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Clean wok, glws ;)

Thanks focuss! :)

Thanks Alexgorilla! :)

Good Job, GLWS ;)

Thanks ThemeCafe! :)

Clean and Great Work! GLWS! :)

Thanks Detatch! :)

love it! any way to link the submit button to paypal?

Thank you I ended up just adding another button.

Im getting corrupt text on the speakers section when ever there is a ” or a ’ used any idea how to fix that?

hi, for the registration form where will i see when somebody makes a registration ore is there a database , also for the newsletter the same question


Hi wijncompleet, you will receive an email in both cases!

Interesting theme- will buy for our project. Quick question: Any way we can redirect user after submission to paypal payment ?

Hey can this be used to make multiple Events on one page? not just one conference?

Hi monomix, the theme is only for one event designed! Sorry

Hi Sapierre, i am loving it so far, but I cant locate the “submit-form.php file to edit it and adding my email?

i still cant locate the code, $youremail = ‘’; on the index.html so that I can add my email?

When you download the theme file and extract it, there are a folder named Website! In this folder are two files index.html and submit-forms.php. The config for the email are at the top in the submit-forms.php.

found it. thanks!

Hi, anyone managed to integrate with mailchimp? Need a quick tip before a site launch…

I have done everything from the documentation.

I do not get any subscribers submitted and are a little worried i have not set “field mapping” right.

Any advice is apreciated.

Hi tarantell, did you get any errors or messages?

got your email, thanks.

Pre-Sale question:

Can I add a subscribe by linkedin button in your theme? I also want to display all attendees with their linkedin profile.

Yes of course! But there is no special widget for it. Best regards

Love the look and design theme. How do I accelerate the preloader. Even while viewing the index file on my laptop it takes minutes or longer to view the page. What do I need to do to fix this issue? Thanks in advance, -E

Hi gluegl,

if you not run the page on a local webserver like xampp or mamp, you should be remove the youtube iframe in the index.html on line 581. Also you should comment out or remove line 325 (twitterFetcher…) in the coustom.js.

Greetings themeinjection

i love it! good luck!;

Thanks GrafAS!

Hi! Is it possible to add Google Analytics to this theme ? If yes, how I can do it?

Can I change “registration form”, how can I put my link to google forms instead your registration form ?

Hey Guys!

Good Work,one question:

cank i add more speakers?


Hi nima85,

sorry for my late answer! It’s very easy to add more speakers! Simply duplicate the whole speakers section and add your new speakers. Thats it!



How can I enable the ‘check multiple checkboxes’ in the registration section?


Sorry for the question, but is a cms version (like wordpress) in development? I love it but I need a blog section.

No sorry! Greetings


I have tried to download the zip file. But it says the file have not style.css. What am i doing wrong?

- Marie

Hya! Is it possible to easily (follow your instructions) modify JS to send two letters after the registration… - one letter for site-owner (event-provider) with registrant information entry, - the other letter for registrant with greets and other infos, Can you help me?

Hi Valkure, to send the form data to the site-owner and to a other person just add a BCC email address at line 134 in the ‘inc/form-mail.php’ like:
$headers .= 'Bcc:' . "\r\n";</per> 

Thanks for your help!


Hello there. Nice template. How do I modify the registration process to just send information and not use the checkboxes? Thanks!

Hi emekks, please send me your purchase-code for validation at!