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I am facing a pb with the slideshows : I have created one and it can not be displayed

Hi. Make sure the slideshow is selected in the theme settings -> Slideshow. Also, when inserting the images, make sure it’s set the File URL option http://i.imgur.com/AXJCo6L.png

That’s right : it’s working now

Hi. I am new to this theme and am having issues with adding links to images. Once I have updated the destination URL on an image, when you try to click on that image you get the error message: Image cannot be loaded. Make sure the path is correct and image exist. Can you please help with this? Thanks

When you insert images make sure to set the File URL option http://i.imgur.com/cyyQE4I.png. Also, when using the prettyphoto lightbox it doesn’t load external links, only the source image, else will generate this error. To leave the urls working you need to disable the prettyphoto.

I was not able to add slideshow in my website. In the Evento—>Front Page Settings , Have no values in the Drop down for “Select Slideshow on Front Page”. Even, I had one slide show. Please suggest me on this.

Something could be wrong. Disable any plugins you might have, check if the Slideshow is published http://i.imgur.com/BvbTCYB.png

Thanks so much!!! I was not publish slideshow.

Hi I am unable to preview the demo…

All i get is “Checking your browser before accessing demo.cosmothemes.com. This process is automatic. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. Please allow up to 5 seconds…”

Sorry, we had some technical issues. Please clear your browser cache and check again.

Does the theme support multiple events on the same installation, or is this designed as a single event theme?

can you sell tickets to events?

No, the theme doesn’t sell tickets to events.


suddenly the latest tweets widget stop playing. just show ”: 4945 ?????? ago”

Hi. Can we see it?

the url is http://www.e-businessworld.gr/ the widget is the last one in the sidebar

I’m having the worst time trying to customize and make this theme work. Not very friendly and the instructions are not updated. Not much seems to be working so far but let’s start with one thing at the time. I installed the theme an I simply cannot get rid of the Calendar widget that is taking over the page. You can see it here http://politicostriunfadores.marketingpoliticoenlared.com I deleted all other plugins, got rid of all active widgets and it’s still there. Also I added pages and a slide image to see if maybe that would push it down but nothing at all. I deleted the theme and re-installed it twice and same thing. I deleted all the other themes installed by default and same problem. PLEASE HELP!!

Thanks, the page is working now. I figured out how to get rid of the calendar and other stuff that was covering the page but still having issues with the main page slider. It just won’t show up. I made sure the image is set to use URL and deactivated plugins.

I see the slideshow appearing, it has one slide.

Yes, I found a video on youtube from this guy explaining about adding the program and from there I figured it out. —I would highly suggest you guys make a couple of short videos for each theme. It would be so much easier than trying to figure out using the manual that is not updated.

I am having trouble with the main event description box on the home page. It seems to strip all code upon saving. Example I want to have line spaces so 10, 9, 8 show as single lines. I also have a read more and inserted a hyperlink but that does not stay active. Can you offer suggestions on how to format this section? I’ve used just the Text/html editor and the Visual


Hi. On frontpage only the excerpt of the post is shown, the html code and other formatting is stripped. If you want, you can use field Excerpt in post settings to define a custom excerpt (including html and styles).

Is this theme translation/localization ready?

Just bought and installed. Looks nice but seriously conflicts with this plugin (hangs your WP installation): “Media Category Library” http://wordpress.org/plugins/media-category-library/.

The error I got is: Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in ...\wp-content\plugins\media-category-library\classes\media-category-library.php on line 161

I disabled the plugin and re-installed your theme and everything is now OK. No problem for me as I don’t really need this plugin but wanted to let you know.

About registration: the theme seems to be using WP’s standard registration for users, the same for posts. For a conference many more fields are needed than the standard ones – how to implement them? Didn’t find anything about this in documentation.

Hi. Yes, the theme used default registration, it doesn’t have option for more, needs custom functionality, or maybe a plugin.

Thanks, no problem, there are some plugins around, have to test them. Any recommendation is welcome.

Program: how do I link program items to presentations and speakers? Can’t see any links here.

A conference program should always have clicakble titles so that we get details for each topic – isn’t it?

already solved that! Do not forget about rating ;)

see my msg below, I’ve entered it at the wrong place…

Oh, I said it loud, so the hole team is really appreciating this! Cheers!

Child theme: I’m unable to create a child theme out of Evento – what’s wrong here?


The rating process is quite strange here… I just put 5 stars for EVENTO but there is nothing to confirm that it was taken into account. Please check if it’s OK.

it’s OK, thank you very much… unfortunately we can’t see who rated us, just the score. THANK YOU!

This theme is really excellent for Conferences and Seminars. When I started working on it some features were not exactly as I was expecting them to be but I had an excellent support from the authors and some customization was done that will also be included in next versions. Still some small improvements need to be done, but I think the main core structure is the ideal one. Hope also to have a responsive layout in the future, although this is not something I need for the current project I’m working on. Thanks guys!

Thank you John for your wonderful words!

Twitter stream widget is not working. Please help!!!! Its urgent

Thank you in advance

I am using 1.9 version and does not show if there is any updates. How do I get the updates?

please verify your download section, you should have available version 1.5 (please notice that the last version is 1.5, not 1.9).

Sorry this is for Eventor Theme, not Evento…I confuse the two.


Great theme, but my slideshow doesn’t show. I’ve created it, published it, I can see it in the Evento option panel, but it just don’t appear. I’ve deactivated all the plugins and nothing. please help me. I’ve emailed the images from my dashboard to support@cosmothemes.com My website is www.diadelaenergia.com It doesn show anywhere, not even in pages. I need it in the frontpage.


I see you fixed it already? http://i.imgur.com/XcTlzrC.png If that’s not your slideshow, please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/ with an admin account to your site, so we could have a look. Cheers!

Quite good theme. I’ve installed and set up it on www.sme.banking-conference.com 1) There are few questions: probably there is an issue in css. but with translate plugin it show in your widgets two languagers at the same time (English, Russian). 2) there is an admin feature: Show Log In link Yes/No check to show “Log In” link. I mark “Yes”. “Log in” apper but there is no link. How to solve it? As I understood as soon as people log in they can register on the event?

Please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with more details, and an admin account, as I am quite confused what is the main issue. Please include some screenshots to this ticket. Cheers!

please look into this screenshot http://sme.banking-conference.com/?attachment_id=575#!prettyPhoto-575/0/ and you will find that english and russian versions are closed and together neverless I chose russian language only


please open a ticket at https://cosmothemes.zendesk.com/home with an admin account, an FTP account and a link to the page with the untranslated speakers, we’ll try to troubleshoot plugin’s issue. Cheers!

Hello. Our client purchased the Evento theme and I have what is (hopefully) a simple question. In the “Latest Posts” widget, a notation appears on the front page stating “Comments Off”. How do I turn this off? I’d like the “Comments Off” to not appear. Thanks so much!


try to open style.css file, and at the very end of the file please add next snippet:


That should hide comment array. Cheers!

Hi there, Thank you for your excellent theme! I have changed the colour of the footer and background to match with my conference colour scheme – however, I can’t work out how to change the blue highlight colour which runs throughout all the pages – please can you help with how I can do this? Many thanks.

Please send us a link so we could investigate your site elements a little bit. Cheers!