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is it possible to set the link_url in [everafter_portfolio_item] (fashion) blank?

Thank you for your support!

Yes, just set it to #.

Hey, thank you, i have already bought this theme … I want the link open in a new tab or window (like target=”_blank”). IS this possible and can you explain it, please?

Thank you very much and have a nice day!

If you had a license, you would be labeled on this forum post like all of the others. Please show me proof of purchase so I can tell you how to resolve your issue.


Hello world!

I’m sorry if I seem impatient, but is there any estimated time of arrival for the Concrete5 version? Couldn’t find it yet.

Eagerly waiting… ;)


Yes, the concrete 5 version will be available the second week in January. Due to the upcoming holidays, we’ve decided to delay the launch.


Hi! Any news? Couldn’t find it yet. Thanks.

Thanks for your interest. This will be available early March, we had to shift things around. Send me you email and I’ll add you to the mail list.



Is there a way to edit the title content of the “Contact” template within the ‘Ever After’ theme for Wordpress?

If there is one, I can’t find it.

I created a normal, empty page, then applied the “Contact Layout” Slide Template to it. This gave me a contact form, but the following text: “OK, NOW THAT YOU’RE INSPIRED, SHALL WE GET STARTED?” appears to be hard-coded.

Is there a way for me to edit this stuff from within WP?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

I'm sorry, but I see no mention of shortcodes of any kind in the demo. I have found some from you directly in the support forums, but not in the demo itself. http://dev.chrisriversdesign.com/everafter-wordpress/modern

Could you direct me to what I need to do to edit this please? I am not totally unfamiliar with shortcodes, I just can’t seem to locate what I need for this task.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, just checking in on this.


My apologies on the delay, I just got back from vacation. Do you still need assistance?

Hi Crivers,

I do not get to run the contact form. Can you help me?

: ) I forgot it! Thank you.

Just one else… Once the mail is sent, the website opens a blank page (www.domain.com/form-process.php) with the Ajax message. It’s possible to show this message in the same form? This is better than go to a blank page.

Thank you again : )

: ) I forgot it! Thank you.

Just one else… Once the mail is sent, the website opens a blank page (www.domain.com/form-process.php) with the Ajax message. It’s possible to show this message in the same form? This is better than go to a blank page.

Thank you again : )

Yes, anything is possible. Send me an email and I’ll give that over to you!


Dear xxcriversxx,

The theme is beautiful. So thanks for that!

On to my first (of hopefully not too many) questions: Upon initialising the site and scrolling down, I immediately get the following error:

“the acces token provided is not valid”

How do I fix this?

Thanks so much!

Hmm, I would have to take a closer look to tell you for sure. I’m still away for the holidays but can assist you first thing monday morning!


Awesome! Hope you had a great Christmas and have a nice holiday!

Hi, as promised I’m ready to provide you with exceptional service. Can you send me a private message containing your site login?




Is there a way to add the jump to section function to other links on the page?

I tried using the same target and href that is used in the main nav but nothing happens.

If I manually add an anchor in the content block, it jumps but without the scrollspy motion.

Thanks for your help, Rich

Thanks for confirming, I will be happy to assist you from here. To add a link that jumps, you simply need to add the section name to its url.

How familiar are you with an html link?

I tried that and got nothing. Ex. I added a text link and told the href to be #contact-us, which is the anchor in the main nav, but nothing happens.

No worries, send me a link so I can better assist!


Go down a ways to “Like what you see?” and the text link on the left below that should jump to the contact section but it doesn’t.

Thanks for your patience. Add the class of “scrollTo” to the link and it will behave as expected. :)

Yep, that was it. Thanks!


Hello, for a few days i have this error message : “the acces token provided is not valid”. All was working fine before that. Is there an update or a fix for this error ? :) thanks in advance ++ Alex

Hello Alex, I will be happy to assist you. You will just need to go get your new token using the client ID at the following location.


wow, that was easy. ... thanks a lot for your help my friend. Excellent support, keep up the good work

Thanks for the positive feedback!


I have purchased your Ever After theme. I have been trying to use it for some time now and NOTHING works. I cannot change the images on the homepage, cannot change the logo, cannot change text. Basically it is not functional! I have a very angry client who spent money on this theme and I paid for extended support for a completely NON FUNCTIONAL THEME.



I need help with the specific site. It is a wordpress theme not HTML. How can we speak privately and not on this public forum? Or schedule a call for support with this. I NEED to get to work on this and NOTHING WORKS. Please help asap!

Only reason is I need to give you access to see my site in order for you to help me and I don’t want to make that public.

Please fill out the form on my profile page to start a private message.

Can I use this theme as a standalone, if yes how do I install the instagram plug in,

Kind regards Garry


I’ll be happy to assist you. When you say standalone, you mean as plain HTML? If so, the answer to that question is yes! Please confirm.


Hi I sent a comment yesterday seeking assistance for the themeForest, my issue I have now, I am unable to upoad the theme to the Wordpress folder hoping you may be ale to assist with my issue.

Apologies. Your message landed in my spam box. I just responded! :)

I did see a response from you, only within the 30 minutes or less and now it has disappeared, something regarding a license, re the instagramTheatre plugin. I assumed when I purchased themeForrest plugins etc come with the purchase.

Although not reall fussed if it doesn’t run with themeForest, your presentation without still looks great.

Kind Regards



Thanks for the positive feedback. Did you get my recent email? I just sent you another.