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Big and bold, nice! GLWS 8-)

Thank you!

Excellent and perfect design :) GLWS

Thank you!

Looks nice and big! GLWS

I have a problem with the Yellow Theme. I modified it according as I need, I’m almost done with everything, but to upload it, the menu loses its fixed position.

Can you help please :(

We saw your question at the forum :) please send us the link to the website so we can see the final code and what is happening with the menu!

Very nice layout! 5 stars…. :-))

Thank you @ronflash :)

Pls have a look at contact. I published the template and when I send the contactform there opens a blanco popup HTML page what says Thank you for your message instead of the message appears on the page itself…

I mean the message has to appear on the contactpage itself…. ”:-)) E.g. above the contactform or below the contactform.

But NOT in a popup blanco html page…..

@ronflash As we told you by email: We do not do customization for free. With this item we added a basic working contact form, in case you want to change it you should customize it yourself. We will consider making an update with your suggestion but we cant say when.

Hope you can fix that…. :-)

We believe every client should be happy, so we’ll do my best to assist all of you with whatever issues you have with the template. We’ll answer questions about minor bugs as well, but not for advanced customization requests or re-design requests.

..... and what does that costs to make the reply in the contact.html page instead of a blanco html page like it is now?

Add your questions at our forum. Thanks

I wrote ypu an email directly to your email.

I wanted to subcribe in to the forum, but not succeeded, because it says that name and email already exists.

But I do not understand because I never subcribed in before and I do not have a password.

By the way… what must I do on a forum with my qustions about prices? I do not need a forum, but directly support! So pls send me the prices of my questions to my email… :-)

Hi folks. like this design very much.

A client is asking for a landing page that allows visitors to read 12-20 past issues of a tab publication. I would like a graphic icon for each issue and I would really love to work that utility into your template.

The paper is 11×17” and the Flash flip book is too low res to be legible in full page view due to the 22” x 17” spreads. I am looking for a clean PDF viewer to direct the visitor to from the multiple issue page that is clean, intuitive and quick (pubs are around 12-16Mb). Are these wish list items doable with your template? I’d sure like to use this beauty.

Also, how difficult is it to change color to a blue (100% cyan)?

Thank you folks—some exceptionally fine work here.

@walkfly You can add a flip book animation to this website in any section. To change the color just find #color and replace.

We would like to let you know we have specific landing pages templates for books:

Using Simplify Landing Page you can add pages at the “preview” image gallery, this use a lightbox, you just need to upload a preview image of the page of the book you want to show. I hope this ideas work for you, all the best!

3 days ago! Pls send me the prices of my questions to my email… :-)

My email is: What is the problem?

@ronflash there is no problem. We can´t take more work for now, I am sure you can find any good web designer freelance to make the work that you want. As we told you customization is not part of the support. And for the moment we dont have the time to work on your project. We will do the best to improve and update our items taking in consideration your suggestions. Hope you understand. Best of luck

I have made purchase but I have broken link trying to download….help

The download files are on themeforest, please contact themeforest support.

Let us know if you need anything else, we are here to help! :)

Great theme ! Will it be available in a wp or tumblr version ? Thanks.

Thanks, we dont have wp at the moment. :S Hope to submit it soon! Thanks for asking

this theme is awesome do we have wordpress version of this theme

Hey! Thanks for the comment. We don´t have a WordPress version, but we can help you with the html once you buy it.
We are here if you need anything else!
Regards :)

can u help me converting it to wordpress, because im planning a verybig dynamic website

Sorry, we can´t do customization work at this moment.

How can i set a color to an active link of the menu?

@mktlondon Hi, we saw your question at the forum, we will answer there. thanks! :)