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Thank you, I have just purchased it :)

I hope you will enjoy working with the theme :)

I’ve been waiting a while for you guys to develop a new theme. Love this one! It has all the features I need. Once quick coding question:

I do not want the “FEATURED IMAGE” to show up on the “SINGLE PAGE BLOG POST”. How to do I change that?


I’m glad you like the theme :)

This can be accomplished with a small modification – we have a dedicated support system where all the Pexeto items support is handled, so can you please post your question here:

where we can provide the instructions. Thank you!

great theme, I currently use Cotton theme and want to upgrade. I have two pre purchase questions.

1. can Evermore have a wide and not boxed look, basically no border as you show now but a all white non boxed background?

2. if I load and apply Evermore theme over my current Cotton theme would it create a disaster, I do realize I will have issues to fix art to resize, or do you suggest I recreate my site from scratch, I am just trying to avoid duplication work, see existing Cotton site..


Thank you for the interest :) Here are my answers:

1. This is easy to accomplish – if you set a white background to the body, the only thing that will have to be done is to remove the shadow of the main container which can be accomplished with one CSS line (we can provide instructions on our support site)

2. You can install the theme on the same installation, you don’t have to start from scratch – everything should be fine.

excellent theme and a breeze to use. i have a couple of questions…. shall i post here or do you have a support area?? thanks in advance.


Thank you very much, I’m glad you like the theme! :)
We have a dedicated support system here:
where you can post your support questions.


Clean and minimal work! like it :)

Thank you very much! :)


How easy is it to turn off the “Latest Photography Projects” section on the homepage? Also does the theme come with demo data / xml to get going quickly?


Hi Dan,

It is very easy – actually this section is not added by default, there is a button included in the editor to add the latest projects carousel. Regarding the demo data – by default we haven’t included it into the download file, but I have the demo export file (with grey dummy images for copyright reasons), so if you want I can provide the file.


Does the theme support child themes OK?


Hi Dan,

Yes, the theme supposts child themes – apart of the default CSS and template functions we have also made all the functions in the back-end overwritable, so if you would like to change something in the functionality, you can overwrite the function in the child theme.


where can I set the title description which you can see here: ?

Thanks! Great Theme


I’m glad you like the theme :)

You can add this title with subtitle with the buttons from the page editor – it is the second button from the custom theme buttons, its icon is an underlined lowercase “h” letter.

If you still have any other support questions or if you want me to provide a screenshot of where to find the button, I would like to kindly ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!


I’m thinking of purchasing this theme. Can I add a module to the front page to show latest posts (for news updates)? I don’t want to lose the slider or other home page elements. I would like to show the titles and perhaps a short excerpt of the latest blog posts, similar to the way the demo shows latest photography projects, but with more text and no image.

Thanks a lot.


Thank you for the interest!

By default the Blog page supports a slider and area to add custom content, so for example you can use the Blog page template, assign the slider you like to it and add the services boxes and latest projects carousel as a content and the blog posts will be displayed after the content. Or another two options – you can use the Latest Posts widget in the footer (as displayed on the demo) or you can make your home page in a sidebar layout and insert the Latest posts widget into the sidebar. I hope this is clear enough :)

Forgot to mention that you could use the two or three columns blog layout which displays the posts in a smaller format.

Great theme, thank you. Noticed small drawback – small pictures inserted in the text, do not have the indentation from the edge of the text. Have to put manually. And I would like to have more shortcodes.


I’m glad you like the theme :)

Thanks for your feedback, we will keep this in mind for the future releases of the theme. Regarding the shortcodes – have you checked all the styling buttons included in the content editor? A big part of the elements is directly inserted into the content with a preview, without a need of shortcodes.

Hi, everything seems to work ok. But I cant’t show the images in content slider. I can see the images in the admin content slider section but it doesnt work in the homepage.

Please I need help,

Neil Revilla

Hi Neil,

It sounds like it may be related with the image resizing script, and most likely the folder permissions set to your server. Can you please refer to this article, and if it is still not helpful can you please open a ticket on our support site here:

and also provide a link to your site? By the way, if the problem is related with the server file permissions, disabling the image resizing functionality in the Content Slider section of the options panel should get the images displayed.

Just wanted to let people know that support for this theme seems to be greatly efficient. Opened a ticket yesterday which was answered within a few hours (and it was an answer to my specific question, no random blah-blah). Thumbs up!

Thank you so much! I’m glad that we could help :)


This is a very well build theme. I have a question about option to disable the “right click.” If I were to use that option and disable “right click” on my website, will that have negative impact on my SEO? Can search engine spiders still effectively index through all pages when “right click” option is disabled?


