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Dir Sir or Madam,

I purchased your Theme with the Purchase-Code: xxx-b4b5-4afc-9875-xxx

At the moment, I am developing the website with a subdomain:


Later, when the website is ready, of course the content should be available on a main-domain:


For the development I need the latest versions of this theme. But what if I active the theme with the purchase code on my development subdomain? Will it be blocked for the main-domain later on because I already activated it with the purchase code?

Thanks in advance and for your Help, Christoph

no, in that case, you can use the purchase code also for the development case with no worries.
Thank you

Hi, how do I prevent images I upload from resizing into multiple versions? I resize myself according to the specific page needs, and we don’t use the shop or blog options, so these extra images are chewing up server space.

Thanks in advance, Gabrielle

theme doesn’t generate shop images – woocommerce does that. Anyway, if you want to limit image sizes generated by the theme itself, you can edit functions.php file of the theme. Comment out lines – for example 379, 382, 383, 384, 385 – as you decide is necessary. However if you’re making file modifications – it’s your own responsibility then.

Hi there – hope you can help me.

Is there a way to have the hamburger menu as the default when viewed on desktop? Not just when viewed on a mobile device. I want to have the main menu hidden on desktop, then reveal when the hamburger icon is clicked. Is this possible..?

Many thanks in advance.

there is no such built-in option. it would require a series of custom modifications. I can’t help with that, sorry.

No worries – thanks for the reply :)


Any plans on updating the theme for compatibility with WP 5.x?

theme is compatible with WP 5.x in most parts (except the new editor, which can be disabled anyway). We are working on full compatibility though.


if only the new editor is not compatible, that suits me fine. Thank you.

Hello. I’m tooking charge of a site that installed the Everything theme. The owner had bought it. I’have the purchase code Can I have the updated theme and documentation, buying the extension of the support? Thank you Paolo

Hi. Theme was buyed by ex webmaster. I need of the documetation.

Theme is activated with regular purchase code on the website

We provide support to direct buyers only, I hope you understand.

Dear developer, after upgrading to WP 5.0.3 I can’t get [post] shortcode working (before update it was working).

When I try to filter on a specific category, all pages are returned (e.g. filter doesn’t work).

Actual command used is: [posts type=”page” category=”68”]

To categorize pages I’m using this plugin; https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/add-category-to-pages/

Could you please help me?



this shortcode is for posts only (not pages). If it worked before, it’s maybe because of your plugin, I can’t tell.
Anyway, if you want to modify the theme so it works for pages too, you have to edit line 1353 of the inc/shortcodes.php file. Replace this:
'cat'                 => $this->so('type') == 'post' ? $this->so('category') : 0,
with this:
'cat'                 => $this->so('category'),

Just to clarify: I meant the category parameter is for posts only.

Thanks, it now works. I suggest to implement this feature in the next release (you can eventually provide a setup option to enable it).



ciordia9 Purchased

It’s been a while since you talked about full-width outside of the header. I’ve got a client who’s grown up with you from Time to Everything and they went outside on pulling in a new design with a handful of full-width columns. I’m trying really hard to make it work and can almost—-almost faux it by opening up the width of the page but even then the container is still creating a border on the margins of the page.

Have you developed any work-around or new product evolution from Everything to something else I can use? Your theme offers such flexibility in some areas and I’m using nearly all of it to get a job done.

Let me know if you want me to renew or get a few hours of direct support. Might have a few other things I bang my head on as I work through this comp.

there is no change in that aspect so far, sorry.


ciordia9 Purchased

Ok, it is what it is.

Couple other things:

  • How re-workable is navigation from the carrot dropdowns to an underline bar?
  • Do you think it is possible instead of just the option for shrinking the logo-space it can replace the logo with another logo upon shrinking.
  • Is there a way to have default Post behavior for a banner?

Last thing I noticed was, and I take full advantage of, is your ‘Customize on’ with conditionals. This has so much power, it trumps so many themes out there. The only place it’s selections draw short on is you cannot select a specific Page. You can select every tag, category, author, etc, but Pages are usually a short(er) list (compared to Categories) and they aren’t included. My workaround is to use a specialized Page template and assign those pages there but I thought it an odd omission when looking through the option set.

