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Awesome theme.. :D

Thanks a lot! :)

Love the clean layout. Good luck.

Thank you very much! :)

Just what I’ve been looking for, thank you. What about localization?

I’m glad to hear this :)

The theme supports localization – if you are planning to translate it into one language only, you can very easily do this from the theme’s options panel. For multi-language installations we have also included a .po file with all the built in words.

Great, thank you !D

Excellent theme.

Thank you very much! :)

Very nice, clean and elegant!

Thanks a lot! :)

Thank you! :)

Nice and simple – Congratulations!

Thank you very much! :)

Always love your themes. Wish I had a need for it now, but it is bookmarked.

Good Luck with Sales!

Thanks a lot! :)


I have couple pre-sale questions:

1) On the horizontal section toward bottom where it says: “Latest Photography PRojects” is it possible to put “Recent Posts” there to appear with post title and photo instead. I would like to be able to do that via admin (without programming as I am not a programmer”

2) In the admin, is there an option to set “auto-scroll” so that “Latest PHOtography projects” automatically scrolls from left to right?

Thank you!


Thank you for the interest :)

1) The “Latest Projects” carousel displays portfolio items (gallery items), so if you would like to add an item to it, it should be created as a portfolio post. However, I will keep this as a suggestion in mind for the future updates of the theme.
2) If you mean an autoplay functionality – at this point there isn’t such kind of option included for the carousel.

I have another pre-sale question. I don’t see any mention on shortcode features of these theme so I was thinking about purchasing this plugin:

1) Will that plugin work well with your theme or it may conflict with something?

2) Do you have any short-code libraries built into the theme already?



1) I haven’t used this plugin before, but generally the theme is built according to the best plugin compatibility practices so everything should be okay with using the plugins you like.
2) The theme contains many different elements – not all of them are added as shortcodes, but better – the elements are inserted with a button directly into the editor so that you can see a preview of the elements while editing your posts/pages. The theme supports most of the elements mentioned in that plugin (such as accordion, blockquotes, buttons, etc.) – you can see some examples of the elements in the pages that are located under the “Features” drop down menu on the demo (for example, in the Elements page you can see some of the styled elements).

Amazing job! Good luck with sales!

Thank you very much! :)

The theme looks great! One pre-purchase question: On the home page, I would like to have the slider AND the latest blog posts (larger than widget-sized!) Can this be done? Basically, the standard blog layout but with a slider above it. Thanks in advance.


Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme :)

Yes, this can be done – the blog page supports all the slider types and also can be set as a front page.

It’s a great looking theme dude!

Thanks a lot mate! :)

Where in the admin do I change color of the green horizontal bar appearing on rollover on the top menu. I would like to change it to blue?


It is in Evermore Options -> Style Settings -> Predefined Elements Color / Custom Elements Color fields, however please check this article first.

If you still have any other support questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

OK. Will use support forum and will wait for update as logo changing is not working for me either, so I might as well continue when everything is fixed.

The update is now available for download – the issue has been fixed :)

In the footer for the demo, there is: “From the Blog” widget. What is the name of that widget in the admin – I can’t see it on the list of Widget Areas. I use “Recent Posts” widgets but it is not showing thumbs nor it looks like the one in the demo, so I know that is not it. Thank you!


This is the Pexeto’s Latest Posts Loader plugin, for more information please check the “Plugins included” section of the documentation.

OK. Found it and it works great. Thank you.

I must admit I am having problems with this Theme.

New logo uploaded does not show.

Their are No Layouts in this..

It all defaults to Full Screen..

I cannot even add in Footer text.. it doesn’t show up..

The Nivo Slider defaults to Full screen right out to the very edge of the browser – ugly.

and.. I have added menu items and they don’t show up..

this theme doesn’t work.


The only small problem that we have found so far is the problem with the logo, which was raised after the ThemeForest reviewers made us make a change in the theme’s code in the last moment. We have just uploaded an update with a fix which we hope will be available very soon, however you can also check this article that we have published the fix requires only one small modification. Regarding the other problems, I am not really sure why you experience these – we have spent hours testing the theme and everything has been working well. So, can you please open a ticket on our support site here:
and provide a link to your site and we will be happy to help you and make sure to resolve any problems that you experience.

P.S. The layouts can be changed in the page settings section, below the main content editor.

Just wanted to let you know that the update with the logo fix is now available for download.

Hi. I am having trouble viewing the Pexeto Admin Panel. I can see the menubar or the left hand side with the different settings( general settings , post and page settings etc., however the rest of the content does not load. :|


This is really strange – it doesn’t happen on any of my installations, can you please send me some login details in a private message by using our profile contact form here:
so I can have a look right away? Thank you!

I’m Running it on my localhost, so i can get the site setup first. So i wont be able to send you the log in details until i upload it to the server.

I think it is most likely related with the installation process. I would suggest to make sure that the theme is installed correctly (you can watch these videos) and very importantly, to make sure that the theme files are located correctly within one folder from the WordPress “themes” folder. Also you can try to temporarily deactivate all the plugins installed, just to check if it is related with one of them.
I think that once you upload the theme to another server it is highly unlikely that you will still experience the same problem, but in case you do – you can just send us some login details so we can have a look.

If you would like to discuss this further so we can provide more suggestions while you are running it on localhost, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

Hi All,

We have just released a new update that fixes a minor issue with the logo settings and some of the other style settings (colors) not being displayed. This issue was raised in the last step of the theme upload/review process, but we have been able to find it and fix it quickly.

For the ones that have purchased the theme, you can download the latest version of the theme (for free) from the “Downloads” section of your profile and also you can use the automatic theme update functionality built into the theme. For more information you can refer to the “Updates” section of the documentation.

Hey good looking theme. Is there a way to have three columns in the footer instead of four?


I’m glad you like the theme :)

Yes, you can have three columns in the footer – there is an option to choose between one, two, three and four columns or you can also disable the widgetized footer if you want.

One more thing – is it possible to have two blogs with different posts?

Yes, you can select what categories to display on the blog pages, so you can create multiple blog pages and select different categories to each of them.