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i noticed on the live demo version that in the event section the text jumps within the buttons after the button appears from the hover effect. otherwise looks like a really nice template. congrats.

Hello Sir,

as requested, validating my purchase :)

Can you please advise where I can change the color of the border of the input boxes for the contact section? I would like to change the border color once a box is activated and someone is typing text.

Furthermore could you please advise what I need to change in the code if I would like the menu to disappear once a menu heading has been selected. Also the menu should close when the user clicks somewhere else on the page but the menu?

Many thanks and regards, Hannes

the color coding i have found now, but the changes to the menu would be great if you could help here. thanks in advance

I have another question. when opening the page with an iPad for example and then scrolling the page fast, one can always see the background image again. why is that and can that be optimized somehow? thanks and regards, hannes

when scrolling from the top slightly down the slide-images resize a bit on smartphones. when scrolling back to the top again, the slide-images again do resize slightly. can this be fixed somehow?

Hi hanneswolff, thank you for the purchasing this file.

-Please email me your site at falconerie.04@gmail.com to see the resizing images. -Will try to work out on the menu. -iPad issue, will try to solve this.

Sorry for the late response.

have tried to getin contact through e-mail directly as suggested, but since then i have not received any reply, hence trying again through this comments/support page. pleased to have your reply. thanks, hannes

Now my wedding is done, and i got great comments on this webpage! I was thinking of leaving my page up but change the countdown timer to a count up instead from the wedding day. Is this something that can be done easily by changing something in below code or more advanced ?

            targetDate: {
                'day':         25, 
                'month':     7, 
                'year':     2015, 
                'hour':     13,
                'min':         0,
                'sec':         0
            } //,omitWeeks: true

Can the background image at the top of the page be replaced with a YouTube video?

Thank you for purchasing the file. :)

Sorry but there is no feature in this template to add a youtube video background.


prewal Purchased

View button that comes upon the hover event in the ‘Events’ section, takes you to the top of the page when clicked.

How to tackle this issue?


prewal Purchased

Okay! Got it now. You have any other reference site that can demonstrate the same? I would love to see it.

check this: http://mattandmallory.com/#registries

Hope that helps and please dont forget to rate this template in http://themeforest.net/downloads. It will be a great help :)


prewal Purchased

Super cool! Sure I will. Thank you for the prompt response. :)

Under the bride and groom image section, when I move the mouse out of the image area the text jumps to the left. Any way to fix so it stays where it is at and fades out?

Looks great on mouse hover.


Thank you for purchasing the file.

Let me know what browser are you using? Or you can email me your site at falconerie.04@gmail.com to see it for myself.

Regards, Falz

Mac – El Capitan Safari – Version 9.0.2

It is working fine here in my side, can you email me the actual site? Thanks


I’m working on adding header slider images to the site, http://www.johnandleslie.us. The images aren’t loading and I placed them in the main.js file. Right now, I see a beating heart graphic. Please advise on how to remove the beating heart graphic and how to get my images to appear. Thanks!

Place the exact image url like this:
{image : 'http://johnandleslie.us/placeholders/johnholdingleslie.gif'},
{image : 'placeholders/1400x950.gif'},  
{image : 'placeholders/1400x950.gif'}

That should do it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and don’t forget to rate this template. It will be a great help for us in the marketplace. Thank you!

perfect! thank you! my friend is super happy with the design and function of this template. thank you for helping me make her day.

A few questions below regarding, http://www.johnandleslie.us. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks!

Is there a way to have a link inside a body of copy without it breaking the paragraph? (please refer Events section – The Tasto 9-Hole Practice Round)

Is there a way to have space between “will be there” and “won’t make it” on the rsvp form?

When a person receives an error from filling out the rsvp form wrong, right now it makes you refresh the page to start the form over. Can that be fixed?


lrcarey Purchased

Hello – Regarding the ‘Ever After – Responsive Wedding Invite Template’, the RSVP function is slightly off as it requires “Won’t Make It” responses to fill in all the fields. If they don’t, it locks up the page.

Thanks in advance for your assistance with this issue.