Thank you :) Disabling right click won’t have any impact on SEO, this is run with JavaScript for the users’ browsers only and won’t have any impact on the way the robots crawl your site.


I have been looking at updating my existing blog, and just want to know is there an option to put in an audio player in this theme? One of my things, is that I have a weekly playlist of songs. If it does, I would be seriously considering purchasing this theme.



Hi Stephanie,

By default the theme doesn’t include an audio player, but there are lots of audio player plugins that are very easy to install and use – usually such kind of functionality is added via plugins.


Am considering this theme for a new theatre company. Am sort of a newbie to this, so I would like to ask if the following is possible: A page with list of our shows, with a thumbnail, brief description. This would like to a page that has multiple show pix with more text description. Also looking to create a gallery of “album covers” (for lack of a better term) for each show, that clicking on would take you to another gallery of many pix (20 or more) from that show.

Is that possible with this theme? Thanks for your help! Peace Catlander

Hi Catlander,

Yes, you can accomplish this with the theme. Regarding the list with the shows – there are multiple options depending on the what exactly you would like to accomplish. If you need a more standard page layout, you can just use the default page template and manually insert the images and text in the way you like. Another option would be to use the “Services Boxes” for the shows – you can see some examples here. For example, you could create something like the last two examples – you can add as many boxes as you like, so they can go to multiple rows.
Regarding the gallery – yes, you can do this. If you would like to use the Portfolio Gallery, you can make the image link to the item’s single page where you can insert a Quick Gallery or you can make it link to another gallery. You can see a similar example here – just click on the “Standard page” item and you will be redirected to a page with more images and text (the text is optional).

Thank you for this reply. I have looked at the links and like what it can do. I’ll be sharing with my team and determining our template this week!

Since “Dandelion”, which I have already purchased, is not responsive and since I’m looking for a boxed, clear and nice theme, I’m thinking to buy “Evenmore”. After having taken a look to this theme I have two questions.

1) Is it possible, via CSS, to modify “Evenmore” in order to have a “fully boxed” style? With “fully boxed” I mean if it is possible to have the theme footer inside the background of the page, just like “Dandelion” has.

2) Is it possible to have the search field in the place (top-right) where the social icons are? I ask because my project has no social icons, so removing them from they are leaves the top-right corner a bit empty (with “Dandelion” there is no such a problem because we have in the left the logo and in the right the menu).

Thank you and congratulations for your products.


Hi Carlo,

Here are my answers:

1) Yes, you can do this with a few CSS modifications. Just applying a different background color will create the boxed layout and then you may also need to apply a few “cosmetic” to adjust the spacings in the way you like.

2) By default there isn’t such kind of option included, but just replacing the calling of the icons function with the standard WordPress search form function will accomplish this (it’s just one line of code modification).

Man you should stop doing templates I cannot stop changing for your noew themes :) This one looks great too! Social media buttons addin great!

There seems to have minor bugs though. When you view images, the windows doesn’t resize well.

I see – that was something that was happening on IE10 only during the development process, I’m not sure when exactly it happened to IE9. Fixing this requires just a small modification, I have just applied it to the demo – can you check if it is okay for you now? By the way, it works very well on all the other main browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Yep, seem to have worked! :)

That’s good to hear – we have already released an update with this fix implemented :)

Hi – in the PSD file folder, I only see Homepage and Portfolio. The other pages (Features/Contact/Bolg) are available in PSD, correct?


The theme’s design is minimalistic and you can change all of the elements without the need of editing PSD files. We have included PSD files for the main sections, such as Home, Logo and Portfolio but when we created the other templates we haven’t created them in PSD first. Basically, if you need to change anything in the theme, it can be changed from the options panel or with CSS modifications, but PSD files are not required for this.

If you still have any other support questions, I would like to ask you to use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you! :)

In uploading a custom background image, do I have the option for it to be full page and not tiled? (love your themes!)


I’m glad you like our themes :)

By default the custom background image is designed to be repeatable, so if you would like to set it to full-width it will require a few CSS additions.

Great theme! My website is starting to look fantastic :)

Question: how do you change the “Prev Project” “Next Project” text on the gallery slider?

Thanks! :)


Thank you, I’m happy to hear this :)

You can change all the texts in the Evermore Options -> Texts and Translation section (these two texts can be changed in the “Portfolio Gallery” tab).

If you still have any other support questions, can you please use our dedicated support system here:

as this is where all the Pexeto items support is handled. Thank you!

You guys rule. Perfect. This theme is priceless.

Looking into the theme, I have actually learnt a lot about how to edit themes for mobile.

So: thankyou.