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HI, nice theme, may I know is it possible for visitors to register event on this theme? Something like event listing (Pay or free). Because I cannot see in theme tabs which visitors can do this.Thanks


events are only added from backend – and only users that have edit rights, can do it. Thanks.

Hi, When adding a new speaker you can add their title and institution and it will show under their details as the field for “studies” and “university”. How do you change this field to say “organisation” and “title”? Thanks


any text can be “translated” using a po editor or for example this plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/codestyling-localization/ . Just search for “University” and change it in whatever you want. Save for options, in backend, if mandatory.


Hi, i am looking for an event theme that can do the following:

- ability to create an event - ability to select the dates that the event is on - ability to select different locations where you can attend the event (if not i will just create an event for each location) - ability to select and limit the number of slots available for each event for each event date (and location) - ability to control the inputs required on the event registration form - auto email sent to the user after they complete the registration form with their event booking - ability to review the event registrations / bookings on a dashboard

Can you confirm if you theme can do ALL of these?


events can be added here inside a conference custom post – here are the contained options http://i.imgur.com/oOlDspc.png . So location, time, date and descriptions are on. I guess the slot number can’t be configured. Registration is made up automatically by username – there are no specific forms to edit. Emails are not configured to be sent, as well the review on the registrations can be made on conference’s settings page.

Thank you.

Trying to instal theme demo data getting this error

“Error Process of importing data cannot be continued. Your server returned HTTP error. More details are below and in browser console.”


Could you please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with credentials to a temporary admin account?

Hi! Just bought this theme but something seems to be wrong. I created speakers and sponsors and display them on the front page, just like in the demo. When I click on one of the speakers or sponsors I get a 404, what could be the issue here? Hope you can help me!

Hi Anna, I already did, it’s #7250 Evento, hope you can help me. Thanks

Ok. We will answer your question asap!


Hey, considering to buy this nice theme. Question: is it possible for event participants to register and first ‘partly’ fill in some fields, save, and come back later to complete their info? Eg. someone registers, but isn’t sure yet when to arrive to the event. Later on (when he knows the time of arrival) this participant can complete his attendance sheet. Thanks!


Unfortunately there is no such option. You can only register to get an email when the event takes place or other info.

hi, i was considering to buy this theme and have couple of questions if you kindly answer. 1. Your demo is not allowing me to signup and register for any event so is there end to end registration and payment module available??


Everything works fine! Registration is not allowed on demo, so no worries about that.

It seems theme doesn’t support responsive layout. If it doesn’t support it, is it difficult to change some code to support responsive layout?

Hi idpokute, as a matter of fact we did some development and now we support a fully responsive version. We’re submitting an update so it should be available in 2-3 days.

In your conversation with idpokute about a month ago, you had mentioned that a responsive version would be available in (then) 2-3 days. Any updates?

Hey nickydef,

please open up a private ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/anonymous_requests/new so we can ship you the beta version.

is it possible to change speaker’s order by name or publish date or what options?

Yes, you can order speakers by name: when inserting the shortcode just add order_by=alpha

Here’s a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Tt5enWc.png

How do I change the link on the logo in the header to some other URL? Please advice.

Hi, you need to find the logo function inside the .php files and edit it to suit your needs.

To receive detailed support, please address your inquiry via our zendesk ticketing platform: http://cosmothemes.zendesk.com – don’t forget to renew your support subscription and include your purchase code (http://i.imgur.com/nGTu42o.png)

Hello, your theme supports multi-events – that is already very fine. I would like to have one main event (the coming event) on the main page, and links the next few events from the main page – when go to the next next event I would like to see details information about this event as on the main page. Is that possible with this theme? Thank you a lot for your answer in advance. Vasili.

Hello again, one additional question: I miss a page to buy ticket, in best case ticket with different options for different price. Do you have such page? I could not find it in the live preview. Thanks, Vasili

Hi, you can display the main event on the mainpage and use a sidebar to display the Events list widget.

When clicking the event from the widget – you will see the full event page.

We dont offer event tickets page, but you could make use of https://www.eventbrite.com/ and insert their shortcode to a custom page.


This theme support wordpress 4.6 ?


It sure does. Please open up a private ticket at cosmothemes.zendesk.com if you encounter any issues.

Hi – Does this theme have a registration page option?

Hi, it only has a modal box login/registration option. However, you can try another theme of ours https://themeforest.net/item/pressevent-event-management-theme/2196163 it has the login/registration page feature available.

Hi. have bought a multipurpose package here, can you help me install on Wordpress?

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Hi, I see the theme has not been updated since 2015. Is it compatible with the latest version? and is the theme responsive?

free download button return an error Message “502 Bad Gateway

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very Frustrated…

i am facing logo and slider navigation problem