Anyhow, again thanks for your help, if you want me to contact you directly I have an ancient email from 5 or so years ago but not sure if its still valid. Happy to pick up a few hours of support.

I don’t understand first two request.
There is a method to use ‘customize on’ with pages. Please renew support, and contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

I want to buy another licence for a new project, but need to understand if I can move this licence from one domain to another. Let me explain.

I want to redevelop an existing site, but cannot do this in-situ. Therefore, I will do the redevelopment work on a different domain, and when ready move the pages to the current domain. I realise that I could buy two licences (one for the development domain and one for the live domain) but I don’t want to do that, I only want to buy just one. Is there a way that I can do this please, within the terms of the licence ? Thanks

You can buy just 1 license, use it for developing purposes and then the same license is valid for the live site with no problems.
Thank you

Excellent, thank you

Hi, I have just purchased a license and have downloaded the theme successfully. However, when I try and install the them I get an message “The link you followed has expired. Please try again.”. I followed your documentation instructions and used the ADD THEMES, UPLOAD THEME buttons. I have tried both zip files – installable files and full documentation and recieve the same error message against both files. Can you help please ?

it’s probably not a theme related issue .
Try to increase max uploaded file size limit on your server – as suggested in the thread. You can ask your hosting provider to do that.
Another method would be to upload the theme via FTP, and not in WordPress Dashboard.

Thanks, I used FTP and it worked fine

I have just installed version 4.6 and am trying to edit some pages. It looks like there is now a WSIWYG editor, which I really don’t like and prefer your previous editor. How can I get back to that editor please ? (Alternatively, the WSIWYG editor might be a legacy from the free WordPress Theme Twenty Nineteen, which I have now deleted but I can still only see a WYSIWYG editor). Thanks

I would like to be able to change the colour of text words. Please can you recommend a plug-in that permits this (as part of the editor, and is compatible with Everything) ? I used Polylang on my previous Everything project and it gave me this font colour option, so I could always install that even though I don’t need multi-language in this project ?

Polylang has nothing to do with coloring text. Enable second line of tools in the editor bar – there’s the coloring tool.

Thank you so much, much appreciated

Hi, I have noticed that the Site Title in the Header on my site (inserts.org.uk) does not display fully on my iPhone. It’s too wide, but I would have expected the site to scroll or re-size the title to fit on the iPhone screen. Is this something you know about, and is there a fix please ?

Ah, ok, that makes sense. I’ve tried that now, and it could work. However, I would still be willing to try a CSS solution, if you can let me have the code please. Thanks

It depends, There is no one solution to fit all. If you need custom modification, please contact us directly using contact form on our profile page.

OK, will do, thanks


ladeyemo Purchased

Hi; I’m trying to filter my blog list by articles with specific tags. I don’t see that parameter in the blog shortcode helper. I also tried to filter a posts list, also by a post tag, and that’s not working either. Could you let me know what I’m doing wrong?


you can filter by categories, but not by tags with that shortcode.


ladeyemo Purchased

Thanks. Is there any way at all to filter posts by tags?

If you need technical support please renew support option. Thank you.

Can the menu line be a different colour to the header/logo background ? On the COLOURS page I can change the colour of the Header, and the colours of the Main Menu, which is great. But the items in my menu appear on screen with the same background colour as the Header, underneath the logo/header – it is the background of the sub-menu items which become back-shaded with the colour set in MAIN MENU on the Colours page. Is there an option to control the colour of the line which contains the actual Menu items ? Thanks

You can upload screenshot to any service like imgur, and send us link using contact form on our profile page.

Unfortunately I don’t have an imgur account. But I can illustrate my question on inserts.org.uk – the row containing INTRODUCTION, INSERTS SERIES, COLLECTORS’ ALBUMS, RESOURCES, CONTACT and Flag is the one I would like to be a different colour to the red of the ‘header’. Thanks

In that case, you could paste the following code to the Custom CSS field in Theme Options / Advanced:
.nav-menu.main {
  background-color: #3a4b0c;
Although, as you can see this element is not full site width, so that’s how it is.