off it has it saved some where…where can i clear that so it shows the correct amount of orders….in the orders tab there is no orders and the trash is empty…thanks


please, reach out to us via support forum or contact form, provide your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll take a look and try to figure out the problem.

hi this is a pre-purchase question. Do you have plans to integrate with woo commerce soon? Is this theme compatible with Expresso ticketing plug in? If I use ticker, do I have to purchase the plugin for paid events? Thanks


we are going to make the theme woocommerce compatible, probably integration will be available with the next theme update. As for the Expresso – we didn’t test the theme with this plugin, so we can’t say exactly. As for the Tickera plugin – you don’t need to purchase this plugin (since there is a free version available: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tickera-event-ticketing-system/ ) unless you need features which are available only in paid version.

Hi how do I install the demo content


please, see “Appearance – Demo Content”.

Thanks much everything looks fine now

Hi the slider revolution and layer slider is asking for a purchase code. I was expecting to see even a basic free version, because the theme was bundled with these plugins.

Thanks, I know I cannot get a license, but it seems I am unable to use the free version that came with the template

Bundled plugins should work fine. If not, please, contact us by support forum, provide temporary access to WP-admin and describe what is exactly wrong with them, I’ll take a look and try to figure out the problem.

Ok thanks.Will try again and contact you if the problem continues

1. I can create surveys by conference, speaker, etc. 2. I can include a chat. 3. I can create a page where customers who participate in the event can download the presentations in PDF 4. I can include a payment gateway such as Iatai, PayU, etc.


1,2 – there are not such options in the theme, probably you can add such functionality with some plugins.

3 – You can create password protected page for this purpose, it’s standard WordPress feature.

4. The theme is compatible with Tickera plugin, which provides 2Checkout payment gateway in a free version ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/tickera-event-ticketing-system/ ), but there are more payment options available in Premium version.


I have 5 event’s that are organized by only one company.

I use only one website for the events. Can I use your theme and edit it for my 5 events I wan’t to use them with the same website but divide the themes into 5 subdomains.

For example,

www.event1.mywebsite.com – Theme edited for my first event www.event2.mywebsite.com – Theme edited for my second event


yes, it’s possible. You can use WordPress multisite mode (it’s supported by the theme) or just create 5 different WordPress installs.

Does it work with woocommerce??


WooCommerce support will be added with the next theme update (it will be released this week I suppose).

I seem to have an issue on my install but I can also reproduce the same issue on your demo website: http://demo.olevmedia.net/eventerra/tickets/

When I click on the Downloads button it does not seem to always register the click and show the drop down. Sometimes it does, but not all the time. Sometimes I have to click it 4 or 5 times before it shows me the drop down.

I’m not sure if this is an issue specific to my computer as I don’t have another device to test against but would appreciate having a quick look.


no one has reported such a problem yet, and it also works fine on all our devices. Could you please tell us, which version of the browser and OS you use?

After upgrading tickera to the full version I am now getting the sidebar showing on the cart page. This didn’t happen before the upgrade. That page I explicitly have the option set to HIDE the sidebar but it is still showing right bellow the forms.

This only happens when I have the Tickera – Custom Forms Add-on enabled. If I disable it then the sidebar is gone. So I think there is an issue with the sidebar option not being respected when that plugin is enabled.


please, contact us by support forum, provide temporary access to WP-admin and FTP, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Is it possible to make the Dropdown secondary menu button like the Highlighted menu button so I can link it direct to a page without making it dropdown


here is a workaround for this, which will allow you to add a link without modifying theme files:

1. create any “Dropdown menu” just to make “Dropdown secondary menu button” appear.

2. Install this plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/head-footer-code/

3. Navigate to “Tools – Head & Footer Code”, and insert this code into “FOOTER Code” field:

    window.location = 'http://google.com';

replace http://google.com in this code to the desired link, which will be added to “Dropdown secondary menu button”.


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