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I am the webmaster of an academic organization chapter in Japan (among a ton of other responsibilities) and have been looking for a theme that I could use. (Presently the chapter uses a free Terapad site). This theme look like it may really work! We have monthly meetings and need to show people where the meeting is. We have attachments to provide. I want a blog, etc. etc.

This theme is a FIRST of its kind on Themeforest. A needed addition. Well done and best of luck with sales. I may be one of your customers soon! Tim thejapanobserver

Thank you for appreciation @thejapanobserver

Does this come with some sort of event registration plugin? Because without event registration, this is just a standard WP theme.

WP really lacks good event registration functionality. I appreciate the event-centered approach…but without a registration module, I don’t see the effectiveness.

HI, for now we offer just a simple registration for the events, but for that users must be looged in. We are planning to extend it and buid paid registration and tickets.

amazing work you done , Let me be the first to buy this theme , 5 stars rated. waiting for your promise in the next release :)

best of luck

Thank you :)

I agree with kevingeary about online registration. If including online payment also include offline payment feature such as automatic email of bank info to registrant via email to make deposit for payment.

Hopefully this theme will become more robust with every update but you’ve hit a home run still. Will purchase soon.

we’ll take into consideration your feedback

Looks great. good work!

Very clean design! :-) Could you check it on an iPad please. There are thin lines above and below the rounded buttons. Thanks, Bernhard

hi, at the moment we can’t test on iPad :(

KUDOS … Nice clean design. You have something unique… can only expect great things from it.

Would be nice if it also had horizontal slider for (speakers, sponsors, exhibitors). Full registration for events… see here @ Epicera, CodeCanyon EVENTS Calendar PRO – WP Plugin

BEST Wishes and bookmarked.

Hi gluegl, thank you for the hint

Looks great! Good luck :)

Thanks man :)

I’m right on with kevingeary and Cline123.

Home run, just need a few extra features and I’ll pop on this one too!

Very, very nice work :)

Thank you, stay tuned.

There will be improvements in the future releases.

Super clean and useful theme, one question pops out: What about front end user submissions??

I’m thinking of allowing subscribed members to post their own events as “contributors” roles being assigned to them (separate from basic members that need to register to an event) while using GF or other premium membership plugins.

Do you think this is something that can be achievable or integrated in future releases?

Definitely bookmarked!

We will think about it, but for now front end user submissions is not a priority.

Theres no calendar option? A calendar events in front page?

No, there is no calendar.

You can create events, then you can add the program to each event.

Then you can see all the events ordered by time.

What Twitter plugin are you using in the Theme-Demo? It’s so minimal and clean…

there is no pluging, it is integrated in the theme.

It is on version 0.3 at the moment and its telling me version 0.4 is available however the update is not showing up anywhere to download..

It was not yet aproved by ThemeForest, when it will be approved we will add change log in the theme description on ThemeForest

The share widget is so pretty! Congratulations guys, amazing job!

Thank you!

+1 on calendar event handling… if this was integrated with payment options such as the online and offline as mentioned above, I will be the next in line to purchase as well… Great looking theme, and yes, home run for the first of event management themes.

Thank you Mcollins

Hey Virusnac,

Great theme. We will only be using the html included with the theme as we will integrate it into our own CMS . Do you have any doc for the slides on front page? I cant get it to work just with the html.

Hi, it uses this jQuery plugin: http://slidesjs.com/ Can you ask this question on our forum please, I’ll give you more details there.

Hi, I apologize for not being too explicit with the html comments, but here is some hints for you:

1. Make sure to have these js files in your html:

And of course jquery itself =)

2. follow the exact mark-up from index.html from line 127 to 150
3. each slide item is contained in Basically, each element will be considered a slide item. See for yourself in index.html, line 130 being commented as <!-First slide->
4. the slide is triggered by a separate script in your html var SL_BUTTONS = true; var SL_PAGINATION = false; var SL_SLIDESPEED = 600; var SL_PLAYSPEED = 5000; var SL_EFFECT = ‘slide, fade’; var SL_RANDOMIZE = false; var SL_PAUSE = true;

P.S. btw, make sure you download the latest version from ThemeForest, it might be true that last version lacked a js file.

Also, find a detailed documentation here: http://slidesjs.com

Nice theme, if i need help on setup its better to ask here or the forum?

What about the promotion for the first 10? im one of them?


Hi, please use our forum for any questions. When did you by the theme?

How are the translation possibilities for this theme? Is it prepared with gettext calls for all text?

yes, it is ready for translation

I can still use as just a regular site?

Thank…GREAT job!

Not really, because on the front page you can show only a event and a lot of widget related to it, you can’t have a simple post there.