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nice theme i would like to see a Dark version of this theme and For Wordpress! will this happen?


and thank you for your interest. Yes, we’re working on the release of Wordpress version, but for now we don’t have a time frame.

Dark version – yes, it’s possible, may be we’ll include it in the next update :)

Best regards, Jordan

thank you for the quick reply and il be waiting for the dark version WP theme.

Hi guys,

I’m trying to install the theme only on an existing Joomla site so cannot install sample data.

Problem is, the theme only option doesn’t seem to include any of the plugins like the slider etc.

Can you help me get the theme working for my client? I also need to change the name of the theme from Eventus in the admin area

Thanks in advance!


can you send me temporary admin access to your site and also the name new name for the template and I’ll change it for you. Also will add the needed extensions. Email me the details here: support@dhtheme.com

Best regards, Jordan

Wow – That was quick! I’ve sent a reply via email. Thank you Jordan :)

Hey Dhsign whats up! I am so into this hot EVENTUS THEME. Please let me know when the wordpress version comes out. Please place me on your notify list. and I will buy like yesterday. Once again this theme is AweSome! Outstanding craftsmanship.

Thanks Nizers, for your kind words :)

Yes, I hope that we’ll have soon Eventus for WP and will let you know!

Best regards, Jordan

HI Sir, im new in Joomla i would like your assistance how to install Eventus template in go daddy hosting? please help thanks

PS. i already purchased your teplate thank you :)

All done and installed :) Check your email

yey!thanks for your assistance more power :)

No problem man :)

I cannot install the sample data from quick start, it’s showing the default joomla theme,,, ur support is required


first – you already have an answer in your email :)

Second – if you have read the documentation, you will know how to fish :) In the Installation section all steps are described, including that you need to click on Test Sample Data :)

Best regards, Jordan

Thanks Jordan Amazing support,,, I like your fast response brother

Not a problem :)

Hello! How can I make multilanguage main menu? If I choose a different language, everything changes except the main menu.


if you’re using the default Joomla multilangual functionality you need to copy the template (from Site admin) > open the new template and in the Menu tab select the second language menu for main menu > save and when you switch to the second language the menu will be styled as it should.

Other than this there is nothing special, you need to just follow the steps to create the multlangual feature.

You can find more about how to create multilangual Joomla site here:

Joomla 2.5 – http://www.ostraining.com/blog/joomla/joomla-multi-lingual/

Joomla 3 – http://www.slideshare.net/erictiggeler/creating-a-multilingual-site-in-joomla-joomla-3-beginners-guide-eric-tiggeler

Best regards, Jordan

Thank you! I thought that you want to copy the template. Bad that it is impossible to implement all the same template: (

It’s the same template, just assigned to different main menu :)


When I install multilingual, everything is ok expect the home page in the conference sub-menu (under Home menu), it doesn’t show the slider and other modules.


if you’re using the basic Joomla multilangual feature, probably you didn’t do something right.

You can send me the site here: support@dhtheme.com so I can take a look.

Best regards, Jordan

Thanks, I sent you an email..

Replied :)

Thank you very much :)

Do you have the same theme designed in HTML5.


unfortunately no, only for Joomla at this moment.

Best regards, Jordan

Tow-factor authentication field not showing in frontend when site is offline (maintenance mode), hence admin not able to login to frontend because of this. This issue was addressed in Joomla core 3.2 but it does not seem to have been fixed in Eventus template.

Is there going to be an update to this? Thanks

I sent the email to support@dhtheme.com

The file is already sent :)

Thanks…works now.

how to link keynote speakers to home article?i cant make article with keynote speakers?and also confusing with keynote speakers images,how they link from home page?


the Keynote speakers is part from the Home page, it’s not one article, but 4 articles. The home menu is set to Category Blog layout assigned to the Speakers category.

Best regards, Jordan

thanks jordan

how to hide filters in gallery?

This option is part of the gallery short code. In the top you have:

[gallery columns=”4” filter=”yes”]

Where you need to set the filters to no like this:

[gallery columns=”4” filter=”no”]

That’s it :)


hi, I am trying to edit the top-right social icons but when I go to edit the module, there is nothing in the edit box. If i save hte module as it is, with nothing in there, the social icons disappear which is what i would expect. If i paste back in the code:

in the code editor and then swicth back to the default editor, for some reason it is stripped out.

why won’t this code show in the editor?

thank you


this code is not part of the shortcodes and thus it gets stripped if you’re using the text editor. You have 2 options:

1. Either disable your editor before editing the code from Global configuration > Text editor (default editor) field > select None, save and then edit the code.

2. Or if you’re using JCE you can make it to not strip the code (again you will not see the code in text editor mode, but in HTML you will). To set JCE to not strip the code you need to go to: Site admin > components > JCE Editor > Profiles > Default > Editor Parameters > in the Cleanup & Output tab > Validate HTML field > choose No and save.

Best regards, Jordan

i usually use tinymce and that was what was default from the quickstart package…

Hi There, Nice theme – just have a query before I purchase it. I need to have two menus because there are going to be ‘3 sites in 1’ with my site. Eg:

Store 1 > Home | About | Tenants | Contact

Store 2 > Home | About | Tenants | Contact

Store 3 > Home | About | Tenants | Contact

Essentially I want to change where the demo ‘company logo’ is to have the 3 store logo’s. Is this something you could do and how much would you charge or alternatively – is this template customisable in this way – or is it something I can alter your files to do this ?


if you mean that you need to have 3 main menus with 3 different logos, then yes, you can do that, no altering or customizing of any files will be needed.

If you buy the template, please send me an email here (with you license code also): support@dhtheme.com and I will send you the details.

Best regards, Jordan

Hello, i like your theme it´s very nice.

Is it possible to show an active link like a hover link at “sp-right” “module dark” by using there a menu.


can you send me more details here: support@dhtheme.com with possible screenshot, because I’m not sure I understand the question.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Jordan

how to change a photos in slider??

how to change a photos in slider??


you need to go to Site admin > Components > Unite Revolution Slider > choose the slider you want to edit and the click Edit Slides. There is a button labeled Add Image.

Best regards, Jordan

where i can find the contact form (article) in contacts menu?

You can’t find the contact form itself – this is the default Joomla form. You can change the setting from Site admin > Components > Contacts > choose the contact > and from the settings you can change the email to which you want to receive the emails.


where i can find video wall article?

If you mean the article itself, then in Content > Article Manager.

If you mean the module than in Extensions > Module manager > SJ Video Wall

You can find it with a simple search.