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I am working on changing the social media icons on the header. I have seen you stated in an earlier comment “Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

There are 11 social media icons in

Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > Social Media section.

You can alternate any other icon with current icon image by replacing background icon image and add URL.

You can use psd file 02_Theme_Graphics.psd to edit icons.”

Where do I go to edit the background icon? is it in the editor? if so which area?

Thank you. Louise

Thank you Louise for your compliment :)

Hello again! I am sorry but I am still having some difficulties with the social media. This time I cannot get the icon to show up on the top. if you could take a look and let me know whats out of place that would be cool. Otherwise everything is awesome.

Hi Louise,

You should override only icon image instead of change in coding.

Add below custom css to fix the issue.

#header-icons ul li a.icon-instagram { background:url(images/icons/icon-stumbleupon.png) no-repeat 0 0; }  

Thank you :)

Hello! I wanted to ask is it possible to create simple page with sidebar but also add Home slider to it? I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you very much.

P.S. If it not possible, can I create Homepage and add also sidebar to it and slider in the same time? I have created new sidebar, selected it from drop down menu, also selected as template Home page. But sidebar does not show. Or when it shows I can’t see slider.

Hi millametaeva,

You can set home page with sidebar by below steps.

1. Open “template-home.php”

File path : ../wp-content/themes/evision/template-home.php

Or you can edit it from admin > appearance > editor > click on right sidebar “template-home.php” link

2. Delete current code and add below code in template-home.php file.

  Template Name: Home
get_header(); ?>

  <div id="header-home"> <?php 

  /* Display Header Slider */
  get_template_part('content', 'slider'); 

  ?> </div> 

  <!-- *************************************** -->
  <div id="container">
  <div id="content"> 
 <div class="two-third">


  /* Display page content */ 
  if (have_posts()) :
  while (have_posts()) : the_post();
  endif;     ?>
 <div class="one-third last">
 <?php get_sidebar(); ?>



Now you can set any sidebar to home page from editor page sidebar metabox dropdown.

Than you :)

Thank you so much for your reply. I will try that. But I also have a problem, when I try to create a new page, Contact for example, it replaces the homepage slider at top and showing there. The contact form. Am I doing something wrong?

Fixed it, thank you! Great theme!

Hi, I bought this theme and installed for my site ( I am choosing 3 footer and adding some widgeds there. Nothing is changing. What is the problem?

Hi mehmethakan,

Please check you have added widgets in footer column 1, footer column 2 and footer column widget boxes. If this is perfect then please send your website admin login details from our profile page form so we can check and give you feedback.

Thank you :)

I sent a private message.

We replied your email, please check.

( You have to check custom changes of footer sidebars ).

mobile support and responsiveness … can you make a theme just like this but mobile and web responsive with a optin on the upper half of the home page

how much would you charge to make it responsive … can I just repurchase the template. I love this design I bought another template but I don’t like the new ugly big designs but its already responsive and passes all of googles checks.

can i pay you to make it responsive i paid someone else $70 still couldnt do it and i bought another theme SEOwp theme from the rudest and nastiest person ever and i just want this theme :( please help me.

Hi 99graphicdesign,

If we could do this in current time then we do without taking any charges from you and upload on themeforest so all buyers can get responsive design but we have other urgent priorities to run business and maintain monthly expenses. I hope you can understand it.

Thank you :)


Is there a way to add a CAPTCHA to the contact form?

Thank you, Louise

Hi Louise,

You can use contact form 7 plugin and use captcha with this form. You can refer online tutorials for this customization like this article :

Thank you :)

evision accept memberships system? And how do I memberships system it?

Hi zad4ad,

Thank you for purchasing the theme :)

Membership system ( like buddy press / bb press ) requires custom work to make like theme styles ( For example WooCommerce compatible theme has custom coding to make all WooCommerce pages style to theme style ). You can ask any good Envato studio developer for this custom work in the theme.

How do I hide the sidebar ? I want to make my website exactly like the demo how can i do this ?

Hi zad4ad,

You have to set home page ( which has header slider ) or full width page ( like inner page without sidebar ) template from admin > pages > add new or edit page > “Page Attributes” box on right side > select “Home” or “Full Width Page”

You can also refer theme documentation #7. Create Home page with Slider and #13 Pages > Full width

Thank you :)

I have a problem in my slide

Please send your website URL so we can check and give you feedback. If you want to keep URL private then you can send it from our profile page form.

thanks It was repaired but i still want to make my website exactly like the demo how can i do this ?

When you unzip main downloaded theme file, you will find several folders. Click on “Help-Documentation” folder and then index.html file. Read #1 topic “Theme Installation and Import Demo content” which has all details to make your website like demo site.

Hello Congratulations for the nice theme! But I would like to know how can I have reduce the height of heading section. tks for you help.

Hi paulalutzoff,

Header has fixed backgrounds so it is very complex to edit height. If you have good skill in html and css then you can change sub pages body background and header background and then reduce it height ( #header-inner { height:100px; } ).

Thank you :)