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Hi Great Theme,

Is it translatable? (.po file??)

Hi, the theme has a .po file

Is there a changelog for the new version? Given that child themes are not supported, it is a great help to have a reference that documents what files have been changed. This helps to ease the painstaking file-to-file comparison for users like me who’ve made extensive theme customizations in applying theme updates.

The changelog for Evento can be found here http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/1242

Hi guys,

I delete and update Testimonials section with 4 new testimonials. After update in widget area of website i have 6 testimonials of witch first and last are blank.

Do you have any solution to fix that problem?


If they are assigned to a conference, delete them from conference settings http://i.imgur.com/HCnF1.png

I didn’t assign to a conference.

Also i was looking in DB and find records for 6 testimonials. After that change to 4 and remove records for non existing one.


I am deciding whether to buy this theme. Is there a place to put ads on the pages?


Hi. This theme doesn’t have special areas for ads, you will need a plugin or to add this feature.


What are the possiblities for event registration and payment. Default or with a plugin?

Any advice?

Thanks and regards,


Hi. The “Evento” theme doesn’t have the option for payments, paid attending, only standard event registration.

You may try www.eventbrite.com , http://www.amiando.com/ or any other service.

I heard there was a error whit wordpress “Cheatin’ uh?”

Is it fixed?


Hi. This error was fixed a few months ago, in case you are having it, please update the theme to the latest version.

Thx for your help , nice


I purchased this theme through the email: km@dedi.org.eg and it was installed here: http://www.dedi.org.eg/dmc/

When trying to add a slideshow of 2 photos or more, it shows the loading sign as you can check the homepage through the url provided. How can this be solved as without the slider, the theme is not really functioning.

Waiting for your reply…

Hi there, please check this topic http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/6171


Thanks for your reply.

That worked and fixed the problem.

Best Regards…

I purchased this theme yesterday 03-11-2013. I have problems in installation. This is a new installation on wp 3.51 Everytime I try to install the importer, I run into this error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class WP_Feed_Cache in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/wp-includes/class-feed.php on line 16 So I am unable to import the XML file. Now my question is: is there another way to import the xml file or is there a way to resolve this? This happens when I running the template. :(

This is a fresh install of wordpress 3.51 When I used wordpress importer, here are medias which were not imported: Failed to import Media “2380333875_23ca72743e_o-960×300” Failed to import Media “3754388455_c3eabc21d5_o” Failed to import Media “3889111343_59c2232388_o” Failed to import Media “4191182804_812461af1d_b-960×300” Failed to import Media “5485285278_e59b538c” Failed to import Media “5485285278_e59b538c89_b” Failed to import Media “5501284075_b79dd0799f_b” Failed to import Media “5505775854_39d4e3” Failed to import Media “5505775854_39d4e3a1fe_b” Failed to import Media “5591841542_a9d704810f_b” Failed to import Media “5602776098_3994cf8837_b” Failed to import Media “5602776098_3994cf8837_b (copy)” Failed to import Media “5605227585_705b5891f1_b” Failed to import Media “5609585990_647401a8b8_b” Failed to import Media “5609585990_647401a8b8_b (copy)” Failed to import Media “5618923806_fce5c76d75_b” Failed to import Media “5642304108_00b1561d9e_b” Failed to import Media “Apple_Desktop_Condensate_Green” Failed to import Media “74907741_c2d59deb64_o”

When importing from xml, some images might not import. Other content will import well.

So what are my options? Do you have a place where I can download all the medias and manually upload them?

I bouht the theme yestoday. I like it. But the demo’s XML file failed to import. Please give me a new one. Thanks!

Please check here we have updated the file http://cosmothemes.com/forums/topic/3924

Hi, I don’t upload images to Presentation. How do I remove “No image” rectangle?

Thank you.

A simple option would be to replace from the images folder with a white image, just keeping the same/dimensions name for the new file.


