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When I try to upload this theme, it says, “are you sure you want to do this; upload failed.” What do I do?

Make sure to follow the steps as shown in this topic http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/4436

Sorry about my last comment—disregard it. Is there any way to disable the blogging feature? When I type my domain into my search bar, it does not bring me to any of the pages that I have set up, but, rather, to a page that says, “blog page. sorry, no posts found.” Thanks

To set up a blog page, you can make it like described here http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/4479 . And, you could just disable it, from settings -> Reading, and deleting the page, or making Draft, from Wordpress Dashboard.

Hi there!

I’m about to buy this theme but first i need to know 2 things:

- Does it have any easy way to show the past events?

- Is it compatible with any plugin like “Private login” or “Absolute Privacy plugin”, cause i need to do a private website.

Thanks in advance.


I am experience issues with my contact form/box. When someone submits their message, it is not emailed anywhere. I put the email that I wanted the message to be directed to in the “contact email” box when setting it up, but I still did not receive any messages that were sent. How to I configure the box to an email?

Check if the mailing is allowed on your server, and that it can send emails.

Hi there..

Can the colours be changed from the blue to anything else?

Hi. Some of the colors, like the buttons or icons, are images, so will need to be edited (the icons are included in the PSD files).

Hi there…

Thanks a million… Just sent you an email with regards to the buttons psd file..

Thanks again..

Hey there,

Does this theme support video in the slider or in the gallery?


Hi. No, by default, it doesn’t support it.

Hi, Is it possible to remove the ‘continue reading’ button when not needed?

Thanks in advance

Hi. No, the “Continue Reading” button can not be removed on demand.


It seems that people are not able to register for a event on my website. Could you please check?


thanks in advance


It seems that people are not able to register for a event on my website. Could you please check?


thanks in advance

try to enable WP registration: http://i.imgur.com/LfdXE.png

Hello, Do you have a XML file for sample content for the website? Thx anyway i just found it in another post


Hello I am trying to create a home page that looks like the demo. i can’t figure out how to add the 2 and 3 columns in the bottom half with the info & registration button and conference program, presentations, and speakers. Do you have instructions on how to do that?


hi. Those widgets are assigned in Appearance -> Widgets. These 3 widgets http://i.imgur.com/Y4eRH.png are added to the Front Page Bottom Left/Middle/Right sidebars, while these 3 http://i.imgur.com/Th6i6.png are assigned to the Footer First/Second/Third Sidebar. The registration area http://i.imgur.com/dgQ4S.png is the widget ””Conference registration” assigned to the Registration sidebar http://i.imgur.com/Hr1W0.png .

Thank you fro the quick response!!

Hello, I have everything working very good but i have an issue with the buttons such as register for event or continue reading. they have a small line above the button. see link http://www.magiconthebayfestival.com/buttons.png

I think your page is zoomed out. Try to hit ‘Ctrl 0’ at the same time.

Hi I tried to upload the xml file into my site.. and there were a lot of things that failed to be uploaded..how can i fix this? as i want sample data to test my site..thanks

Hi. This might happen if some files (images, attachments) are not available.

hi do you support eventbrite plugin?

HI, we didn’t test the eventbrite WP plugin. We only tested the iframe offered by them and it worked fine.

I have been working with this theme and am about ready to pull my hair out. I have been going through the documentation guide step by step and keep running into roadblocks.

1) I can’t get the image/post slider to work. 2) When I added a conference according to section 3.1, I get a 404 error.

These are the issues I am having now. URL is www.ohfablog.org/housingsummit

Hi. Please check if the theme is installed properly, (wp-content/themes/evento/style.css), check for conflicting plugins, the server log should have a possible clue about the source of the error, try increasing the allocated memory to php.

When I try to upload an image to the slider I get a white screen that says

Cheatin’ uh?

What the heck does that mean? It’s not done this before. is this an issue with the latest WP update? I did that yesterday and today this message appears.

Any help would be appreciated.


I am planning to purchase this theme but I want to know is there a way to add an event to iCal or Google Calendar? I couldn’t find it on the demo though.

Hi. The theme doesn’t have the features you specified (iCal, Google Calendar).

Hi… Client wants to run a competition on the site. Can i incorporate Contact Form 7 to handle the questionnaire or do u recommend another plugin?

Hi. We haven’t tried it, but you could give it a test.

Will Do

Hi there…

There seems to be a compatibility issue with wp 3.5… I update wordpress and then saw the drop down menu template disappear..

Please advise on www.abem.co.za

update please to version 1.3

Thanks a million… Is there a responsive thing to check when theres an updated version of the template by any chance?

Thanks again for the help…

Hello, I orger this item and two issue: - share link is not working - leave a reply is not working

here is a link about it:http://event.foreast.com/

I have to download and pay again? od, where I can download it? thx

You can download it from you Downloads section, you don’t have to buy it again http://i.imgur.com/Y7LkJ.png

Ok, thank you. End hope last question: how can I update theme – just rewrite the files?