I purchased this theme yesterday. Today i installed it on my site (wordpress platform) and i receive some errors. These are the errors:

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘type’ in /home/business/public_html/wp-content/themes/evento/lib/php/extra.class.php on line 32

Warning: Illegal string offset ‘type’ in /home/business/public_html/wp-content/themes/evento/lib/php/extra.class.php on line 32

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/business/public_html/wp-content/themes/evento/lib/php/extra.class.php:32) in /home/business/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 568

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/business/public_html/wp-content/themes/evento/lib/php/extra.class.php:32) in /home/business/public_html/wp-includes/option.php on line 569


Hi. Please open lib/php/extra.class.php and replace line 32 with the following:

if(is_array($inputs) && $inputs['type'] == 'attach' ){

This theme is terribly buggy. Drafts stay in your feed and you have to put them in trash AND delete them to get them to delete.

You can’t order your speakers, sponsors, etc. Even when adding a reorder program, it doesn’t work. You can’t even change the dates to make them order as you need them. Very inconvenient.

There are too many bugs to mention. I will never use this theme for a conference again.

Hi! I am stumped by this problem: In my conferences this always appears: [tab title=”title”].. i know it’s not supposed to appear because its a code.. but i cant seem to make it disappear without affecting the tabs.. please help me on this because it’s pretty weird..

also when i add the widget for conference programs i cant seem to make a list of the conferences i want to appear. i can only choose just 1 unlike in your live preview.. thanks a lot!

trainingph.com for reference

thank you for your quick response.. No i have not changed anything in the php files.. at least not that im aware of anyway.. i’ll check on those broken shortcode tags might have messed them up trying to get rid of the codes appearing on the front page.. do you have any advice how to fix this since i dont have active plugins either.. in fact i havent done anything with the theme yet aside from creating a little content.. thanks again!

Then it might be related to the unclosed tags of the shortcodes, try removing and adding them back. Also if you had some custom shortcodes before using this theme, then there might be leftovers from the previous one (with different shortcodes).

I have checked for unclosed tags over and over again but the thing is it still happens when i create a new conference.. it happens whenever i add tabs..

I have just uploaded the latest theme (Version: 1.4). However I cannot upload images. I get the “Cheatin’ uh?” message.

I have disabled all the plugins and am running WordPress 3.5.1.

This error is related to an older version of the theme. In case you have updated the theme, clear your browser cache, and the website cache if you are using any (caching plugins for example).

That’s great – thank you very much. Does Evento support child themes?

I just purchased this theme. When I list the conferences on the home page using the short code conference, I get a non chronological list of the conferences. How can I sort them please ?

I’m having a challenge with sponsors and speakers all showing up. I put them in the correct category and conference. I also go to widgets and change the number of sposors/speakers that should show up and it only shows 1 or 2.

How do I fix this?

Are you sure yo haven’t set up anything else? Tried to reproduce, but no result, their appear as specified http://i.imgur.com/W30I3NW.png

Hi, i bought this template yesterday, i wanted to find out how i can get rid of the registration system for events that comes with the theme, instead i would like to create my own registration form using gravity forms, your current registration doesn’t give me option to change fields. If am going to use gravity forms, i want to cancel the registrations that comes with the theme so i can only have one form to avoid confusion.

If you mean the registration page with the list of events http://i.imgur.com/4uXd1tr.png then you need to open page.php and the code is between lines 17-30, the code building the events list and the buttons is line 27 <?php my_account::conference(); ?>

I have a problem with attaching documents: when I try to do it – it is mentioning “Haker?” smth like that. How to resolve it?

Hi. Maybe you meant “Cheatin’ ”. If this is the case, please update to the latest version, there was an issue with the media upload in previous versions.

Yes (I have Russian WP admin). But I have latest WP (3.5.1) and your theme version (1.4)

In case you have updated previously the theme gradually, by only changing some files with the new ones, you could have missed some maybe. Try uploading again the latest version, clear browser cache (and website cache, if any installed) and try again. Also, try disabling plugins.

how can I add guests? (I found out in admin panel speakers, sponsors and exhibitors only)

Guests are the actual people who register for the event, this is why it shows the guests only in the admin panel.

so it means that as soon I will register as a user someone he/she will appear in guest list and guest widget, correct?

The list will show the users registered for that event, so yes, after someone registers, they will appear in the list after this.

How can i remove the rss feed on top right corner next to search field?

Hi. You need to remove/comment out in header.php line 143.